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Not quite wank, but amusing.

Over on (no, I don't know what it means), a rather annoying individual named Shadow posts up information for the upcoming Transformers 2 movie, saying he's got contacts at Hasbro. Sneaky, sneaky.

And then fish happens.

See, this isn't "insider info". This is Sparta the Koipedia. For the uninitiated, the Koipedia is basically a compilation of Transformers fanon as developed by [ profile] koilungfish. Unlike some fanon it has connections to canon events, but it's hardly insider material. Hilarity.
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Just when I think the fanboy community can't get any skeezier, they come up with the Open-Source Boob Project Warnings for descriptions of breasts that border on the ludicrous and extremely disturbed interpretations of 'taking control of your sexuality'.

Fandom_wank's less funny cousin has a listing of various comments and rebuttals to the project, most of which consist of tl;dr versions of WHAT THE FUCKING HELL NO.

I tend to agree.
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ANTIGUA: The Land of Fairies Wizards and Heroes!

My god, scars my very soul. So this is why you don't read the books in "Call of Cthulu".

EDIT: And in a moment of pagan-inspired luck, my roomie walked just after Inkubus Sukkubus' "Witches" stopped playing on my laptop. I would imagine I'd get some odd looks if she knew I was listening to pro-witch propaganda.
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The whole creationist concept is sorta weird in general, especially when it's presented as a viable alternative to a distinct misunderstanding of what the term 'theory' means in modern science. Fine, all right, believe whatever you want as long as you don't pretend there's actual science backing it up.

But sometimes creationists get a little weird. And when they get weird, they get really weird. Like this guy, for instance.

An explanation for why dinosaurs didn't survive the flood, scanned from one of his books on how creationism makes more sense than that silly evolution business. Somehow. )

This is the real reason that Blackheart's plan to take over the world never worked. He should have listened to this guy and used dinosaurs.

Also, in a completely different area entirely, more stupid peopel!
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So yesterday was my last day of work at the lab. That's not what I'm here to talk about.

THIS is what I'm here to talk about.

Now, I like my state. The bit I live in is gorgeous and we get fresh sweet corn in the summer. People actually let you in front of them in traffic.

But I could do without the fundies. This message popped up on the sign on the church near my parents' house yesterday.

(And yeah, we're Jews, although I don't think it was actually directed at us.)

I was torn between loling (seriously, exactly how many actual Jews would be there), being offended, actually going just out of curiosity, and considering nailing purple triangular matzah to their door. My dad sent the picture of it to our rabbi, who's asking if we should all write the pastor about how offensive it is. Don't know if they've actually done anything.

My mom called them up to explain that it was offensive what they did thar and to explain what Jews actually believed. The conversation apparently went down like this.

Mom: *explains what Jews really think and that putting up a sign like that is offensive and annoying*
Preacher: *oh, but we love the Jews! * *why don't y'all come down sometime?*
Mom: Look, you've been good neighbors all these years, but right now you're not being good neighbors. This is offensive.
Preacher: Do you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior?
Mom: That's--
Preacher: Just answer the question.
Mom: We're Jews, Preacher _____. No, I don't.
Preacher: Then you're offending ME! This is a free country and I have the right to freedom of religion!
Mom: *-_-* I don't suppose I could come down to explain our beliefs, could I?
Preacher: Oh, we don't let women get up to preach. It ain't right.
Mom: Wait, what? *wtf where did the feminism go*
Preacher: Well, y'all don't have female rabbis, right?
Mom: Actually, one of the local synagogues has a female rabbi. *pwn*
Preacher: ... *click!*

So yeah, the lolz have disappeared from my mind and the matzah option begins to look more promising. Still just as illegal to put nails in the door, though, which leaves me with ignoring them or actually going over there.

Although a polite "sermon crashing", so to speak, would be interesting, especially if I could talk at least one male friend into coming... *pokes [ profile] viragostonewall, if you're interested*
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Transformers fandom:

Why are you writing fanfiction for a movie that isn't out yet?

I realize that some of them could have been written based on the novel or prequel comics, but the dates on some of the movie-fics is before the release of the first prequel comic and the summaries involve characters that aren't even in the toyline let alone the fic itself. What is wrong with this fandom?
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Right. You. The stupid person.

It is your Furman-right to dislike Transformers slash and I'm totally cool with it. Most of the fandom feels this way. However, that doesn't mean you can be a jerk about it.

Cut for length and being rather bitter. )

Oh, and this?

And in a sense spirit Galvatron is fuming seeing stupid homo jokes of him and Cyclonus. He's raging, screaming and all out furious about it. He's sick and tired of seeing it and wants to destroy all that fanart that depicts it.

This does not help your credibility.

Crossposted to [ profile] fanficrants.

EDIT: And now...apparently she's taking down all her stuff and leaving the fandom forever. Dude. Someone's either overreacting or in desperate need of attention.

DOUBLE EDIT: Nope, false alarm, she was just joking!. What nonsense this fandom has.
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How is it that when I go cruising about because my brain has decided it wants TF yuri today instead of delightful slash, I come up with this?
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Not as if I was going to see it before, as it looked moronic, but Will Ferrell slash is simply not my cup of energon.

I'd like to know where my self-esteem went; it's taken a bit of a vacation and left me wonderng if everyone is secretly annoyed by me for one reason or another. This is a rather unhappy feeling and results in far too many anxiety dreams and the need to apologize for every single thing I've ever said or done.

Also, get a life already, girl. Was it not bad enough that you ended up on i_wank?
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I'm surprised no one's done this yet (and if they have and I didn't see it, I
truly apologize).

So, the Transformers live-action movie trailer came out early because someone
posted it on YouTube. It's deleted, but can be seen on the official site here.

First Don Murphy speaks out.

Okay just ducked into the trailer here after letting Michael know that the
teaser site is crashing every few minutes because of the insanely heavy traffic.
He was pleased and commented that it is NOT a trailer. Or even really a teaser.
He called it an "announcement" and I guess it is. I mean there's no footage from
the film in there. We are on Day 29 of 81. Still so much to do. So let's call it
an announcement because he's the director.

Anyway here's the day-

1- Some lowlife scum illegally posted the "announcement" on YOUTUBE this
morning. ( I wonder he he was from Wales?)
2- We got it down within a few hours.
3- Dreamworks decided, screw it, it's ready, you want it that bad you might as
well have a great copy of it. So the site went live a few days early.
4- Site started getting 100,000 hits an hour. Insane. Site not ready for that.
Downloading very slow.
5- You guys reported in your feelings.
So that's the story gang.

Discussion ensues there and in other spots (where there are angry postings
and accusations of having a Bumblebee fetish), check the whole forum area for fun. There are arguements on everything from the color of the sky on Mars to the expected "They aren't making things exactly like they were in 1984! This movie will suck!"

Anyone else who has links to wank on this particular subject is invited to post them and I shall include them here.
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Am back in the good old USA where the bathrooms make sense and the internet doesn't charge by the minute. It's about three AM over here so I won't put up a deluge of stuff right now.

But, the things I miss when I'm away:

From: "Phoenix" <>
Subject: [TFslash] Leaving
Date: Saturday, March 25, 2006 6:56:45 AM

Sorry guys, its been great to hear from you all, but I no longer
want to be part of this group if Seiberwing is a member.

I swear I didn't even do anything this time. And I shall not post what Devi posted without getting her permission, but it is appreciated. (Also, where is this lj post you spoke of? I'd like to just see, but not touch.)
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The author, who's name I've removed because if he/she happens to be reading this I don't want him/her getting madder at me, already e-mailed me once asking me to stop reviewing her fics, and I did. In the same e-mail, I asked that she explain her fics, as they were all written in the "sticky fic" style and I wanted to see what her justification for it was.

I got this in my e-mail a bit ago.

Names deleted )

I wanted to be famous, but not like this. Exactly what does one do in this situation?

EDIT: Wait one fragging minute!

[Name deleted number four]
03-23-2003, 02:42 PM

Look at the date. I wasn't even ON back then. There's no way that person could have been talking about me.

Damnit, woman, you're making it hard for me to pity you!


I did a bit of digging and found the thread she was referring to.

It's from over two years ago and features mostly just people being rude. My name is not invoked, and I was never that rude about the subject anyway. Honestly, some people...
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A local radio station did a "War of the Worlds"-like prank by pretending to read the last part of Half-Blood Prince on the air at 7:00 a few mornings ago. However, what was read was actually a reasonably clever(according to reports, I never actually heard it) fake ending, in which Malfoy kills Harry instead.

They were flooded with phone calls, some from distraught parents claiming their children were crying and others such as the bookstore owner who said that sales of the book would drop sharply and that she would never play that station in her store again.

One memorable one said that she had gotten the book at Target and that "the Target version" didn't have that ending. The station-peeps told her this was the British version with an alternate ending. Apparently she believed them.

They finally 'fessed up around 8:30, but by then the damage was done and many children were already in school.

Idiots. Really.


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