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A small announcement:

This is the last week to order for anyone wanting to buy Transformers toys from me. After that I move to Chicago and will have a hard time convincing my parents to box up things and mail them off for me. Especially if I don't give them a cut of the profits.

([ profile] amidoh, I believe you requested an Astrotrain and [ profile] sweetfires wanted Classics Skyfire? If you're still interested please contact me.)
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I am selling off more of my Transformers toys, through eBay and other means. However, putting all of them up at once is a pain in the ass and making a post every time I list something is also a pain in the ass. is a picture of everything!

If you're interested in a specific toy just comment/PM me and we can negotiate terms. I'm willing to sell most of them, bar a few I want for fangirl or nostalgic purposes.

Toy pics beneath cut. )

So...anyone feel like putting into my rent and food money?

EDIT: Now with more toys!

Oh, Dad.

Aug. 14th, 2009 12:21 pm
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I HAS A FERNY. FOR THREE BUCKS. Admittedly he's missing some of his ant legs and if he had a gun he certainly doesn't have one now, but it's still Inferno in his sexconfusing blenderbutted glory.

Me: So yeah, Transformers is basically car marketing waiting to happen.
Dad: So are there any hybrid Transformers?
Me: I...dunno? Maybe?
Dad: They'd have to see if they could mate a small car and a vacuum cleaner.
Me: ...I guess? Put on some soft music, lock them in a room, come back in a week and you have a hybrid.
Dad: You can use that in one of your stories, if you want.
Me: ...

Combine this with the fact that my mom thinks the US Air Force symbol looks like the Decepticon insignia and I think I've corrupted my whole family.

Lab news.

Jun. 18th, 2007 04:00 pm
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The power went out this Friday, which was awkward and yet confusing as an electrical outage could mean anything from a terrorism attempt to a squirrel attempting to be Pikachu. Turned out to be a "failure of an electrical feeder", whatever that means. Either way, they let us go in and get our keys and then sent us all home. It would have been fun if I hadn't been in the middle of my experiments at the time.

Power's back on, now, and I'm free to go back to shocking saline solution while my mentor continues to fail at computers. S'doing wonders for my fic-writing, though. When I can see, of course; one of the things they don't tell you in the lab orientation is that your safety glasses fog up when you get warm. Then it turns into safety regulations vs. I CAN'T SEE SHIT.

In other news, I've officially ran out of room for my Transformers after purchasing a bunch of used Cybertron guys from a friend of mine to whom thirty bucks is a lot of money. Dad suggests cleaning out off the TV cabinet and stacking them all up there, but that'll still be pushing it in the space department.
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One more week to go before college. Eeep.

While poking around in my auntie's attic, I came across a lovely little bit of plastic that is probably a white Ultra Magnus. Missing his hands and most of his outer armor, but he probably sold them to survive in the depths of the He-Man infested box. Anyway, so mine now, no touch.
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Had a reasonably good day today. Mom and I trucked out to a flea market in Sweetwater and I got a few dragon trinkets (no TF toys, sadly). Also, a bag of M&Ms burst and I caught some of the ones that didn't hit the floor and become lost for all eternity. They were nummy.

(Boots, when you gonna draw the pic?)


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