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I think the headcast has gone a bit batty in the wake of Triad deprivation. Tattertale wants to see if he can work Kroenen's stle of blades into a dance routine and Skeletor's considering making some sort of cartoon villain's guide to Marvelverse New York now that he's got himself firmly settled in.

Of course, if you want to talk about batty you should have seen our D&D game Saturday night. It started off with the reasonable 'a strange entity tells you all to go to this place to get neat stuff' and then we wound up having amusing escapades in a sewer system and battling various bandits whose elevators didn't go all the way to the top floor.

To my minor annoyance, Crispy had been playing/DMing for so long that he knows exactly how to design a character so that it can godmode its way through both the game and the rest of the players and make it so chaotic that he can pretty much do whatever he wants without technically breaking character.

Of course, that didn't mean it didn't come with amusing consequences, specifically towards the end of the game (that would be 3 AM, when everyone tends to be a bit off anyway) when a convoluted thought process inspired him to turn my character's zombie into a dancing disco cactuar, which was smiled upon by the God of Disco and blessed with immortality and minor attack skills. Inane, yes, but it was too funny to pass up although it does show Crispy's way of seeing RPing that he was halfway to making a Will Save against me in order to forcibly transmutate my zombie instead of just asking my character, which she gladly agreed to because cactuars are even more vaguely adorable than zombies).

It took me a while to get used to because everyone else was pretty emotionally detached from their character and inclined to fuck around with each other for no apparent reason instead of sticking to strictly RPing as their character. But it wound up being pretty fun anyway, once I managed to stop being so impatient and accepted that everyone else had the attention span of a flee.

EDIT: Also, I have decided that doing a paper on medieval passion plays is way too confusing for me to tackle, as most of the texts have bits of Middle/Old English in them and it's got letters that I didn't even know existed. I'll see if I can't give myself the rest of the day to meditate on another topic to present on, something with Diversity but still concrete enough to be actually useful.
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So Crispy finally started our D&D campaign, although Tariq hasn't been introduced into the group yet. So far Theo's character has nearly died about four times in the first hour and walked off a cliff, and Chip's drunken master's chaos-ohol caused Crispy (the DM)'s microfridge to drop out of the sky onto him. Chip then went on to take out an entire room of assassins using said microfridge and seems to have adopted it as his chosen weapon.

This is going to be an awesome campaign.

And now questions from Boots! )
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Koi: Your present is both delicious and tasty.

Pepper: Your stuff is shipping overnight along with Boots' pajamas, as I have resisted the urges to do immoral things with either of them.

Rath: You left behind the Boarding Party CD I made for you. Which songs did you want?

Boots: The latest AU of Dreadmoon and his love of webcams is twisting Thrust into a bit of a pervert himself and it's spawning bunnies like you wouldn't believe. Should I attempt backstory and/or pornstuffs, or wait a bit to confer with you?

Tom: I want my damn Gundam back, it's still on your shelf.

Sosochan: No more rum for you. Although Thrust approves of these developments.
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So I'm working on my character application for the Deadzone RPG and it is...well, not difficult, but different. Never had to put that much thought into a character background before, I usually just submit a brief summary and then go from there. But the mods seem to know what they're doing.

And to show I'm online too long, I had dreams about being rejected from the RPG for associating with Koi. No idea why.

EDIT: And speaking of applications, I just did my interview for a job at the Writing Center. There's nineteen applicants for five spots and they won't tell me until the week before school ends if I got in or not, so noooooo pressure. Right. -_-
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So...79% on my latest Chemistry test. That's ten points above last time and
merits as a 'by your fingertips' B. It's quite awesome.

A friend of Sunshine Josh is running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for us this
week, and I've been having a lot of fun with it. My character's a Chaotic Neutral elitist prat of a wizard named Tariq, with Charisma out the yin-yang between my personal rping and his dice-given stats. He's already got a barmaid fangirl, although the running joke seems to be that he's gay after the whole 'making chibi eyes at the guards to get a tour of the castle' incident. He keeps snarking at Josh's apathetic Lawful Evil monk, although he's made decent friends with the NPC half-orc who acts as our meat shield (the guy literally cleaved a bandit in half down the middle during our last battle, and the monk caved someone's face in. Tariq's great with people, but not that hot in battle).

The DM is also going to give me some of his old Transformers toys, which will rock if the deal goes through. He's your definite gamer boy stereotype, though, and I'm hoping he isn't going to get weird on me on account of I'm a 'gamer girl' and therefore a hot commodity.

ALSO! And also!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End trailer. This has left me a writhing frothing bit of fangirl on all sides and from all aspects and squuueeee! Is it May yet? Because the Davy Jones swordfight alone...



Feb. 27th, 2007 03:05 pm
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Had a rather nice birthday. Parents came over and took me out to dinner, and I got a new knife and a pretty scarf. Only three days until Spring Break!

I'm also vaguely considering finding another online RP (not leaving any of my old ones behind! Just looking around to see what else is out there, and perhaps to see if I can play anything that isn't a gay/bisexual robot, a pokemon, or a pillbug). I hear they have applications and stuff, and it might be interesting. Anybody have recommendations or general thoughts?

1. On your livejournal, list in order from most recent, any character you have roleplayed as in the last two months. (if your memory is hazy then just list randomly.)
2. Include the game you played them in and when you last played them.
3. People can then comment asking one question general enough for anyone to answer it.
4. You then reply with the answers each character listed would give.
5. People can ask multiple questions if they wish.
6. No giving away characters' deep dark secrets. These are answers your characters would give. They could lie if put on the spot.

All are Nexus or IM.

1. Snowcat--Wisecracking pervy ADHD ATV. This morning.
2. Thrust--Treacherous yet elegant tactician of Armada. Last night with your mom.
3. Voidverse Scourge--a tortured and abused counterpart of regular!Scourge. A few nights ago.
4. Mew--power of a god, mind of a child, intensely cute. Two nights ago.
5. Blinky--the loviest pillbug in the universe. Last week.
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A minor poll, since my mind's been on the subject and I've been poking about the BRPS comm for a bit.

Do I start bugging anyone during/concerning RP? Do I get annoying and overcritical at people or clingy or anything? Do I overdo anyone's angst *cough*VoidverseUnironians*cough*? Anon commenting's on if you want to use that.

And to make this a proper post, meme.

Which Phoenix Wright Role are You?

Congratulations, you're a defense attourney. You're righteous and always believe you're client, but in the end you only want truth and justice.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

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Nov. 20th, 2006 09:49 am
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The first time that I actually get to be around midnight so I can get a decent amount of sleep, and what happens? I get insomnia until after two am.

And it doesn't help that this guy has snuck into my head and taken up residence there. I think Thrust's given him the couch. *grumble* Don't even know his damn name yet and already I've got bunnies out the kazootie.
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After a good bit of thought, I'm wondering if anyone would like to pick up certain RP LJs that I haven't used in a heck of a long while and have no plans for. Just post and I'll email you the lj name and password.

Energon Shockblast, who I never did much with. Taken by Vertigo.

Cybertron Crumplezone, ditto.

Armada Leader-1, who is on such permanent hiatus as to be dead. Slight history with a few characters in the Nexus, but such things can be wiped.

Alpha-Q, who technically is dead. But that's never stopped Optimus Prime.

Wreckers Wheelie, comic version. Was used only once or twice.

Energon Starscream has a lot of history in there, but he can also be wiped and used as if none of it ever happened.

If you wish, you can also just scrap the whole identity and play them as someone new, with new icons and such.
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So life is getting a touch better. It's almost the weekend, I felt lovely after a nap, and things are nice. As well, the 'sectiecomics are getting back into The Triad's twisted bit of relationship and hopefully Thrust will actually get a clue this time. Either way, I will squee.

There was also a random fundie standing outside the cafeteria yelling at people and getting mocked by students (one of them stole his bible). I didn't see him, just heard about it, and I'm rather sorry I missed it.

I have also communicated more with my suitemate and noticed that she is, in fact, rather hot. The problem is that her boyfriend's not that bad looking either.
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I look at this, and I squee, and I realize that I am a pathetic enough individual to ship two toys in a fancomic based on a cartoon about giant robots. Not that I care, particularly, but it's just a thought.
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On the rare occasions that I forget I'm in college, I see guys putting up a teepee on the quad or hear a girl playing her violin under a tree or get invited to a porn and cigar party. Then I remember that I'm an Adult and therefore can stay out as late as I want.

I switched Chem classes and now have a lovely vaguely-Australian teacher who has trouble remembering unit conversions on his own, let alone making us memorize them. Latin's actually starting out to be fun, too.

As relates to the current Insecticomics arc: We have kiss confirmation! Also confirmation that Thrust is very bad at improvisation!
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Ha! I knew it! In your face, Luna!

(Just joking, Luna. Really. Please don't get mad at me.)

And in other news, my Chem teacher is freaking scary. He spent the first half of class talking about how most people wouldn't get above a C and that it was a Very Hard class and anyone taking it for fun or to impress their parents should just leave. He doesn't even seem to like teaching his subject. I'm going to try and get switched to another teacher, because if I'm going to take a class I dislike, I want to at least have an enthusiastic teacher who seems to enjoy it themselves.
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They've got us running around doing 'getting to know stuff' activities this weekend. Have finally met my roomie, Ava, and she's a great sort of girl. Her parents won't stop coming into the room and doing stuff, though, and it's pissing me off.

Still, the campus is nice and the food is pretty good for cafeteria fare. Bunch of fun people to hang with.

Oh, and regarding Dreadmoon and Thrust? It's canon. Sorta, anyway.
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Le sigh.

Why must people cause drama and try to pretend to be in character while doing it?
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[23:22] Sir Eggylot: IN AD2006 NEXUS WAS BEGINNING
[23:22] SpidergirlV: *kaboom* SOMEONE SET US UP THE LOL!
[23:22] Sir Eggylot: WHAT HAPPEN?
[23:23] SpidergirlV: WE GET SILLINESS!
[23:23] Sir Eggylot: MAIN FORUM TURN ON!
[23:23] SpidergirlV: HOW ARE YOU RPERS?
[23:17] Sir Eggylot: IT'S YOU
[23:17] SpidergirlV: ALL YOUR PRON ARE BELONG TO US.
[23:18] Sir Eggylot: WHAT YOU SAY?
[23:20] Sir Eggylot: TAKE OFF EVERY CLOROX!
[23:20] Sir Eggylot: MOVE CLOROX!
[23:20] Sir Eggylot: FOR GREAT SANITY!.
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So going to be smiting going on. And there's the potential that the effects could come back to other worlds much like someone going into the bathroom of the Nexus and coming out with toilet paper stuck to their shoe. And considering that we have NegaRoddy running around and I've never been one to be left out of an event...

*shifty eyes* Anyone else in favor of Snowkitty taking a little...vacation from the land of the living? We'll bring him back, promise.
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Random non-specific interwebs thoughts. )

In other news, the Alexis/Starscream bunnies are back. With swords.
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So we were chatting about on IM, the three of us, and a random little troll popped into the chatroom, after a discussion of angsty-Dreadmoon with a MySpace.

[17:15] BlackRamTruckin: Oh, Wayward's put up another one of "those" Insecticomics, btw Seiber.
[17:15] BlackRamTruckin: We shall have to inform 'Boots of THAT when she turns up too.
[17:15] SunstoneWEAPON: oh yes.
[17:15] BlackRamTruckin: *grin*
[17:15] BlackRamTruckin: 3-way plotting. This is good.
[17:15] BlackRamTruckin: We should do it more often.
[17:16] SunstoneWEAPON: *cackle* Yes.
[17:16] SpidergirlV: Threeways are good--"those"?
[17:16] BlackRamTruckin: We'll need a better chatroom name than the generic one though. *points upwards*
[17:16] BlackRamTruckin: "Those".
[17:16] BlackRamTruckin: I figured that was easier than typing Starscrea,/Dreadmoon/Thrust every time. ;)
[17:16] BlackRamTruckin: *Starscream
[17:17] SpidergirlV: Although in LJ-verse, Thrust would be gloating like hell.
[17:17] BlackRamTruckin: *laughs* This is very true.
[17:18] SpidergirlV: Around the second panel of that, after "Dreadmoon has a blog?", I had a HUGELY disturbing image of Dreadmoon angsting about on MySpace.
[17:18] BlackRamTruckin: *sporfle* Oh dear...
[17:19] SunstoneWEAPON: *dies!*
[17:19] SpidergirlV: Mood: depressed Music: *insert angsty Cybertronian song*
[17:19] SunstoneWEAPON: "Bring Me To Activation"?
[17:19] SpidergirlV: *insert rant about how Starscream doesn't love him and his life sucks*
[17:19] BlackRamTruckin: *snicker*
[17:25] SpidergirlV: *insert long string of interweb drama threads between Starscream's friends and Dreadmoon*
[17:25] SunstoneWEAPON: *insert anonymous comments about how these kids need to get a life and/or convert to Christianity*
[17:26] BlackRamTruckin: *insert the inevitable random trollspam comment*
[17:27] SunstoneWEAPON: *insert Dreadmoon friendslocking EVERYTHING*
[17:29] SpidergirlV: *insert new post about how Starscream sucks and several sockpuppets of Starscream*
[17:56] SpidergirlV: ?
[17:56] SunstoneWEAPON: *is attempting to write; brain is frozen*
[17:56] SpidergirlV: *puts brain in warm water*
[17:57] SunstoneWEAPON: Brain: *thaws and soaks*
[17:58] SpidergirlV: And thus Dreadmoon appears on fandom_wank.
[17:58] SunstoneWEAPON: Bwah.
[18:16] *** xMBx4evax has joined the chat.
[18:17] xMBx4evax: hey who are you ppl
[18:17] SpidergirlV: WTF?
[18:17] xMBx4evax: som won put me in a chat room
[18:17] SpidergirlV: You are intruding upon our porn!
[18:17] SunstoneWEAPON: I guess our chat room name was too generic.
[18:18] xMBx4evax: well you guys are bitches than if you lookm up porn
[18:18] *** xMBx4evax has left the chat.
[18:18] SpidergirlV: Look up? I wish.
[18:18] *** BlackRamTruckin has left the chat.
[18:18] SpidergirlV: That was odd...
[18:18] SunstoneWEAPON: *splorflefit* XD XD XD
[18:18] SpidergirlV: WTF, seriously.
[18:18] *** xMBx4evax has joined the chat.
[18:18] SunstoneWEAPON: That was special. XD
[18:18] SpidergirlV: I wish there was more porn of the Cyclonus/Demolisher variety.
[18:18] *** BlackRamTruckin has joined the chat.
[18:19] SpidergirlV: But I cannot look it up. Google is useless.
[18:19] SunstoneWEAPON: Could try Wiki.
[18:19] SpidergirlV: Wiki for robot porn? Hm.
[18:19] BlackRamTruckin: Sorry about that guys, that was my connection cutting out. Again.
[18:19] BlackRamTruckin: What're you trying to look up?
[18:19] SunstoneWEAPON: If there isn't an entry, there should be.
[18:19] SpidergirlV: Cyclonus/Demolisher fic.
[18:19] BlackRamTruckin: In general, or a particular fic?
[18:20] SpidergirlV: Any fic.
[18:20] xMBx4evax: you guys are fuckin retartied
[18:20] SpidergirlV: ...bwa!
[18:20] SpidergirlV: Retartied?
[18:20] BlackRamTruckin: Who the fuck're you?
[18:20] xMBx4evax: porn is the worst thing ever
[18:20] SpidergirlV: Not robot porn! That is a gift from Primus himself!
[18:20] SpidergirlV: Or at least Alpha Trion.
[18:20] SunstoneWEAPON: I think we've picked up a troll. I shall feed him lettuce.
[18:21] BlackRamTruckin: And how the hell did you get into out chatroom?
[18:21] SpidergirlV: It's cute, though.
[18:21] *** xMBx4evax has left the chat.

I have him on my buddy list. He comes back, I'll porn him.


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