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No more eight AM classes for Seiber, this is the second time I've been late due to oversleeping.

And I think my voice is going, so if I flail at you instead of speaking when we first meet it's not because of a sugar overdose or manic high.
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My roommate usually watches "The Young and the Restless" every afternoon. I came in today and asked the following:

Me: *seeing an older couple kissing* They finally got together?
Roomie: No, he's blackmailing her [into sex].
Me: Oh, I knew that, I just thought she'd been putting him off.

Dear Primus, I'm actually following the plot of a soap opera that doesn't involve prettyboys eying each other wistfully. This is a bad sign.

(Although they never did hook up in that episode. The couple paying a guy to impersonate her dead husband to scare her away came 'round to talk to her husband and he had to leave.)
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So one of the exercises we did today in our Personality class was to pick which animal we'd prefer to be. I found my results rather interesting, not because of the animal but because of the selection process.

You see, my first pick was an archaeopteryx. My first thought was how amusing it was that I'd expanded my mental search engine to extinct animals, and lesser-known ones at that (well, less than T-Rex, at least). Second, of course, came the crippling thought that I'd been far too pretentious in my choice and that if I had to explain it to people after mentioning it they'd all think I was an elitist twit, so I quickly changed it to the similar but more conventional bat.

Third thought, of course, was how revealing my reasoning had been. Instead of going with the usual power animal like an eagle or a lion (although Boots tells me I'm a bit like a tiger) I went about it logically, thinking about various pros and cons of my choices. Archaeoptyrx was flight capable and theoretically warm-blooded, but also had lovely sharp teeth, heightened sensory ability and agility, and claw-tipped digits that would at least help with manipulating things even without opposable thumbs.

On the other hand, my reaction to the 'what animal would you least like to be' was purely in my gut: a slug. Slugs are vulnerable and defenseless in most cases and one of my biggest fears is helplessness. So I'm coldly logical when considering what I want and how I should be and quite unlogical when it comes to what scares me.

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Kiss me down by the broken tree house
Swing me upon its hanging tire
Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
We'll take the trail marked on your father's map
--- excerpt from "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer.

Considering this song's sung by a woman, I'm starting to get shades of Sapphos here. Which in my books is actually a good thing as it makes the sweetness just...a touch more personal. Only I don't have a tree house.

It snowed quite prettily today and I went around taking photos of the gardens and of the snowstuffs people built (and yes, there was a snowpenis and if you are surprised you haven't been a teenager). I'll do a writeup once I get them all on photobucket.

Thing is, my computer's ethernet port's copped out. I've got plenty of wireless access in the library and student union, but none up in my room. Ideally I'll find a way to fix it, or at least bring our old desktop up to school to use while mine's in the shop (again).
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Note to self:

Angst is bad. We do not go the path of angst. Angst is for people who do not make light of every little thing ever. Angst is for people who actually have problems instead of making them up out of nowhere. Angst is not for people who could probably put the problem to bed entirely if they stopped making a big deal about it. Angst is for people who are not having the time of their lives. No angst.

Also, when it gets to the point that people are actually hiding the bottle, stop drinking. Loudly demanding it back and looking under the bed will make us lose more dignity points than the alcohol itself has. Although we totally were not as drunk as people said we were.
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I've spent the entirity of the week in the company of at least one other person at all times, and now that Koi's up doing Important Things in its room and everyone else is at work, I'm left to note that I have developed a strange clinginess streak. This is an inversion of the norm, in which I can usually spend maybe a day in the company of one person before needing my privacy and usually fleeing to the internet where no one can see my face. Odd.

Read through The Carpet People in the span of a few hours, which I suppose is really nothing unusual. Most times I get a Pratchett book I sit down and read it all the way through until I'm done with little more than a bathroom break.


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