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Things that are awesome:

-[ profile] lonescorpion, for obvious reasons and for giving me a reason to actually explore this strange town rather than just living in it.

-Zombieland. [ profile] lonescorpion made a brief review of it here and I agree with his assessment of it. In full disclosure I am not an expert on zombie movies or survival horror in general, my limit on such things is Shaun of the Dead. However, I felt Zombieland took the isolation, fear, and despair one normally associates with the zombie scenario and flipped it around to make a zombie movie about togetherness and hope in the face of the end of the world as we know it. The comedy is great without having to resort to sex or toilet humor (well, mostly), the characters are likable, and the more melancholy aspects are touching rather than maudlin. It seems to be too late for one to catch it in theaters and I only barely saw it at the Dollar Movie, but I'd at least rent it on DVD if you can't bring yourself to buy it.

-Sherlock Holmes (2009). If you like action movies, particularly with a Victorian/mild steampunk aesthetic, go see this movie. If you like Sherlock Holmes, go see this movie. If you like buddy-cop dynamics with affection that teases the line between bromance and outright slash, go see this movie. If you don't like any of these things I'm not sure what you're doing on my flist, but go see this movie anyway. [ profile] lonescorpion also reviewed it in depth, although warnings for a minor spoiler in the comments. I would say that the major plot is a little ridiculous and convoluted nearly to Dan Brown degrees at times, but it's not so bad that it ruined the movie and the mediocrity. The characters and character interactions make up for it fully. I've seen a lot of people saying this is one of the more faithful depictions of Sherlock Holmes and Watson that they've seen in a while and I certainly agree on the Watson aspect. He's more of a partner than a sidekick and it's a position he well deserves. Even the minor characters like Lestrade have their own charm and wit--in fact, the villain is really the only character who I didn't care for. He rates low on the Large Ham scale of awesome vs. annoying (also known as the Tim Curry scale), but he has the good decency to stay out of the way most of the time so we can focus on the actually interesting characters. It's fun, in a way that doesn't imply that it is so brainless that it can only be described as 'fun'.

-Psychonauts, specifically for the PC. Yahtzee gives a more professional description, but I can fully argue that this is one of the best games I've had the pleasure to play. The story at its vaguest is your average 'child with special powers who is more powerful than the other children with special powers must save world from strange and dark evil', but the exact nature of the evil and what one most do to combat the evil is where the real fun parts come in (with a goodly measure of crack, I found myself saying things like "I need to climb on the meat in order to catch the imaginary chicken the next time it floats by" with a complete lack of irony). I'm not just saying this because I double majored in fictional psychology and videogames as a creative medium, there is something inherently awesome in a game where one can set things on fire with one's mind and bounce to abnormally high levels while navigating a twisted 1950s neighborhood infested with secret agents and girl scouts inside the mind of a schizophrenic security guard. It's not a really hard game bar the nightmarish final level, the real trouble comes in the form of pinpoint jumping puzzles and that goddamn camera that never seems to focus where I want to go unless I manually turn it around. Besides that it's a lot of fun to play, the plot is great, and I'd recommend it to anyone with an available console or a computer that can download it from GameStop.

-Coffee flavored mousse.

-Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. [ profile] lonescorpion described it as a sort of miniature Las Vegas, with glittering lights and strange buildings and overpriced but still awesome entertainment--and here we'd only gone up there to make pilgrimage to the world's largest knife showplace and confirm that Dollywood actually existed.

-The Tennessee Aquarium, in scenic Chattanooga. Well, aquariums, they've built a saltwater one now in addition to the freshwater one and they're both awesome amounts of aquatic goodness. There are cuttlefish that stare at you and a sleepy giant octopus and a butterfly garden and you can pet stingrays and it's awesome.

-My parents. Just becanse.
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[ profile] lonescorpion accompanied my parents and me to a small tree-trimming gathering at our neighbor's house. It was nice, there was wine and cheese and enough ornaments on that tree that I'm surprised it didn't collapse under its own weight, but it also contained our host's mother.

We shook hands, and then I had the bad judgement to introduce [ profile] lonescorpion with "And this is Mikki--"

To which she happily responded "Seiber! Well done!"

After that I was careful to go with "This is my friend, Mikki." Although even if we had been dating that was a seriously bizarre thing to say.


Oct. 12th, 2008 06:27 pm
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I forgot how much fun staying up late fangeeking with Koi is. In the course of the evening until two in the morning, with time allowed for the watching of the last two episodes of TF: Armada, the following theories came into play:

* Vector Sigma as a demon snack machine, resulting in the Beast Machines Oracle encouraging the Maximals towards bringing back demonic control of Cybertron.

* Thrust as the power behind the throne in Armada, given that Megatron is good at getting followers but rubbish at leading them anywhere.

* Aerialbots as religious figures.

* TF: Animated not just resembling a G1 AU, but actually being one, specifically an AU where the Matrix either never existed or was never found after Alpha Trion took it.

* TF: Armada Optimus Prime with the brakes off is fucking scary (okay, maybe that was just me).

* Energon Scorponok is Armada Starscream, Energon Starscream is Armada Thrust.

The dimension-traveling Thrust ghost was not addressed during the conversation, but it may be brought up at a later time. In summary, I love this house.
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I got into Anglia Ruskin! In the land of the Britons and squash and public transportation! Squee!


...will miss the Buffination, though. But still squee.
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Mikki, sorry I didn't get a chance to properly say goodbye to you. Snugs. Here's a picture of a puppy to make it up to you.

Boots, there is something very strange going on with the second HW&HD CD you made for me. Your labeling says it contains 11 tracks, while my attempts to rip the songs (such a violent term. Can we not clone the music instead?) to Windows Media Player show that there are 12 tracks. However, #11 will only go up to 53% ripped and then just...stop. It's like there's half of a phantom track somehow encoded into the CD and I'm finding it quite weird. Any ideas on this?

Rath, I have no idea what your stance is on Pratchett but if you ever do wander over that direction you might want to look into Soul Music. It just seems your thing. And it's got Death on a flying motorbike.

Pepper, I have at long last gotten to open your package and it's very shiny and fluffy. ...but, um, what is it? I'm putting yours together today, it should be flying off the first chance I get., I haven't got anything directly to say to you but my parents send their regards.

And apparently my mum's now president elect of the local NAMI chapter because the president randomly stepped down earlier today. We fear.
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To be perfectly frank, I can't remember what I was doing last January. Babysitting my brother, more likely than not. It can't have been horribly interesting.

On the other hand, this year I've gotten a job, researched Stuff, delivered a paper, submitted said paper to an essay contest, investigated various means of going to and staying in the UK, gone to the UK, and had a mild Triad-inspired personality shift. And gotten some very nice shirts.

I might as well look to the future, the past is already getting a bit fuzzy.
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I've spent the entirity of the week in the company of at least one other person at all times, and now that Koi's up doing Important Things in its room and everyone else is at work, I'm left to note that I have developed a strange clinginess streak. This is an inversion of the norm, in which I can usually spend maybe a day in the company of one person before needing my privacy and usually fleeing to the internet where no one can see my face. Odd.

Read through The Carpet People in the span of a few hours, which I suppose is really nothing unusual. Most times I get a Pratchett book I sit down and read it all the way through until I'm done with little more than a bathroom break.
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In an attempt to further educate myself in the way of the world, I went to the Rose and Crown (a local gay bar) with Boots, Rath, and Mikki.

There weren't really a lot of people around until after ten, so we sat around and drank and Boots and Mikki eventually got into the whole kareoke thing while I made faint attempts at dancing. Some random stoned girl attached herself to Mikki and seemed to be trying to eventually split him off from the group. Unfortunately, she was terminally dull and was disgusted by two men kissing (while Rath and I flailed about missing it) despite claiming to be a regular, so I tried to ignore her for most of the evening.

Did I mention that Boots is an absolutely mindblowing singer, especially with the red stage lights and the crimson velvet bustier and the vaguely seductive dancing? La Isla Bonita is officially my favorite song now and this evening's the first time I've heard it in my life. And yes, I have pictures.

I've had two bottles of WKD Blue vodka and portions of two jugs of WKD cocktails sipped through straws about as bendy as the bar population's sexuality and there may be a distinct possiblity I'm drunk. To be quite honest, I can't tell, except perhaps, for the fact that a Madonna song is making me tear up.
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Going to England, brb.

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Today's xkcd strip is almost hitting too close to home to lessen the snifflings. And, apparently, the zambonis have decided to commit a bit of inter-altmode pranking on their nonsentient brethren.

Let me tell you, Internets, it is not easy writing a paper about post-Reformation Catholic/Protestant shitflinging. In the name of science and my final essay grade I have had not only to delve into the depths of Jack Chick's website but actually cite it on my paper in order to back up my points on modern anti-Catholic literature. Hopefully this will not cause my computer to damage itself in any way, as I'm already almost four pages in.

It's strange how a lot of my works seem to curve back around towards medieval/Renaissance/early modern European culture, especially the religious and supernatural aspects of it. I have no idea why, but I seem to find it an interesting period to play around in (hence the various wanderings and angstings of Brother Peter).

...although I try to sort of dance around the whole raping and pogroming aspects when possible. I mean, I know it's there, it's just really not what I want to focus on.


Nov. 27th, 2007 05:03 pm
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The lady at the foreign exchange office finally got back to me about the Anglia-Ruskin study abroad program.

Hi Anna,

I've looked at Anglia Ruskin University and understand that they have exchange agreements with three US universities. I would approve this school for studying abroad, so you can go ahead and continue the process for Fall '08.

When you apply please print out a copy of your application for our office to have. We'll provide an orientation, study abroad insurance and any other services you might need. Also, there are some new visa requirements for the UK. I can share those with you when you need them. it may change again before you go so I don't want to give you information that will be outdated in a year.

Sorry I took so long!



Of course, now I just have to work on actually getting in. Eek.
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*gets Samhain card*



Love you, sis.
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Title: Vengeance Doesn’t Pay
Summary: Post-movie, Johnny quits the stunt riding scene and finds a new job.
Rating: PG

This is all navigatorsghost’s fault, obviously. )
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Koi: Your present is both delicious and tasty.

Pepper: Your stuff is shipping overnight along with Boots' pajamas, as I have resisted the urges to do immoral things with either of them.

Rath: You left behind the Boarding Party CD I made for you. Which songs did you want?

Boots: The latest AU of Dreadmoon and his love of webcams is twisting Thrust into a bit of a pervert himself and it's spawning bunnies like you wouldn't believe. Should I attempt backstory and/or pornstuffs, or wait a bit to confer with you?

Tom: I want my damn Gundam back, it's still on your shelf.

Sosochan: No more rum for you. Although Thrust approves of these developments.
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So after successfully proving that I know more about putting cables into ports than he does (which probably shows how much porn I've been reading), I have internets back again.

...I just don't have anyone to share it with at the moment. *curls up with 'bee plush and mourns the loss of Triad* Anyone care to toss me an email update? Pictures of orgies or whatever? Promise I won't show Koi.
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So, I got picked up by Boots and her father at the airport and we went to breakfast. There were MASSIVE amounts of squee, I must say. TREMENDOUS.

Then more people came over and the squee intensified. Not seen is Koi, who was off to the side and bound up in ribbons. Also off to the side was a lover's squabble, Chibicronians, and Rampage attempting to pick up Depth Charge.

More happy Triad. We went to see Ghost Rider and sat around having tasty drinks. Peach-flavored rum is nice.

Boots and I went down to the city center the next day and I impersonated Cardoom. I'll spare you the boring architecture pictures because that's not as pretty as coffeehouses that contain hot chocolate and Boots. We met up with Mikki and inspected a phone box, after which we tried to see how many fanpeoples we could fit into it. We're fairly certain there would have been room for Rath if she'd been there.

We also saw the Slaanesh boat, although it appeared to be inert at the time.


Mar. 10th, 2007 04:37 pm
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I'm standing at an internet kiosk in Atlanta right now, and I've never been so depressed about being in an airport in my life. This week was awesome beyond words. Fantastic. If I start writing about it now I'll probably start tearing up again and embarrassing myself in this airport too.

I'll put up the pictures when I get home. Assuming the plane doesn't do anything nasty and unexpected at the last minute.
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I am safely in Cambridge, and it is completely awesome. Kinda like orochat but with more cookies and actually being able to drink. Peach schnapps and lemonade is fun.

Mr. Boots took Boots and me out to breakfast after my plane got in an hour early, and then we went back to the Colony to hang out with the Triad and Mikki the little scorppuppy. Was very snuggly and fun and lots of Transformers jokes. Also went to see Ghost Rider after that and was very wobbly from jetlag.

Also, I have made good on my mission to find out Koi's true gender. Koi is, in reality--

LJ Cut of suspense )
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Welp, I'm leaving for the airport in about half an hour. Wish me luck. If I don't post in 48 hours, tell my toys I love them.

* freaking nervous*


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