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Today has been mostly useless. I've been sitting on Kate's couch eating takeout, drinking K-cup coffee and watching a Grey's Anatomy marathon since about three. Yes, the medical drama. With people having romantic entanglements and dark secrets and deep ethical dilemmas. I feel like such a girl watching it but it's ridiculously addictive and with certain exceptions the characters are entertaining and likeable. And George O'Malley is the most adorable woobie ever, his life sucks but when he gets his few shining chances to be awesome he shines like the sun. We're about midway through the second season now, and I've apparently got about five more to go through. It's horrifically decadent but hey, I'm having fun.



Also I submitted my thesis proposal draft. I present tomorrow. Science help me.
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Seiber: I have your essay.
Seiber: It has a special grade.
Kate: yeah? I must have not done terrible, because my grade was ok
Seiber: The grade is coffee.
Kate: erm, what?
[Seiber: He spilled coffee all over our papers.
Seiber: Yours says "Coffee Disaster ! Bad day!" at the top.
Kate: oh jeez
Seiber: Yours got it worse than mine, but they're both splotchy and wrinkled.
Kate: thats special
Seiber: Yes.
Kate: and now I see how we all got A-s
Kate:: he couldnt read the damend things because of the coffee
Seiber: Oh, not "Bad day", "Bad dog". That makes sense.
Seiber: Apparently we had... *sunglasses* A bad Answer.

(Answer is the name of his dog.)
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I haven't had the chance to sit down, relax and actually write an LJ entry in a very long time. Things have been..tumultuous. The word 'thesis' is still causing a Pavlovian panic response, although I like to think I'm doing a better job of repressing it than I was. At least I'm getting to do some work I like, just before the break I turned in a literature review on the sociopsychological effects of video games. Can't speak to quality, of course, my professor will have to be the judge of that, but it was kind of nice to actually research the matter.

I'm at [ profile] alanahikarichan's house now for Thanksgiving break. It's the first chance I've had to really relax since the term started, or at least that's how it feels. Alana's family is very nice and amazingly geeky, and the food is really, really good. At some point I'll get on a plane and go back and there will be finals and labwork and being alone in my apartment but right now I'm going to pretend it doesn't exist. I have a girlfriend and spiced whipped cream. That will be reality right now.


Also the first part of Transformers: Prime was meh. Arcee was badass but nothing else is grabbing me. We'll see how I feel when plot starts happening.
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So I'm thinking of putting that "third bedroom" to actual use and looking around for a third roommate.

I think we've got a lot to recommend us. Our place is pet-friendly (barring cat allergies), we've got plenty of room with our den/living room combo, and split three ways it's about $327/month plus a third of the utilities and groceries. The third bedroom's really only holding a desk and printer, and that can easily be moved elsewhere. The apartment itself is full of clean-living and generally quiet individuals and we're a very convenient walk to campus in a decent neighborhood. The both of us are generally quiet and polite and possessed of game consoles so I think we'd get along well with anyone who could keep the noise at an appropriate level and do the dishes every once in a while. I doubt we could get another student this late in the year, but I'm willing to be flexible.

As for our gain, I've got no income and neither does my roommate K2, and K2 is so broke that the only way I got her to pay me back for groceries was by making her pay the gas bill this month. Anything to make money less tight is a plus.

And on top of the issues of rent and utilities and groceries...I'm lonely.

See, the reason I'm telling LJ before I tell K2 is that five or six days out of the week my roomie is not here when I come home because she's off at her boyfriend's house an hour away. And if she stopped taking the train up every day or two she'd probably have enough money saved to actually pay for groceries but I digress. As it stands I really wonder why K2 even pays rent here, as she seems to use it mostly as a glorified storage facility for her stuff. Of course I've got no right to try and regulate her comings and goings and I can understand why someone would want to be with their SO (oh boy do I understand) but the quiet doesn't do my sanity any good.

I made sure to have a roomie to avoid coming home to an empty, dark, quiet apartment and being completely isolated from the world. And now I'm alone again, it's just that the apartment is even larger than last time, and it's making an already stressful situation even nastier.

So yeah. I'll talk to K2 the next time I see her (or Thursday over the phone, whichever comes first), talk to the landlady (I don't think she'd mind the concept but she probably would want to vet the potential tenants too), and then take a few photographs of the place.
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I think last night was the first night since Friday that I've slept through the night. It's been...a week.

Yesterday, my first day of class, was particularly harrowing. I woke up at 3am, went to sleep at 6:15am, woke up again at 8am...Interdisciplinary Social Psychology is at 9am. Yeah. It's a good class, professor's great, Pretentious Kilt Guy is in there but I can't imagine the professor will put up with his idiocy forever so that's a comfort, and I had a good talk with him about my potential thesis ideas after class.

(Ohgod my thesis--breathe, settle, it'll be fine.)

Cultural Psychology was also pretty good and I did my very noble best to stay awake through all of it because by that point in the day I was basically the walking dead. I made a few friends too, which should help keep me on my toes because I need all the support I can get.

Bought my books. Haven't done any readings yet, I'll do cultural and MAPSS (that would be the mandatory class everyone in our program takes) tomorrow. Laying everything out in neat little meetings and lines seems to help, if I try to think of it all at once I don't think I'll ever sleep again.

As does breathing.

And Google Calender to help me keep up with the massive piles of stuff I need to remember.

And kittens.

Did I mention my friend got a new kitten?
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Firstly, to correct any misconceptions, I am not permanently in Chicago. I'm visiting Chicago to check out the program's open house and give the city a trial run before I start moving all my shit up here. If nothing else my parents need me at home for a few months.

Day 2 in Chicago goes well, despite being cold and wet. I went to a few sessions/speeches/information thingers about the MAPSS program and to be quite honest it looks perfect for me. There's a good PhD-acceptance rate for those getting out of the program alive, it's interdisciplinary (which is where my interest sits), and the university seems to be a pretty comfy place. Not that I had a choice to begin with, but I feel better about the situation than I did last night.

Not that it's just the school that's encouraging me. After I got done listening to the psych chairmen natter on, a pair of women sitting across from me at the table offered to meet me at the bookshop. We got hungry and wandered out to Thai food and had a perfectly marvelous discussion about psychology and Tim Burton and cosplay and our respective hometowns and alma maters. [ profile] lonescorpion came to find us after some initial misunderstandings and then we went out for hot drinks. It was nice. Cold outside, but cozy anyway.

So basically I'm dealing. ^_^
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I am awesome. I am more awesome than you.

I don't care what you were doing Tuesday night, I was in Asheville listening to and getting hugged by and sharing a sundae at IHOP with Philip Zimbardo, quite possibly the most renowned psychologist currently living. There is nothing more awesome than this.

Photographic proof of awesome beneath the cut. )
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Well, this has been interesting. I'm helping out the local Jewish Day School with this contest US Cellular has been running. It involves inputting a giant load of names, birthdates, and addresses into US Cellular's site along with a code number and while it's something of a good cause it's still mindnumbingly boring work. On the other hand the surroundings aren't bad. The Hebrew lessons are giving me major flashbacks to the few words my feeble brain has hung onto from my childhood Sunday School and Ramah Darom lessons. And the children are just cute, they keep peering into my room (I'm shacking up in the library, which is basically a large closet) like curious squirrels before scurrying away again. Then this morning I got this conversation out of a very serious faced seven year old.

"Are you Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle?"

"Um, what? No."

"Well, where is she?"

"I think she's in a book."

"Which book?"

"...the book about her?"

Apparently this is actually a tradition here, that when there's a substitute teacher the usual teacher says that Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is coming to teach and the children were trying to figure out who it was. Given my vague recollections of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle as a clever old woman who could easily have been ported over from a witch's coven in the Ramtops, I find it a compliment.

Also, I recognize some of the children here from synagogue. They have gotten huge. It's sort of scary.


"Blue is not a boy's color! I want this elephant blue. I don't care--everyone should care about boys. And care about girls."

And this out of the Chabad schoolgirls.
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When I left Cambridge the city was practically begging me to stay. I got nice warm weather, a wonderful sendoff in the form of a fair with fireworks shot off right as we got to the top of the Big Wheel, and then I missed my plane because the bus got stuck in traffic.

Asheville, on the other hand, not only prompted me to leave as soon as possible with cold gray weather but apparently wanted me to actively stay out. The one day this year that the city gets a Winter Storm (well, by our standards--it's predicted to be about 5-10 inches) Watch is the day that I'm supposed to go up for commencement. Even if they hadn't canceled it we would have had to stay home, driving through the mountains in heavy snow would have been suicidal and Dad wouldn't have let us go. So now we're stuck here at home, where it's cold and icky and raining because we couldn't even get consolation snow here. Bleh.

On the other hand, Hannukah presents!

--From [ profile] lonescorpion, a copy of Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, a game I've been wanting for a while as well as gracing me with his presence and being helpful in general.
--From Granma, clothing funds. I've spent them on a new winter coat and a bare of bitchin' boots.
--From Mom and Dad, a new fedora (squee!), a little movie!Bee keychain, and...a copy of Spirit Tracks. We've agreed to exchange it for funds necessary to download Psychonauts for the PC, as I am doing right now.
--From David bugger all, but it's about what I expected. He seemed to really like the birthday present I got him, at least. Apparently David got me a movieverse Optimus Prime (in Jetfire armor, blech) keychain, he just forgot to give it to me.

(Also: For those to whom I am sending presents and cards, they'll probably get there a bit late--I'm not sure when I'll get them out and how fast they'll get there, especially the international ones. But they will get there!)
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I'm done with college. Completely. Insert Furmanism here. My graduate school applications are in, I'm back at my parents' house, my final exams are taken and my final grades reported to the school. I put on my robe and wizard scholar hat on Saturday and walk across the stage. There's a bit of transition going on in the shape of me moving upstairs into Mom's old office but the bulk of my stuff is settled and I'm sleeping in my old bed again.

I don't think it's really set in for me. It still feels like winter break, or that I've got some essay to write or studying to do. My brain can't seem to acknowledge that after four years of constant mental deadlines it can finally take a rest. Four years of madness seems so short and the past one even shorter in relation to what's happened to me as a person. I'm not who I was when I went in and I'm glad of it. I think this'll be the first New Year'ss I can celebrate properly, the fulfillment of the old year and the hope of the new one--the idea that I can have some joy in myself, that I'm worth something more than my output and life's worth something more than figuring out how best to apologize to the universe for my own existence. Sure, I cracked sophmore year, did a few things I regret and a few things I can't take back. It's college. I could have done worse. Now I'm out the other side and I can finally claim worthiness of the title of "adult" they bestowed on me when I was thirteen.

It's been strange, and in places it's hurt a lot. But I like where I am and who I am now and that was worth four years of madness.

On a minor note, I'd like to note that my final grade point average, after this semester's disturbingly awesome four As (one in physics no less, by getting a baffling 98% on the final exam) and an A- (History and Systems and again only barely), my total GPA is 3.626.

The minimum for Latin honors, according to the UNCA website, is 3.6.

I'm graduating goddamn cum laude.
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I have had crowning moment of awesome. And it was awesome.

I have a nice outfit now (Dana Buchman amethyst velvet jacket--serious snazzy, my mom picked it up at a second-hand store) and despite my general dislike of fashion I became rather fond of it when Mom gave it to me at Thanksgiving. I felt like dressing up today and wore it with my pretty-but-discreet corset underneath despite the fact that it's windy and freezing outside and really not much better inside the classrooms.

This was also my last day of Physics of Sound and Music with the epic Dr. Ruiz. Now, for most of class he's been rocking out on his keyboard as Ruizes are want to do and now he's getting into MIDIs and similar computer programs. It's five or ten minutes until class ends and he wants a volunteer. Someone who doesn't know much about music.

Of course my hand is up instantly.

He gestures for me to come on down (not that far, I'm in the second row). I try to take my big coat off before I go down, because it's bulky and ugly and I only wear it because the front of Robinson Auditorium gets really cold. However, velvet is fond of friction and instead of just sliding off my black down parka I accidentally remove my jacket as well. This lands me in an inadvertently dramatic moment of standing up, setting my shoulders, shedding everything down to my corset and striding down the steps to the computer podium.

Ruiz is excited about whatever he wants me to do, but then again he's excited about everything and he's been playing electric keyboard all lesson and is doubly hyped up. He does...something with the computer and announces I'm going to be the conductor for today, demonstrating this by pressing the H key repeatedly. I give it a few pokes and understand that the faster I press it, the faster the music goes, somewhat akin to a conductor waving his hands to keep the tempo going. I press and keep pressing.

And I find I'm conducting Les Toreadors from Carmen with my index finger.

I get into the rhythm after a few moments, Ruiz is waving his arms about and the music's going faster and faster and slower in the slow bits and then up to the big climax all perfectly and on the bloody dot the music ends EXACTLY at 3:00. The final second of the final minute of the final lecture of the final class. Class applause. Ruizflail. He put my name up as today's quiz question/answer quizzes basically being proof of attendance, since the answer's always obvious but you have to have been in class to know what the question was) and basically claimed to be 'blown away', although I'm sure most of it was just his natural glee at music.

I need to wear my corset more often.
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Dear Hans Eysenck,

You are one of the top 100 esteemed psychologists according to scientific studies of how esteemed you are. You've written many books and papers and fundamentally changed the field of psychology. Do you really need to fill every bloody page of your biography with mentions of how awesome you are at everything from statistics to tennis and how everyone is totally jealous of your skills but they eventually bowed to your superiority in the field of things because you're just that great?

It's like reading an overly thick and far more intellectual version of an internet tough guy's forum post. I'm not denying his ability but the man's outright arrogance is staggering.
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Today I am, in all but officially, orally competent!

...not remotely what I meant. I did the Erikson presentation I've been spazzing about and while I doubt I did it in the fifteen minutes we were alloted the teacher didn't seem to care. Between me and the other girl presenting she said we'd "set the bar pretty high" for the rest of the class. Everyone else seemed to like it too when they went 'round and said what they liked about our presentation. I seemed to get points for not reading off any notes because I did actually practice some (and I knew the material because come on, Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development? That's kiddie stuff) and I managed to have eye contact and talk in a non-monotone manner.

So if Dr. L liked it that much I'm almost certainly cruising for an A, and with my oral competancy taken care of I've pretty much fulfilled the last of my necessities for graduation. So huzzah!

EDIT: And it's official now, so more huzzah!
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So I just got my letter back from the registrar. All my requirements are filled or going to be filled as soon as I pass this semester's lot of classes. Oral competancy's not there either, but I'm taking care of that next week as soon as I get my bum in gear and put my slides together not that Dr. L is helping by losing my emails, but what can you do?

Assuming nothing outright catastrophic happens, I'm going to graduate college in December. ^_^
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I have the best Physics of Sound and Music teacher ever.


I shot this picture while he was describing a Star Trek episode in which Kirk and Spock are running away from the bad guys down a mountain when they get an idea to use their communicators to hit the resonance frequency of the mountain and cause an avalanche. Except there's no way that could have worked because the communicators use radio frequencies, but it might work if the communicators had some ultrasound function and they turned them all the way up. He's not sure if they do but he wanted to find a way of making it work.

I'm not sure if it's more or less awesome than him showing a clip of "Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo".
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Fuck this cold right and proper. My head's clogged, my ears are stuffed, I haven't had any REM sleep in a day and a half, and I really don't want to talk about the state of my nose.

Went to all my important classes (even if I did fall asleep during two of them), but I'm skipping this week's Celtic Art class in favor of staying inside where it's warm and consuming helpful sorts of tea and Benedryl. *burrows into bed and pulls the covers up 'round her neck* Half the class seems to be absent half the time anyway and I've had perfect attendance and good grades until now.

*...pokes head out again* Also we've got a lesson on weaving and woolens and a guest presenter talking about spinning. If I wasn't already in a perpetual state of *thud* for all of today I'm pretty sure an hour and a half of cloth working would push me over the edge anyway.
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I just banged out a 3+ page essay on "Frankenstein", written in Romantic style, in the span of an hour and a half. Cool. on to the other two. I really need to work on my timing.

Anyway, t'is my birthday today. I'm officially out of the teens, although drinking's still a year away. But still, is a milestone or whatever. ^_^
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It is fucking freezing over here. As in English levels of freezing and the harsh Asheville winds aren't helping any. It was even snowing yesterday, although it barely stuck.

And it didn't help that it was the day I moved all my stuff out of my room and over to South Ridge (which means I have a new address now, contact me if you need it). Jason was a great help, of course, but it still meant three trips down and across the street and up again with things falling off the trolley.

On the other hand, my roommate seems pretty nice and the room's cozy, even if the heater does rattle something awful. My stuff seems to be even neater than usual, although I'm still trying to find a few of the things I misplaced during the move and most of my toys are stuffed in a box instead of up on the shelf.

And also Thrust was humping Barricade, for reasons unknown. My toys fall in odd positions.
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Kiss me down by the broken tree house
Swing me upon its hanging tire
Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
We'll take the trail marked on your father's map
--- excerpt from "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer.

Considering this song's sung by a woman, I'm starting to get shades of Sapphos here. Which in my books is actually a good thing as it makes the sweetness just...a touch more personal. Only I don't have a tree house.

It snowed quite prettily today and I went around taking photos of the gardens and of the snowstuffs people built (and yes, there was a snowpenis and if you are surprised you haven't been a teenager). I'll do a writeup once I get them all on photobucket.

Thing is, my computer's ethernet port's copped out. I've got plenty of wireless access in the library and student union, but none up in my room. Ideally I'll find a way to fix it, or at least bring our old desktop up to school to use while mine's in the shop (again).
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One of the things I do dislike about class projects is having to pick which one I'm going to do, especially when they all look rather interesting. For example, behold my list of potential Celtic seasons options (as copied from our handout):

1. Samhain (the obvious--All Soul's Night, ghostly spirits, etc.)
2. Imbolc (St. Brighid's Feast Day, beginning of spring)
3. Beltaine (May Day, fretility rites, lvoers, faerie lore)
4. Lughnasadh (Fall Harvest, apples, harvesting crafts, and I don't even know where to begin as far as pronouncing it goes)

Now seriously, every option on that list looks kinda awesome. I"m leaning towards Lughnasadh because harvest holidays are fun (see: Sukkot). But I'm seriously torn about this.

Also Blackout seems to have infiltrated my headspace and the censors are...not so much off as straining at the hinges a bit. If he doesn't wander off soon we may need to have Words regarding certain states of pantslessness.


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