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Someone posted this interview with Teen Titans writesr Scott Lobdella nd Brett Booth on a message board I often frequent, and the crowd does not appear to be pleased. Self included.

I admit up front that I don't know Lobdell and Booth from Miller and Liefeld. My exposure to modern comics is limited and often filtered through hearsay and fanfiction. If they have a good track record writing minorities and this is some badly worded aberration I'd be happy to alter my opinion. But the more comic-oriented fanpeople on the board did not seem confident, so for now I'll take them at their word. Their very, very problematic word.

Interview and personal ranting below the cut. )
Again, not familiar with their work, I might be taking this all wrong, it stands, it's a little icky.
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We were visited by a banshee today.

I was awoken from a very pleasant nap by a voice howling "OHHHHH NO" somewhere outside my building. These were the only words I could make out and frankly I'm not even sure about those. After it kept going on I hauled myself out of bed and went to the dining room to find my roommate A2 peering out the window. We couldn't see the source of the noise until I pulled the screen up and stuck my head out the window.

There was an...entity sitting on our front stoop. He had pale legs and white shorts, and was wearing a blue hoodie. From the angle of three floors up we couldn't see anything of his face or head, so we couldn't even determine if our visitor was a young teenager or a skinny adult. One hand was waving around and he was screaming unintelligably. I caught something about rain (it had been storming most of the day and was only just starting to clear up) and possibly something about his mom, but between the ranting and the sound of cars passing we couldn't make out a single clear sentence.

After observing for a while we realize he's talking to a cell phone. But then he hangs up, is quieter for a moment, and starts ranting at the phone. At this point I finally decide I'm going to go downstairs and find out what the heck is up with this guy. A2 follows me down, half for curiosity and half for potential backup. The moment we hit the first floor landing we seem him get up and leave. A2 is momentarily reduced to Angrish, feeling somehow robbed. The last we see of the blue-hooded entity was him walking across the street, still ranting unintelligibly. We never did see his face. or find out what the fuck was up with that.

But if anyone in the building dies in the next few days, he can't say he didn't warn us.
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As some of you in the World of Warcraft community may know, Blizzard has contracted a case of the stupid. In short, they have decided that the best solution to the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory is to remove the anonymity factor by forcing people who post to the forums to use their RL names.

I do not have to tell anyone on my flist that this is an outrageously bad idea. I get what Blizzard is thinking, assuming that the only reason people are rude is that they can hide being being Iceburn Elfpants rather than the world knowing their true name. Unfortunately that's not how it works at all.

Someone on the [ profile] sf_drama (locked, but open membership) commenetd that WoW's general forum is basically '4chan lite'. I'm not a patron of the game myself, but I've heard a lot of stories about people being harassed, particularly women and queer persons. This is how bad it is without people trying that name back to an identity, and if real names are known it's just going to get worse. If someone posts on the forum everyone will know their name--but nobody will know the name of the person who simply lurked in the thread, gathered their name, and proceeded to stalk their Facebook and other internet gathering places. A tremendous amount of information about a person gathers on the internet, especially if your name is particularly unique--I've googled my own and found my Facebook, my school, my hometown, and gleaned the fact that I have bipolar disorder from a four year old newsletter. It's actually a bit creepy. And that's just google, not anything more in-depth like the White Pages or background check sites. If you get a person's real name you can know everything about Iceburn Elfpants and, for jollies, you can make their life hell.

This has already happened, by the way. Mr. Whipple is lucky nobody showed up at his house with a smug grin and a paintball gun, or that the good lads and lasses from /b/ didn't start ordering septic tanks delivered to his house.

As a F_W commenter pointed out, being known on the internet hasn't stopped people from being assholes. What it will do is help that assholes know exactly where that woman they're lusting after lives, and if they're not afraid to stalk her in-game and send sexually harassing messages to her there's a good chance they're not afraid to come after ones who live near them or post on her Facebook. It will also let employers, schools, clubs, etc. know exactly what that person does with their day, and I doubt playing one of the most addictive MMORPGs ever will make someone pick you over a less gamerish candidate. Abusive exes and other RL harassers will be able to find someone in a place they go to relax, and for people already boxed in that's a huge deal.

That's not even mentioning the fact that there's little way of punishing anyone for harassment other than the ways WoW already does (banning, etc). If a guy in Borginia harasses a chick in Zheng Fa, who should she call? The governments aren't going to interfere in each others' affairs over a simple matter like internet stalking. Even within the US legislation against 'cyberbullying' is scarce and light due to a deep misunderstanding of how it works. I believe we're all familiar with the Facebook suicide case, in which the culprit was acquitted despite the fact that she obviously committed a horrible act. It was not the first time, it was not the last time.

In a lot of folkloric traditions, knowing an entity or person's true name gives you power over them. On the internet it's halfway to true, and implementing this policy is going to hurt someone. This is exactly why I need to go out, get my masters and doctorate, and start doing research into psychology in social I can get hired and tell people that stuff like this IS A REALLY BAD IDEA.
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Zombie/monster battle in a fetish club.

I want someone to film or write this just to see how the heck it would work out.

My streams were just made for crossing, I think.
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[ profile] lonescorpion accompanied my parents and me to a small tree-trimming gathering at our neighbor's house. It was nice, there was wine and cheese and enough ornaments on that tree that I'm surprised it didn't collapse under its own weight, but it also contained our host's mother.

We shook hands, and then I had the bad judgement to introduce [ profile] lonescorpion with "And this is Mikki--"

To which she happily responded "Seiber! Well done!"

After that I was careful to go with "This is my friend, Mikki." Although even if we had been dating that was a seriously bizarre thing to say.
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I called home today to talk with my mom. Mom wasn't home so I got the answering machine. The 'leave a message' recording was in a strange monotone, definitely not either of my parents and it took me a moment to recognize whose voice it was.

Remember Bavid's friend who came over for his bar mitzvah? The one who's sort of like David but cranked up to eleven and in a pokemon-wise direction? For someone unfathomable reason he decided to mess with my parents' answering machine, delete their recording, re-record his own message over it, and not tell anyone about it afterwards. It wasn't even anything weird, just "You have reached the [Seiberfamily] residence. Please leave a message after the tone". Just because.

I have seen quite a bit of autism in my day but that boy is just plain random .
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My primary area of interest human social behavior on the internet. This may overlap with studies of fandom, because fandom is pretty social on the internet and because I like watching what fandom does with itself. It’s a newish field, at least relative to the rest of psychology, and I think there are many academic and commercial benefits to studying it. It’s what I want to do in grad school and possibly pursue as a career afterwards.

But if I ever, ever, EVER do something as boneheadedly, unscientifically, patronizingly, unethically, sexistly, homophobicly, transphobicly MORONIC as this I want someone to come to my house and bash my head in with a blunt object. And I do mean bash. I want my cranium to be a slurry of bone fragments and brain matter because if I ever consider this anywhere near a worthwhile research method I have obviously either gone mad or my body has been possessed by some inhuman creature intent on making my entire profession look like a bunch of disgusting voyeurs. It would be a mercy to my immortal soul if my cursed body was destroyed along with any notes I may have taken during this profane thing I would call “research”.

I won’t go into the many, many things that are wrong with this because I think Neuroanthropology and others cover the topic sufficiently, but good grief. I wish I hadn’t missed it before Ogi Ogas (who sounds like a Yu-Gi-Oh! monster for some reason) deleted his LJ and comments and thought that would suitably hide his tracks. It would have been psychologically interesting to watch as he dug himself deeper and deeper until he hit China and decided to make a break for it while information, group action and discussion spread through the internet in a way that always makes me feel a bit tingly in the netherbits of my brain.

Dr. Forrester would think this was an implausible study and his primary experimental design involves putting a janitor in space and showing him bad movies.

No words.

May. 19th, 2009 07:33 pm
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The trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes movie (starring RDJ) is out. And, um...ah...

It's not quite what I was expecting. At all. Ever. I'm not saying it'll be bad, I'm going to see it anyway, Yeah.
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[ profile] faithinfire, [ profile] lonescorpion, remember when I mentioned the mulefucker who was running for public office in Georgia?

I forgot to mention the army men. And the watermelon. And apparently quite a few other things.

Story under the cut. )

And people wonder why the South has such a bad reputation...
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I think I've found, hands down, probably the weirdest porn dialogue in the history of the Transformers Kink Meme. Possibly the Transformers fandom itself.

I ain't gonna break, Opti.” Jazz attempted to hump back, but his position wouldn't allow it. “Come on, moooove. Please?”

“I'm savoring the moment,” Optimus explained in a faraway, breathy (how a mech that didn't breath managed to sound breathy, Jazz would never care enough to know) tone.

“You're drivin' me bananas, that's what you're doin'.” Jazz braced himself with one hand and tried to make Optimus roll over; instead, the Prime pushed Jazz halfway onto his belly. Damn their different sizes!

“I didn't know you could drive bananas.”

Jazz huffed, not only at the lame counterjibe, but at the fact that Prime STILL WASN'T MOVING.

“Maybe you're confusing bananas with the Weinermobile.”

Okay, he could HEAR the smile in Prime's face now. “Prime!”

And now I'm having images of the Weinermobile as a Transformer. Thanks, brain.
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Not quite wank, but amusing.

Over on (no, I don't know what it means), a rather annoying individual named Shadow posts up information for the upcoming Transformers 2 movie, saying he's got contacts at Hasbro. Sneaky, sneaky.

And then fish happens.

See, this isn't "insider info". This is Sparta the Koipedia. For the uninitiated, the Koipedia is basically a compilation of Transformers fanon as developed by [ profile] koilungfish. Unlike some fanon it has connections to canon events, but it's hardly insider material. Hilarity.
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This was a conversation with [ profile] vani_nessa spurred by a discussion of the rather disturbing "Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose" in dragonvianknight's IJ.

Conversation is not safe for work or brain. )
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Now that the election is over, a lot of attention has diverted to Obama's future chief-of-staff Rahm Emmanuel and it's starting to make my brain go in odd directions again.

Aside from being a rather attractive gentleman for his age, trained in the art of ballet and a credit to our people, Representative Emmanuel has some...familiar traits.

Emanuel is known for his "take-no-prisoners attitude" that has earned him the nickname "Rahm-bo."[16] Emanuel is said to have "mailed a rotten fish to a former coworker after the two parted ways."[13] On the night after the 1996 election, "Emanuel was so angry at the president's enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting 'Dead! ... Dead! ... Dead!' and plunging the knife into the table after every name."[5][7]

Aggressive and combative even to his closest compatriots, yet closely allied with our young chosen one and slashed with him on an alarmingly regular basis. I think you all know where I'm going with this.
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Living next to a pub does have its interesting moments. There was a crowd of younger men under my window earlier this evening, all yelling and pointing and accusing some guy of...doing something to some guy named Joe, I couldn't quite understand them. They all went around the back of the pub and a few policemen wandered over a few minutes later, so I suppose that resolved itself without major injury, but it was rather intriguing to watch.

I watched "The Burden Hardest to Bear" for the first time after that mess was over, as I was interested in why Scourge had broken out in warts. It was...odd. I suppose we've found out what the Transformer equivalent of meth is and why it's generally only given to people who are unlikely to misuse it (or stick it in their cannon and turn it into a projector). Still, I admit Roddy's statement about belonging to the Matrix as much as it belonged to him was a bit weird, especially in relation to the earlier statement about not really needing the Matrix to begin with. Lends a good bit of support to the idea of it being a religious artifact.

...also the Japanese title is "The Mission Way Too Heavy", which amuses me.
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So Georgia has elected Republican Saxby "what kind of name is Saxby" Chambliss to the Senate. No surprise there, not much newsworthy. However, the Daily Show found one of his ads a bit...weird.

[Error: unknown template video]

I would especially like to draw your attention to the young woman in the striped teal shirt during 0:25 and forward. Senator Chambliss, I don't think you quite see what you did there. And if you did, I am extremely worried.
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So, the holey angels at the Grand Arcade seem to be taking the prize for most inadvertantly disturbing decoration in the Cambridge city center. However, a new challenger has arrived for the festive jellyfish.

Mortal Kombat )
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On the advice unheeded warning of [ profile] apprentice_lurk, I went down to the Grand Arcade to look at the strange Christmas decorations.

And they were quite strange indeed. )

People really need better internal decorators.
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I don't know what it is. Maybe it's some deep-rooted Jewish inclination to laugh at our oppressors and our misfortunes, if only to keep from crying, maybe it's just that complex plots combined with hilarity and banter tends to be my comedic weak spot.

But I managed to find Hogan's Heroes on YouTube and I'm fangirling like a mad thing after a mere four episodes. Anyone capable of managing to hide a tank in a set of prison barracks is made of win, and Sergeant Schulz is adorable to the point that I want to give him hugs and apple turnovers.

So...yeah. Lol nazis.
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Just...fuck it.

Yesterday I'm picking my brother up from school, today this shit goes down and I'm the one who has to haul his damn ass around. Fuck. You know, he won't leave without his iPod and half a dozen books and all his little snacks. A goddamn flesh-eating monster invasion and he wants his iPod.

I'm mostly posting this up here so people know where I've gone, maybe to calm my own nerves, too. Left a note for my parents, too, they won't think to check the internet. We're going over to our neighbor's place, everyone's piling up in one house and huddling 'round the TV to see what happens next. For once I'm glad I live in a neighborhood with good god-fearing Christians with guns and large dogs and the good sense to help each other out. I take back everything I say about the South. Except maybe ORNL, Malcolm's thinking they did something to make this happen. Or it could be the terrorists. I'm pretty terrified, anyway.

I've got the van loaded up with supplies and every heavy blunt object I could pry out and drove that up here, so that's my bit, and I'm taking David out to the arboretum down the way if things really hit the fan--there's barely anyone there, they won't want to come that far into the woods when there's other people around. Suppose all the empty highways around here are good for fucking something.

And yeah, I'm scared. I have no idea where my parents are, I have no idea where anyone is and David's putting up an immense fuss and doesn't want to leave and I'll probably have to bribe him with cookies or something...fuck. They better not be dead, I'm not carrying him around for the rest of my life, doing it for the day is bad enough.



Someone talk to me. Please.
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WARNING: Links below contain graphic pictures of arachnids. Please do not click if you have a problem with this.

Now, I grew up here in East Tennessee. I'm used to spiders. I love spiders. I have a near-religious obligation to never harm spiders, which is the reason that this one made it out of the house alive. But the good lord created spiders to only grow to a certain size in this area and the monstrosity I just threw out the back door could only be an agent of chaos.

Picture is actually pretty close to life-size, perhaps a hair bigger.

The little servant of Llolth was quite easily larger than my palm without bothering to stretch its legs, and it didn't seem to care about being seen. So I did a bit of a tiny shriek, and then ran to show my mum so she could also indulge in the womanly shrieking. Since I couldn't actually use a glass because it was too damn big, I put a tupperware container over it and attempted to take deep calming breaths.

Here it is with a small paint brush for scale.

And here it is with my mum's hand holding the tupperware down while it flailed at the sides.

Still no clue what it was, though. It's outside now, but if it comes back I'd like to know what name to use in the banishing ritual. Best guess is a wolf spider--I don't think they're supposed to be that size, but it could be some kind of freakish mutant. Spiders are spinners of webs and killers of pests and bearers of wisdom and all that, but only Ananse gets to be big enough to sit at the dinner table.


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