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Title: The Unusual Origins of Kay Faraday (2/?)
Fandom: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Pairing/characters: Byrne Faraday/Tyrell Faraday, brief appearances by Kay Faraday and Yanni Yogi
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Pregnancy

Badd called in sick the day after Faraday did, claiming he’d caught the same bug. They spent a lot of time at Faraday’s house cuddling and only talking about It in the most unspecific of terms. It felt good to have a little time off together in the middle of the chaos that was prosecution and law enforcement. Both found themselves dreading the drive to the clinic, if only to have to return to work the next day.

Unfortunately Badd had to go home eventually, and once Faraday was left alone with his thoughts the doubts began to creep in. It wasn’t that he had some particular moral objection to abortion, far from, and it did seem the most sensible course of action. Badd was right about the ramifications for his career. The scandal could crush everything he’d spent his life working for.

But he’d never expected to be one of those people who sacrificed everything for their reputation. Not one of those types like von Karma, who saw the world only as the pointless intermission between court cases. That wasn’t Prosecutor Faraday, who would let his reputation be shredded to ruins before he’d bow before someone else’s pressure.

When Badd brought his beat-up car around the morning of the trip Faraday lingered in the kitchen and steeled himself once more. He got in the car, shut the door, and flatly stated “I don’t want to go.”

“Me neither, I hate road trips. There’s sodas somewhere in the back seat, if you want one.” Badd reached to start the car and Faraday grabbed his wrist.

“I mean, I don’t want to go now or at all or at all. I want to have the kid.”

Badd rolled his eyes. What now, the crazy prosecutor was having ideas again, time for Badd to talk him back to cynicism. Wasn’t that always how it went. “You can’t have a baby,” he stated firmly. “We talked about this.”

“It’s my body and my baby, and I’m having it if I want it. So there.”

Badd turned to glare at him. “This is going to screw up your career like nothing else, don’t you get that? You can’t do this.”

It was the wrong reaction to someone used to shoving back twice as hard as he’d been pushed. Faraday turned in his seat, the hand around Badd’s arm twisting to pull the keys out of his hand. “Who the hell says you have a say in it?” he asked, raising his voice and his hackles, practically baring his teeth at the detective.

“I’m your partner and I helped cause this mess, I’m not letting one of the only clean prosecutors I know torpedo himself!” Badd growled, hitting the steering wheel with one hand.

Funny how Badd kept talking about it in terms of his job. Faraday licked his lips, one hand on the car door handle, and turned his voice down from courtroom volume. “Tyrell,” he said, not flinching at his partner’s steely gaze. “If it was just you and me, and there was nobody else in the world, or nobody cared, would you want a kid?”

Badd shook his head, brushing off the very premise. “World sucks, Byrne. You can’t change that.”

“But if it didn’t, would you?” Faraday persisted. “If my reputation wasn’t the issue here. Stop dodging around the question and give me a straight up answer.”

Badd hunched over the dashboard, glowering at Faraday with his best interrogation face. Faraday met it with narrowed prosecutor eyes and refused to move. After a tense minute, Badd backed down and moved to staring at the gas gauge. “I…yeah. I guess.” The weakness in his face, the softness in his expression, made for a strange expression on such a powerful man. “Not something I ever thought about,” he murmured. “I’m not…a kid having kind of guy. But yeah, I wouldn’t mind one.”

“I was gonna adopt someday. I always wanted a kid, just didn’t think I’d be making it myself.” Faraday patted his stomach. “This little ball of cells beat a lot of odds getting here. I figure it deserves to try and go the rest of the way.”

“Won’t be easy, Byrne. And if someone finds out--”

“Then let ‘em!” Faraday yelled, flinging one hand up. “Look at us. Look at our work. We are a couple of badasses and anything made out of the two of us can handle whatever the world wants to throw at it.”

Badd leaned against the driver’s side door, regarding Faraday stone-facedly. “You’re really set on this?”

A quick nod. “Dead set. I’ll keep it secret. I have money, I’ll take some time off when I start showing and come back with an adopted baby. We’ll figure it out.”

Badd stretched his arm out and spread his thick fingers across Faraday’s hand. He breathed out a soft sigh, a concession to the madness. “Just tell me where you need me, Byrne.” It didn’t need to be said that he’d be there for him. That was just what Badd did. “I guess you’d better cancel that appointment.”

“Did it this morning,” Faraday chuckled.

“You knew I’d agree?”

“I was…pretty sure.” He cracked a smile, the one Badd treasured seeing in court. The one that meant he’d won. “I wouldn’t have gone even if you hadn’t. But I was pretty sure.”

Badd squeezed his hand. “You’re a hell of a guy, Faraday.”

“I try.”
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