Mar. 14th, 2010 04:47 pm
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Alana draws me things! Psychonauts OC things!

Cut for psychology. )
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Right. You. The stupid person.

It is your Furman-right to dislike Transformers slash and I'm totally cool with it. Most of the fandom feels this way. However, that doesn't mean you can be a jerk about it.

Cut for length and being rather bitter. )

Oh, and this?

And in a sense spirit Galvatron is fuming seeing stupid homo jokes of him and Cyclonus. He's raging, screaming and all out furious about it. He's sick and tired of seeing it and wants to destroy all that fanart that depicts it.

This does not help your credibility.

Crossposted to [ profile] fanficrants.

EDIT: And now...apparently she's taking down all her stuff and leaving the fandom forever. Dude. Someone's either overreacting or in desperate need of attention.

DOUBLE EDIT: Nope, false alarm, she was just joking!. What nonsense this fandom has.
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I found Snowkitty today.

No, seriously. I was walking back from Latin class and this smallish grey cat of Snowkitty's exact description hopped out in front of me. It wandered around for a bit while I watched, and scurried back a few feet whenever I got less than a foot away from it, and kept rolling around on its back whenever the wind blew really hard. I enjoyed the scene until some random twat of a girl came around and decided to be nasty.

Girl: Mew! Myow meow mrow!
Seiber: *watches in amusement*
Girl: *sneaks up and grabs Snowkitty by the tail*
Snowkitty: *WTF hiss growl scratch*
Seiber: What the hell are you doing?
Snowkitty: *flees, assumedly to find Snowcat and request vengeance*
Girl: My teacher wants that cat. She's been feeding it.
Seiber: So you grab it by the tail and expect not to get scratched to hell and back? What the fuck were you thinking?
Girl: *snobbily* I didn't ask your opinion on the subject.

I rather hope Snowcat steps on her. Barring that, I hope the little thing finds somewhere warm to sleep; it was freezing last night.

EDIT: And to show that I have actually produced something today, a comic for spring:

Page One
Page Two
Page Three
Page Four
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I've been taking care of that kid I spoke of on a semi-regular basis. After school starts up in a few weeks I'll be picking her up and babysitting a few hours until her parents get home. It's kinda fun, and the pay is pretty decent considering that most of it is just sitting around playing Pokemon Colleseum for hours on end and petting her dogs.

Between that and carting my brother about, I've read Good Omens, pushed on me by [ profile] wingdance. It's an awesome book, although I did have to chuckle when Pepper(Pepper!) began talking about a Cosmic Megatron. Azeraphael is adorable, as is Adam-the-Antichrist.

And now, for the art links. I've been probing around on sites that are in languages that I don't speak, and the results are pretty nifty. It's in Japanese, but does this really need a translation? Taken from Numerous versions of both human-style and normal TFs, including ( rather interesting interpretation of our favorite bunny-eared Decepticon 21C. He looks very nummy.

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So I'm up late and I happen to run into a fellow resident over on fanficrants. We chatted, and thus this little thing was spawned.

Was [ profile] raptorscribe's idea, and I'm not paying for child support.

Anyone want to join?
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General findings.

Found this amoungst the general scurryings of HP fans )

Now, for the stuff that you really wanted to see:

None of it is my work, by the way. I just found it. )


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