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I have gainful employment! Somewhat.

About a month ago I dropped off my resume at Staldog 13*, a pet daycare a little bit south of here. I'd previously come in to ask about volunteer work, but they'd suggested I give them my resume just in case. Last Wednesday Dogboss** called me and said that they were looking for a part-time worker, and that mine was the best resume they had. Not sure what that says about the other resumes, given that I have no pet car experience, but perhaps they were impressed that I hadn't come in directly looking for paid work. He offered me the chance to start on Friday, which I summarily did.

The pay's not great and with 18 hours a week it's hardly enough to live on, but it's money coming in and as jobs go it's not so bad. Hours are very flexible and I can have Wednesdays open so I can keep doing my volunteering at the food pantry. Everyone there seems pretty nice, I think my major complaint about the working environment is that I have bad cell phone/texting reception in the building for no clear reason.

As to the work itself, it's some combination of preschool teaching and bartending. You keep an eye on the customers, you break up fights, you feed and water them, you try to make sure they go to the bathroom in the right place and clean up when they don't. It's not particularly exciting (one of the other workers described it as hectic, which confused me because I'm awfully bored some of the time) but everyone is nice and the dogs are very fun when they're not tearing into each other. Apparently dogs also get The Mondays and are particularly crabby at the beginning of the week. Aside the troublemakers they're also fairly friendly, and I got to spend the last half hour of my shift chilling in the front room during break/doggy nap time while one of them fell asleep with his head in my lap.

Obviously it's not going to be my career choice, even if I could make a living wage at it. I need something fast-paced and exciting, and watching dogs be dogs doesn't hold a candle to the excitement of volunteering at the food pantry. But it's better than matters as they were.

*not actual name of business
**not actual name of boss
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We have a heat wave moving in, constant storms (which blew all our stuff off the dock a day ago) haven't made a dent in the heat already present, and our A/C for the entire upstairs just broke. Going downstairs is like descending into a dark and cool cave in comparison to the humid hotbox is that is the living space of the house.

I think this is the first time I've felt mildly grateful for the deli cooler.

For those of you wishing to stay cool vicariously, I recommend the Cryostasis and Metro 2033 LPs by the ironically hapless and eternally comedic Helloween. The games themselves are very atmospheric but Helloween's vaguely British commentary just makes it cold gold.


Jul. 8th, 2010 12:05 pm
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My god, I'm sore. I think I need to start doing stretches before working eight-hour-shifts on the weekends and senior citizen discount days. I'm having trouble moving my hands and everything aches, and this wasn't even as horrendously busy as it was on Monday.

At least this is the last day this week that I work, due to a quick round of complicated worker shuffling, and on Saturday I leave for Chicago, so this will provide much nice relaxing for the rest of the five or six weeks before I formally leave the world of Big Blue Grocery. It's not a bad job, but the monotony seems to suck a bit of soul out of you and use it to fuel the infernal engines of the meat slicing machines.

Wait. So when they said employees are some of their most valuable resources...oh my god! I must tell the media!
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Yes, I made it out of Chicago. I've just sort of been in flop mode for the last few days, between jet lag and my work at the Big Blue Grocery. The job isn't horrible, but it does involve a lot of standing and doing the same thing for hours on end and it tends to wear one down. I got a lot of hours this week so I haven't had a lot of time to sit around and flop. (Also, if those weird swellings on my hand and arms are what Mom thinks they are, I've picked up a bit of tendonitis from my sudden foray into an honest day's labor).

Most of Friday and Saturday were poking around at museums. Kelly went gleeful at the Art Institute because Matise and modern art are really her thing as of last semester, and the Science and Industry Museum...they have an actual German submarine, a two story tall tornado machine, and genetically engineered baby animals. It is truly a museum of Science!. Also plenty of wandering the city when it was warm enough to nose outside, to the point where we actually got a bit lost out near the lake and wound up finding this little Japanese garden tucked away in the woods.

The flight back was also pretty uneventful, I finger-pointed further into Ace Attorney Investigations (oh god oh god this game is so good I love everyone in it except maybe two people and that's because they're kind of creepy you are forgiven for Apollo Justice people) and there was a little kid on the Atlanta-Knoxville flight who thought a bumpy landing was the best thing ever.

So now life returns to some semblance of normalcy. So damn green here, though, it's always so jarring when I return in spring.
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My abstract and Powerpoint presentation have been approved by my mentors and my father, and submitted to DOE and the program heads.

My poster has been approved, printed (with one typo, damnit), and my poster session is tomorrow.

I've filled over fifty pages in my research notebook and made a few dozen charts of the data.

The research I'm helping with will, should theories and practicalities work out, eventually benefit the part of society that has malfunctioning eyeballs.

I'm productive in something that's actually important.

...when the HELL did that happen?

Lab news.

Jun. 18th, 2007 04:00 pm
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The power went out this Friday, which was awkward and yet confusing as an electrical outage could mean anything from a terrorism attempt to a squirrel attempting to be Pikachu. Turned out to be a "failure of an electrical feeder", whatever that means. Either way, they let us go in and get our keys and then sent us all home. It would have been fun if I hadn't been in the middle of my experiments at the time.

Power's back on, now, and I'm free to go back to shocking saline solution while my mentor continues to fail at computers. S'doing wonders for my fic-writing, though. When I can see, of course; one of the things they don't tell you in the lab orientation is that your safety glasses fog up when you get warm. Then it turns into safety regulations vs. I CAN'T SEE SHIT.

In other news, I've officially ran out of room for my Transformers after purchasing a bunch of used Cybertron guys from a friend of mine to whom thirty bucks is a lot of money. Dad suggests cleaning out off the TV cabinet and stacking them all up there, but that'll still be pushing it in the space department.
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My mentor is a good lady, bless her heart, but she doesn't know the first thing about computers.

I mean, she told me to do up certain lab-report charts in the OriginPro program (which I didn't even know existed until last Friday) and when I asked her how to go about it, she responded that she really didn't know how.


I'm not sure how she expects me to do something if she doesn't know how to do it herself.

But at any rate, I figured it out on my own and did the charts as instructed. She told me to try and get it down by the end of the day; I did them in about half an hour. It's very unnerving when the woman with the fancy letters after her name knows less about the software at her lab then the person who's only used it once.
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Week Two of being a lab rat, and it's actually pretty decent. Most of what I do is run tests, which involves fiddling with electrodes for a bit and then waiting for them to Do Stuff. It would be excrutiatingly dull if the computer in here didn't have an internet connection. With intertubes contact, however, life is far more bearable.

I suppose my only two real complaints would be a lack of instant messenger service and the rule barring chewing gum in the lab. I've developed a mild addiction to raspberry mint gum and a lack of things to chew on makes my jaw bored.

The Deadzone RPG has been more fun than I expected from my original 'Transformers are Serious Business' impressions. Of course, this might have something to dio with the fact that Starfighter's actually getting a touch of respect for his abilities instead of being relegated to the part of occasionally-useful geek the way I'd been expecting. I like that and so does he; I think he's taken a bit of a shine to Dead End and Hook for exactly that reason.

Demolishor, on the other hand, is very confused but I think he's stopped yelling at people for the duration. I'm actually considering bringing in Scavenger to bolster the Autobots in the old warrior department and cause a bit of Constructiconfusion once I see how many (if any) people have more than two characters. Don't want to be playing puppetmaster to too many robots.

*goes to read back through Abe & Kroenen again to look for all the Friends Only bonus material*

I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End again on Wednesday night. Anyone who cares to join us is quite welcome to do so if they can put up with my general squee and exclamations of OTPs (which, this being PotC, will be approximately every three minutes. The whole damn setting is an OTP, props included. And Jack has sexual tension with rocks and I AM NOT BEING METAPHORICAL HERE. He does.)

EDIT: Also, note to self. Attaching the electrodes before turning on the DC is a lot more helpful than leaving them dangling for ten minutes and letting the pH do what it isn't supposed to do in the meantime while I waste the lab's electricity.
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My first day interning at ORNL and I am BORED. Got most of my internet-reading training done and obtained my badge and computer login, but other than that I don't actually have anything to do today. Can't do my site training on account of my mentor won't be back until tomorrow and his partner didn't even know I was coming until this morning on account of being in Cancun. And it's damn cold in here.

But at least I have my interwebs. Might even be an IM program around here if I poke hard enough, or I could use AIM Express for the next...*eyes clock* Two hours.
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> Dear Anna,
> We have completed reviewing applications and conducting interviews for
> University Writing Center consulting jobs for the 2007-2008 school year. We
> received 19 applications as candidates for our five positions. As you know, we
> need to employ a staff that represents both different graduation dates and
> different disciplines. Despite the strengths in your application, we regret that
> we will not be hiring you this year.
> We greatly appreciate the time you took in seeking work with us and your
> patience throughout the process. We wish you luck in future endeavors.

Well, it ain't like I'm totally surprised. A little let down, but not surprised.

EDIT: Anyone got a copy of Billy Joel's "A Matter of Trust"? Limewire is being useless.


Dec. 2nd, 2006 12:47 am
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Bored on a Friday night, as usual.

A bunch of volunteers, myself included, had a big Christmas party for a couple of kindergarten classes. We had decorations and a Santa and everything. I sat and talked to a few, and they were very cool about it all.

Me: What do you want for Christmas?
Kid with a 'fro: Spider-man! *points to Spidey-shoes*
Me: Ooh, cool. I love Spider-man.
Kid: No, you don't. Girls don't like Spider-man.
Me: Well, I do. I like Spider-man and Batman and Daredevil--
Kid: Girls don't like comic books.
Me: *turns to girl next to us* So what are you wanting for Christmas?
Girl: Supergirl!

And I was later asked if I was a boy or a girl. O_o

Then we gave them all their presents and everyone ran around with their balls and cars and lite-bries and robots. It was really neat.
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My latest attempt at treating my ADD is called Provigil. It's a stimulant that affects my central nervous system, activating bits of my brain that aren't usually hooked up to each other, or hooked up as well. At least, that's the summary I got out of Mom.

Actually, was called Provigil, as I'm not going to touch the stuff anymore. See, about three days ago I finally took the dosage up to 400 mg/day. And now I'm highly regretting it.

I'm a doof for not paying more attention to my reactions and noticing the symptoms earlier. I had a lot of trouble sleeping despite being exhausted, I was sweating more, being overly nervous, and having mood swings that Galvatron would be proud of (Dear Mom: I am *so* sorry about putting you through that), plus having to get a drink every 30 minutes or so.

Today it all came crashing in on me. Had to leave work after two and a half ours there because my stomach was upset, my throat felt like it was closing up, and for various more side effects that made me feel like I wanted to go curl up in a corner. Even driving home was a bit of a struggle on account of feeling like I was going to drift off into Dreamland and the curb at any moment.

I should be all right tomorrow if I just ride this thing out, having none of the more serious side effects listed for the drug (minus a mild bit of fever)but damn. This is not a happy thing I am dealing with now.
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Comcast is being screwy. Our cable's out and so's our internet access (I'm at Panera right now using their WiFi). It is of the suck.

But then again, I have the amusing story of seeing a woman take her kid out of Monster House for it being too scary--and then going down one theater and taking the child into Pirates of the Carribbean. Yes, that child-friendly movie with eyes getting pecked out, Kraken attacks, faces sucked off, and Tia Dalma being *very* friendly with Will.

Koi? Fish should click here.

EDIT: Cable and internet connection are back. I also forgot to mention in my last post that my auntie's mom is doing just fine, barring a mild panic attack on Thursday night in which calls to my auntie were in vain (being that while they were correct in which house they were calling, they were calling auntie's mom's phone number--which is in her apartment in the basement. My auntie sleeps two floors up and never heard it.). But she was released Friday and nothing's gone wrong since that. Fingers crossed.
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Woogie. Life was not kind to me this Saturday.

I got caught eating a bit of popcorn while working, and got written up. It's a health violation so I can't complain of unfair treatment and Mr. Merriman says the write-up is really more of a formality, but it still really pisses me off that I got in trouble the week before I stop working.

And that added to the general Saturday rush made my day a bit hellish.
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Well, Will Ferrell was at the movie theater--for all of twenty minutes. He came in, said a few things, and left. Real spiffy.

But then came the good part: cleanup. There were dozens of cupcakes left over and I had dinner of them, the fruit, and the chopped beef. Also took home some of the flowers. Was kinda cool.
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Well, tomorrow will be interesting. We have Will Ferrell coming in for a sort of showing/sneak preview thingie of "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby". What the hell that means for me, I'm not sure. I suppose I'll just be a good minion and be shunted where I should be.

Still, I get to see him and eat the leftover fancy food when everyone else has to be pay $75 to come in the door. That's something.
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Sunday, we ran out of ice.

Monday, we nearly ran out of Coca Cola.

This morning...we ran out of electricity.

No, seriously. The power was out for about half an hour and only came back on a few minutes before we started the first movie. Lucky us, I think.

Not so lucky was the fact that I was attacked by the popcorn machine. It spat a glob of oil at me, and it got down my shirt collar and into my shirt. I dropped the popcorn I had and was clawing at myself to get it out. There's a couple of red blotches on the left side of my neck and my shoulder from the burns.
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I met an angel yesterday. Or a cherub, at least.

It started when I was serving a mother and her little daughter (who I later found out was named Bindy and would be three this month), after nearly eight hours of serving the huge torrent of people going to see "Dead Man's Chest". I went to get the drinks, turned, and found a pink stuffed rabbit flying at me face. The whole thing was so silly that I just burst out laughing. The lady told me she was deaf, but if I showed her the candy she'd let us know if she wanted it. I held up a Twix and she adorably reached out for it, then carfully handed the drink and popcorn (which were as almost as big as she was) to her mother. I told them to enjoy the movie and asked the mother to tell Bindy that I was profusely grateful that she brightened up my day as much as she did. I needed something that, badly.

*sigh* I charged them the combo price (two dollars instead of $2.75, a price normally reserved only for Hershey candies bought along with a combo)for the Twix. I only wish I could have given it to her for free.
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So, yesterday I went to my ex-babysitter's wedding. Was rather surreal, but pretty cool (aside from me not checking the menu and accidentally eating a crab-stuffed mushroom. But I'm okay, don't worry).

Today was mostly work as normal, aside from the discovery that Blinky is not the only one powered by squee. I saw a guy with a Decepticon hat on, went "OMG HAT" and made sure he came to my register. I told him it was the coolest hat ever and we discussed the upcoming movie for about a minute. The rest of the workday had me acting like a chipmunk on speed.
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A quickly-written Sue-parody.

Contains slash and pervy insinuations )

Edit: Forgot to post this here.

That plus everything at work broke yesterday. Two CO2 leaks, one stopped-up drain, and the slushie machine flooded the whole floor.


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