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Title: Next Ship to New Kaon
Fandom: Transformers: Animated
Characters: Blackarachnia, other Decepticons canon and OC
Warnings: Sexual references, comedic use of sombreros.
Summary: Blackarachnia formally joins the Decepticons. You don’t have to be a freak to be in this army, but it helps.
Author’s Note: The idea for this fic mostly came from long conversations around the breakfast table with [ profile] koilungfish and was encouraged by said fish poking me to finish it at every available opportunity. And then I completely ignored it for two years until I found it lying around my hard drive and decided to clean it up and give it a second chance, having forgotten most of the original ideas and just how many references to prostitutes I’d had in here.

And this time I had the Allspark Almanac as a desk reference. )


Jul. 18th, 2010 11:59 pm
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Finally, the pictures from my househunting trip. No, you do not get to see the house, not yet. You will see it when it is ours.

Contains large amounts of Bayification of downtown Chicago. )

So now I have something to think on during those long deli hours.
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So I'm in Chicago with my roomie-to-be and she's gotten us a sweet hotel to stay in downtown while we scout apartments. And outside they are filming a movie and occasionally having explosions and filling the streets with fake rubble. What movie is this?

Mother-effing TRANSFORMERS 3. They started filming the morning of the day I arrived, one of the explosives startled my roomie-to-be out of her eggs benedict, and there's been funny looking cars and piled rubble and blocked off streets leading to smoking ruins all day. Roomie-to-be and I wandered around looking at all the blocked off bits and taking pictures and then. Oh, then we saw Him, all blue and red and flame-painted.

And then they brought him out past the barricades and parked him out in the street, to be photographed and posed with and molested and yes, my friends, I have gone through a fangirl's right of passage because I HAVE PERSONALLY TOUCHED OPTIMUS PRIME. Leaned on him, even. Also Ratchet, but only for a moment before I was mocked by security and had to run.

I don't even like Prime or the live-action movies, but something about seeing him right there touches one's fangirl spark in a twisty giggly sort of way. So yeah. Best hotel ever.
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Finally, my geekiness pays off. Specifically at the Superhero-flavored UP All Night event at the student union.

A surprising amount of win. )
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So. My copy of The Allspark Almanac, the Transformers: Animated guidebook, arrived today.

It is probably the most awesome Transformer-related thing I currently own. There's over 200 wonderfully glossy pages of episode synopses as written by the characters (Fanzone types his reports with a typewriter), and concept art with most of the characters getting both front and back shorts, and art of every single character that has ever appeared in the background for a single scene or more. Even humans and pets. I'm guessing they put in all the designs they had.

The profiles are great too, also written by the characters. The little universe details are amazing (apparently Blackarachnia built Blitzwing into a triplechanger, the Autobots don't use outright weapons as a matter of historical tradition to distance themselves from the Decepticons and Fanzone's first name is Carmine), the entire thing's a fanfic writer or fan artist's dream. The TFA-verse is clearly a labor of snarky, well-thought out, creative love.

And the references, dear god the references. If we ever needed proof that the writers are gigantic fanboys, it's right here. It's not just G1 either, there are little references to favored Botcon foods and Marty Isenburg's daughters. There are references to things from other fandoms, like the Buffy the Vampire Slayer band "Dingos Ate My Baby." There is a Last Action Hero reference. I have never seen anything this magnificently geeky set to print and I love it forever.

The only real disappointment is that it doesn't have anything Season 3 related (not that it will necessarily stay that way with enough support, *coughcough*), but it's completely compliant with it as far as I can tell.

If you're a TFA fan, or know a TFA fan, or want to support TFA and its writers, or have at one point sat next to someone who might have watched TFA, BUY THIS BOOK. It is absolutely amazing.
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To the writers of Devil May Cry 2:

What the fuck was that? Who is Lucia and why is Dante hanging out with her? Why do we care about her big surprising twist? Where's Trish gone? Who is this Arius guy and why does he sound like a Saturday Morning Cartoon version of Hitler? What happened to Mundus? Is he sockpuppeting as Argosax? Where did this guidepost mission statement thing come from? And who the fuck hired Matier's voice actor?

I'd say they were high, but it doesn't contain enough creativity and inspiration for them to have been high. They should have borrowed whatever stuff the people who designed the final boss were smoking.

Also, while I dislike the way most of the Bayformer designs translate to toy form, Ravage is a beauty. Even if his altmode is basically him doing kitty yoga. *fusses over evil robot death cat*


Jun. 27th, 2009 02:23 am
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Why is [ profile] drharper awesome? I will tell you why she is awesome. She is awesome because of ideas like these.

While retrieving my arrows from the target one time, my mind wandered to the Transformers fandom (hey, you try thinking about ONLY one thing for a solid hour). I started pondering how the Autobots would react to humans practicing archery and/or an SCA event that they happen to stumble upon.

My mind then took a hard left turn into the Transformers Animated section (probably because that version of Rodimus uses an energy bow) and thought "I could really see Captain "This is why I hate machines" Fanzone in the SCA...

As a master archer. Maybe also a Laurel in bowmaking.

And his wife being both a Pelican and a Laurel of some kind.

And both of them being pretty high ranked in their kingdom since I can see them being involved from their college years.


I may just have to write a fic about this. If only for the Autobots' reactions when they stumble across a bunch of costumed humans in a park and see everyone addressing the Captain as "Your Excellency". :)

I know bugger all about the SCA that doesn't come from my friendslist, but it needs writing.


Jun. 25th, 2009 05:50 pm
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So I have returned from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, having tried to ignore pretty much everyone ever saying it sucks. They obviously had not understood Bay's art, and by art I mean having a loose plot to explain why things are blowing up. head hurts. That is not hyperbole, my head actually physically hurts from the sheer amount of "what the fuck is this what the fuckery" that went into this movie.

Bitty spoilers for good parts and bad parts. )

I'm sorry, Michael Bay. The fighting robots just weren't enough to win me over. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going over to [ profile] beexsam to comfort myself with some soothing interspecies slash, because the scenes featuring the affirmation of the Bee/Sam/Mikaela OT3 were probably the best part of this movie.
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I think I've found, hands down, probably the weirdest porn dialogue in the history of the Transformers Kink Meme. Possibly the Transformers fandom itself.

I ain't gonna break, Opti.” Jazz attempted to hump back, but his position wouldn't allow it. “Come on, moooove. Please?”

“I'm savoring the moment,” Optimus explained in a faraway, breathy (how a mech that didn't breath managed to sound breathy, Jazz would never care enough to know) tone.

“You're drivin' me bananas, that's what you're doin'.” Jazz braced himself with one hand and tried to make Optimus roll over; instead, the Prime pushed Jazz halfway onto his belly. Damn their different sizes!

“I didn't know you could drive bananas.”

Jazz huffed, not only at the lame counterjibe, but at the fact that Prime STILL WASN'T MOVING.

“Maybe you're confusing bananas with the Weinermobile.”

Okay, he could HEAR the smile in Prime's face now. “Prime!”

And now I'm having images of the Weinermobile as a Transformer. Thanks, brain.
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Now look, I don't expect much from Transformers: Return of the Fallen. It'll be just another Bay smashfest with robots with little personality that I can barely tell apart and a lot of focus on Mikaela's most notable traits while Sam acts like a doof. That's okay, I can deal with that, just don't expect me to get excited even if you release exclusive footage of...interesting scenes...from the

Godamnit, Michael Bay, don't make me get excited about this again. YOU BROKE MY HEART ONCE, I WILL NOT FALL FOR YOUR TRICKS AGAIN oh god Bumblebee and Sam are so adorable and there are shiny action sequences and he's got an actual cane and aaaagh.

Why must I be so weak?
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Through the magic of the internets someone got "Where Is Thy Sting" on up on YouTube a few days early. I think we can safely say "Three's A Crowd" was the fluffy breather episode because they got right back on the WHAT THE HELL with this one.

Cut for spoilers )

Also, more Prowl plz. Everyone else has complex backstory and motivation (sort of), can we get some for the mysterious ninja?
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So. TFA season three. Yeah. What the fuck, man.

Cut for spoilers, unlike half the people on my damn flist. Long post is long. )
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Not quite wank, but amusing.

Over on (no, I don't know what it means), a rather annoying individual named Shadow posts up information for the upcoming Transformers 2 movie, saying he's got contacts at Hasbro. Sneaky, sneaky.

And then fish happens.

See, this isn't "insider info". This is Sparta the Koipedia. For the uninitiated, the Koipedia is basically a compilation of Transformers fanon as developed by [ profile] koilungfish. Unlike some fanon it has connections to canon events, but it's hardly insider material. Hilarity.
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Title: The Sound of Chocolate
Requester: [ profile] raisedbymoogles—Playing With Kids
Prompt: Playing With Kids--humanfic.
Author’s Note: Less angst this time, just some random little idea I had about Scourge-as-human and his abilities.

Not my best, but I seem to be distracted by Nazis anyway. )
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This was a conversation with [ profile] vani_nessa spurred by a discussion of the rather disturbing "Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose" in dragonvianknight's IJ.

Conversation is not safe for work or brain. )
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Title: Prima Donna Stella
Requester: [ profile] yeaomi-- Dancing Scourge
Prompt: Dancing Scourge! ...ON BROADWAY! OMG!
Author’s Note: One of these days I am going to write a fic where the universe doesn't hate Scourge...but those just aren't as funny, somehow.

No, I didn't have a specific play in mind. )
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Living next to a pub does have its interesting moments. There was a crowd of younger men under my window earlier this evening, all yelling and pointing and accusing some guy of...doing something to some guy named Joe, I couldn't quite understand them. They all went around the back of the pub and a few policemen wandered over a few minutes later, so I suppose that resolved itself without major injury, but it was rather intriguing to watch.

I watched "The Burden Hardest to Bear" for the first time after that mess was over, as I was interested in why Scourge had broken out in warts. It was...odd. I suppose we've found out what the Transformer equivalent of meth is and why it's generally only given to people who are unlikely to misuse it (or stick it in their cannon and turn it into a projector). Still, I admit Roddy's statement about belonging to the Matrix as much as it belonged to him was a bit weird, especially in relation to the earlier statement about not really needing the Matrix to begin with. Lends a good bit of support to the idea of it being a religious artifact.

...also the Japanese title is "The Mission Way Too Heavy", which amuses me.
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Title: When Things Stopped Making Sense
Requester: [ profile] vani_nessa-- At the Beach Scourge
Prompt: At the Beach Scourge - Pirate AU (Can I pick a more obvious one?)
Author’s Note: A Piratecronian fic that is not in the format of Scourge telling a story so that Roddy will shut up and stop bothering him, for once.

Alternatively, Scourge actually catches a break. )
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Title: An Obscure and Unusual Talent
Requester: [ profile] raisedbymoogles-- Daring Scourge.
Prompt: Daring Scourge - high school AU. ('Cause you said I could. ;D)
Author’s Note: High School AU AND a songfic. So nyeh!

Special credit goes to WKD Blue vodka. )


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