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In order to do the substitute preschool teacher job I just got, I need a) a fingerprinting and background check and b) a medical release from my doctor. The former I got done in ten minutes, bar the time I need for the FBI to make sure that my evil clone hasn't done anything illegal without my knowledge. The pulling teeth.

Thursday: I fax them the form. All the doctor needs to do is confirm that I'm fit and fax it back.
Friday: I call back asking where the form is. They said it was on his desk and they'd call me back when he got to it.
Monday: I call back again asking where my damn form is (not in so many words, of course) and they finally send it to me. I get to marking in all the places where the faxing hasn't picked up the ink and I notice something funny.

"Does Seiber have any medical conditions preventing her from working with sprogs?" NONE
"Is Seiber physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of working with sprogs." NO

Now, I am totally capable of working with sprogs. I know that, he knows that, my employer knows that. Even if it wasn't true his answer would still make no sense. What is abundantly clear was that the doctor had skimmed down the form, noted that the correct answer to the first question was negative, and made the second answer negative without reading the actual question.

I pointed this out to Mom, Mom flipped out, I called back the doctor (or rather, his secretary) and put Mom on the phone to yell at them in all sorts of official ways. The world 'unconscionable' was thrown around a lot. The doctor amended the form to put a YES in the appropriate place and refaxed it as soon as he got his lazy bum out of seeing patients for twelve seconds each. I already disliked him, but after this he's lost me, my mom, and my brother as patients. If it had been a more important form that he'd skimmed I could be in a whole lot of trouble.

The incident is ironic in retrospect because this morning I pulled a muscle in my neck while I was in the shower. I'd planned to go do some volunteering and then drop by another temp agency, but it wouldn't have been very smart to go driving if I couldn't turn to the left without hurting myself. So for today, I'm actually not physically fit to go running around after small children.

Ess, ess.

May. 5th, 2009 01:29 am
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My auntie Jenifer's mother passed away from a stroke a few days ago. Her mind was going downhill in the last few years and everyone considered this to be more of a blessed release than anything else. She was a wonderful woman when I knew her. When I visited her at the retirement home she'd always lament "I haven't got a thing to offer you" because she was so used to giving out mandelbrot or other little treats. Eventually she'd mention it every ten minutes, because her memory was going, but the fact that she thought of it was sweet

Jenifer's daughter in law, Shoshana posted this up on her blog and Jenifer sent it around. I got permission from her to repost it here. I think it's pretty wonderful.

A Tribute to Rose

My husband's grandmother Rose passed away last week and we spent the week in Tennessee with his family. I wanted to do something to honor the memory of this wonderful woman who welcomed me into the family and treated me like her own granddaughter from the moment we met, so I decided to feature her famous mandelbrot (or mandel bread as she called them).

Rose invited people into her apartment by offering them a cup of tea, served in one of the china teacups with roses from her collection. Tea couldn't be served without a "nibble" as she put it, so she always kept these mandelbrot on hand, especially if she knew we were going to be visiting.

Mandelbrot are similar to Italian biscotti in that they are baked, sliced and then baked again, but these are softer than biscotti. They keep incredibly well, but will become a bit softer over time. When Rose moved to Tennessee to live with family the movers packed up a box of her mandelbrot with the kitchen things. Several months later we found them unpacking. They looked fine, so we decided to try them, and sure enough they were as delicious as ever.

Rose's mandel bread have an alluring flavor that is hard to pin point, but makes you want to reach in the box and try just one more. I had never made them until this week and when I looked at the recipe I was surprised to find that it calls for fairly large amounts of almond, orange, lemon and vanilla extracts. The extracts all combine in such a way that no one flavor dominates, and the end result is absolutely delicious. I might just have to start making these to have on hand when guests stop by.

Rose's mandel bread
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon almond extract
1 teaspoon orange extract
1 teaspoon lemon extract
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup slivered almonds

Note: I made the recipe exactly like Rose did, because I wanted to be true to her recipe. However, I think they might be even better with a pinch of salt, so will probably add that next time. If someone tries it that way, let me know.

Mix together the first seven ingredients. Add the flour and baking powder and mix until combined. Mix in the slivered almonds.

Chill dough in the refrigerator for at least 45 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Divide to dough into two and make a rope, approximately 2 1/2 inches wide on each side of the cookie sheet. Using lightly moistened hands will help keep the dough from sticking as you shape it.

Bake for 25 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool for 5 minutes. Transfer the two loaves/ropes onto a cutting board and slice into 1/2 -3/4 inch pieces. Return pieces to the cookie sheet, cut side up. Return to the oven and toast for 7 minutes on each side.

Posted by Shoshana at 11:11 PM
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It is fucking freezing over here. As in English levels of freezing and the harsh Asheville winds aren't helping any. It was even snowing yesterday, although it barely stuck.

And it didn't help that it was the day I moved all my stuff out of my room and over to South Ridge (which means I have a new address now, contact me if you need it). Jason was a great help, of course, but it still meant three trips down and across the street and up again with things falling off the trolley.

On the other hand, my roommate seems pretty nice and the room's cozy, even if the heater does rattle something awful. My stuff seems to be even neater than usual, although I'm still trying to find a few of the things I misplaced during the move and most of my toys are stuffed in a box instead of up on the shelf.

And also Thrust was humping Barricade, for reasons unknown. My toys fall in odd positions.
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So I was supposed to drive home at about half-eight this morning, in order to make it to UNCA in time for my meeting at the Housing Office. My parents checked the TDoT website and other suchness and noted that there was a lot of ice on the roads. The University of Tennessee and a few other places were opening two hours late, to wait until the ice melted. I grumbled, but was eventually convinced to call up and reschedule for a later time. Personally I thought I could make it, but I didn't really want to go out in the cold that early anyway.

About an hour later my mom got a call from one of my brother's babysitters caretakers. He'd been driving downtown, spun on the ice, and nearly went off a bridge before the curb stopped him. Guy's fine, of course, but...yeah. Still.

*goes back to watching Chuck Norris* Have faith, little multicultural children and spunky DA buried underground in a school bus. Ranger Walker will save you!
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Kiss me down by the broken tree house
Swing me upon its hanging tire
Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
We'll take the trail marked on your father's map
--- excerpt from "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer.

Considering this song's sung by a woman, I'm starting to get shades of Sapphos here. Which in my books is actually a good thing as it makes the sweetness just...a touch more personal. Only I don't have a tree house.

It snowed quite prettily today and I went around taking photos of the gardens and of the snowstuffs people built (and yes, there was a snowpenis and if you are surprised you haven't been a teenager). I'll do a writeup once I get them all on photobucket.

Thing is, my computer's ethernet port's copped out. I've got plenty of wireless access in the library and student union, but none up in my room. Ideally I'll find a way to fix it, or at least bring our old desktop up to school to use while mine's in the shop (again).


Jan. 9th, 2008 10:46 pm
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You know, up until now I wasn't aware that Wes Bentley was in P2 because I don't really care about pulp horror flicks. But now I am and my strange sense of humor's caught up to me, so here's a picture of Blackheart walking his hellhound. Not sure about the outfit, possibly he just got back from a costume party. I think we all know what Mephistopheles would be going as.

By the way, I've managed to snag myself a webcam. Problem is I don't quite know how to work the videochat on Trillian, it may require the person at the other end to have one. And I don't. So for now I'm restricted to making silly videos and emailing them to people.
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I got rejected for platelet donation again, second time in two weeks. Apparently my iron's still too low, God knows why, it's never happened before a week ago. I'm not in the range of anywhere unhealthy, but my hemocrit was below their minimum for allowing me to donate. Is fraggin' annoying because I have no idea why it's like that.

I figure I'll give it a month and eat my spinach. If that doesn't work...well, I gave it a shot, anyway.

On another note, my account (thank you guardian angel who bought it for me, btw) expires in less than a week. S'twenty five for another full year, but...well, lots of shiny icons and voiceposts are fun. I might as well.

Your Score: Kinda Southern

You are 57% true Southern!

You're okay at this Southern thing, but you've got a long way to go. You've never had a fried turkey for thanksgiving and you have no idea what a Moon Pie is or what the "RC" in RC Cola would stand for, if you'd ever heard of it to begin with. But you're pretty straight on the Southern attitude, if not specifics on the culture.
I would suggest spending a summer down here, but you might melt if you're outside absorbing local color. Um, maybe winter break you could come thaw out Southern-style. You could see a Living Nativity or Singing Christmas Tree. And eat grits with Christmas dinner.

Link: The Southern-ness Test written by gwennykate on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

But...I grew up here. I'm a bad Southerner.


Oct. 28th, 2007 05:21 pm
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Zombie Night was quite fun. We watched "Shaun of the Dead", which was fun but not as awesome as Hot Fuzz and Planet Terror, which was epic in the zombie sense of the word and El Wrey knocked my fucking socks off. Decided to officially go as Elizabeth Bathory to go with the zombie/vampire theme for this year.

...unfortunately I couldn't get any proper facepaint on such short notice so I looked like some idiot in a green dress with a flower wreath that I occasionally put on Bill when I got bored with it. Meh, whatever, there were barely a dozen people in costume anyway. Robert got second place for his Penguin costume, which was still pretty good even without the top hat or cigarette holder, and AJ got first place as Quailman.

Anyway, so yeah. And in the spirit of horror I'd like to promote [ profile] tf_afts, which has sprung up as sort of a GAFF for Transformers fics. I'm putting up links to all my MSTs over there.


Oct. 23rd, 2007 02:39 pm
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This is irksome. Apparently menstruation lowers the amount of iron in your blood below permittable limits for donating blood and platelets. So I'll have to make an appointment for next week or something when I've stopped bleeding enough to...well, be allowed to bleed.

Oh well. Might as well go with the sex meme I got off Luna and then mangled.

Name a character in my headspace and I'll give you a description of their sexual preferences/orientations/tendencies. You can name as many as you wish, because I'm an attention whore at the moment.
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Life's been going really well for me. I sign up for courses next week, my last RMII test came back a 92 and Wednesday I go in for an interview at the Behavioral Health center. Weather's been real nice too, if a bit grey and rainy, and the internet just came back in the dorms after being on the fritz. And I got new toys from Rath in the mail.

I don't know why I'm crying.
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My day has had several odd occurances.

1. Around one in the morning my roomie's dad knocked on our door, a pair of dog leashes in his hand. A moment later we had a pair of utterly fluffy papillons running around sniffing at things and trying to get into my hamper. Roomie's dad suggested that I put one into my roomie's bed to help her wake up, but I refuse to make her vaguely loathe me in silence more than she already does. Apparently she was not a fan of random wakeup fluffies.

2. I went out for a walk in the gardens and found people engaging in Art. It seemed to involve a pair of my pale-haired colleges wrapped in various bits of white cloth and holding umbrellas with leaves pinned into them in a spiral pattern walking into the creek and twirling the umbrellas in an elegant fashion while the Artist took pictures of them to later make into stop-motion animation. Was actually pretty cool to watch, although the creek must have been freezing cold.

3. There was a sign on the door to the stairs saying "Vomit on the stairs--use alternate route". I don't want to ask.

4. The ethernet stopped working in my room for some reason, even though it worked for my roomie. I'm in the Highsmith Union right now and it's freezing for some reason.

5. Someone is doing a hyena laugh upstairs and it's effin' annoying.
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Yesterday was, perhaps, not the best of days.

First of all my brother's come home (for good this time) and brought his roommate David with him. David is rather like my brother, but louder and more annoying. He also narrates his Pokemon battles. Mom had me put a password on the computer itself and some filtering software to make sure they couldn't look at anything nasty because while I have a gay robot fetish, my brother seems to have developed an interest in furry pronz. Problem being is that she doesn't understand it and woke me up at nine am to do the following.

Me: *zzzmurblewaffles--* *is tugged out of bed*
Mom: We need the password to the internet.
Me: It's *****, I told you.
Mom: No, to the internet.
Me: There isn't a password to the internet, it's just for changing the setting on the internet filter.
Mom: No, the internet password.
Me: *zombieshuffles over to the computer in the next room and pokes at it* Okay, so what's the problem?
Mom: I need the internet password. I brought up Internet Explorer and it didn't--
Me: *blinkblink at the computer* Mom, this is MSN Explorer. This is an instant messenger program.
Mom: So where's the internet?
Me: *eyeroll* *clicks on Mozilla Firefox* *whaddyaknow, it works* Now go away. *shuffles back to bed*

My mom is technologically useless.

Besides that, I backed into a BMW in the Borders parking lot. I was pulling out and he was pulling out and our bumpers sort of bashed each other. At least was nice about it and all, and it was only a scrap and minor dent for his car. As for mine, I'm not even sure that that scuffed paint wasn't there before. *pets her built-strong Grand Am*

So we did the exchange of info thing and Dad called up the police to send a guy down to do a report on it and then drove down himself to help out. It was all actually pretty genial and the other guy even mentioned that there was a big silver truck parked next to me that blocked both our views. Dad figures it'll be a no-fault thing and we might not even hear from his insurance company on it.

Still, frazzling. And it would be a BMW instead of a Ford Taurus or something a little less pricey.
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To do:

*Call courthouse office re: court date for traffic ticket
*Work on my slideshow and talk for Wednesday's staff meeting. UGH.
*Find creative homophobic slurs (it's a 'Vampires' fic, and Jack Crow isn't the nicest of slayers). Now to write the actual fic.
*Write fic in general
*Clean up downstairs
*Find more things to put on this list
*Send letter to the paper
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I went to visit my auntie's mother is in the ICU last night. Her kidneys started failing after her hip operation, so she's drugged up and hooked to about twenty different IVs and vital monitor thingies, plus an oxygen mask.

She was actually talking a bit while I was there, which is more lucid than she usually had been. Apparently she was cursing in both Hungarian and English before I got there, and she worked up the strength to ask for water and then muttered something like 'hijaa', which apparently means 'be quiet' in Finnish. My auntie says she probably won't remember most of it when she stops being so delirious, thankfully.

There was also a rather odd incident where one of the nurses (who was apparently in a Christian group that gives out toys and such to children and the elderly in hospitals) gave my auntie a Lamb Chop plushie as a cute reminder about how we're all the lambs of God and are loved by him. Very comforting...if you're Christian. My auntie's mom happens to be Jewish, so my auntie thanked her kindly and quietly removed the Jesus tag around its neck before giving her mom the toy. It's quite fluffy.

I did my time in the hospital a few years back and stuff like that doesn't really creep me out, but it was still a little terrifying to think that one day I might be like that, weak and whispering in a hospital bed. Provided I don't die of a porn overload first or something, of course. S'kinda creepy.

EDIT: I had a piratefic.
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My first day interning at ORNL and I am BORED. Got most of my internet-reading training done and obtained my badge and computer login, but other than that I don't actually have anything to do today. Can't do my site training on account of my mentor won't be back until tomorrow and his partner didn't even know I was coming until this morning on account of being in Cancun. And it's damn cold in here.

But at least I have my interwebs. Might even be an IM program around here if I poke hard enough, or I could use AIM Express for the next...*eyes clock* Two hours.


May. 14th, 2007 11:30 pm
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We had an interesting incident on the bus today.

I really don't like New York. )

On the other hand, I've lost a bit more sympathy for my granma again. She said the man downstairs was having a 'fagale' party. For those who haven't seen 'Robin Hood: Men in Tights' and don't speak Yiddish, the approximate cultural translation is 'fairy' or 'fag'. Mel Brooks is allowed to call people fagales, she is not. *is totally going to have a surprise coming out next time she does it, see if I don't*
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I had an actual honest-to-god nightmare last night.

I was in this big swanky hotel (more Ritz-Carlton, less that place from Psycho) and I knew I was in a horror movie. No one else knew and apparently I couldn't or didn't want to tell anyone. But I knew. It was the sort of horror movie where there's a serial torturer/murderer about and you don't really know which member of your motley crew it is until it's far too late, and I was fairly certain I wasn't the main character (which meant it was unlikely that I was going to survive). So lots of paranoia, not trusting anyone not to be the Big Bad, desperately looking for a way out.

We had dinner and I was feeling a bit woozy afterwards, so I was pretty sure I had been drugged so I could be hauled away later by the Big Bad. I tried to find the most crowded and well-lit place I could in case I collapsed and wound up in the lobby with this skinny teenage deskworker. I was also trying to find Boots, as she was the only one I could trust not to be the Big Bad. Don't think I ever found her.

It was extremely disturbing and I was still paranoid when I woke up. Even showered with my pocket knife on the shower caddy, just in case.
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My roommate's boyfriend was here on Saturday, which is cool. He was also naked, which I suppose was all right as long as he stayed in bed with the blankets on. Made things a touch awkward, though.

This weekend was several types of awesome. I went out to help with the Special Olympics, making sure the atheletes were organized for the races and stuff, and it was actually pretty fun. There was also a lawn party on campus in the afternoon, with bouncy castles and lunar crawls and free food and inflatable slides. Got a lovely dragon airbrush tattoo on my arm (and a not-so-lovely sunburn). It was fun.

Our Early Christianity lecture today got me thinking back to this. The word 'heresy', in Greek, apparently means 'to choose'. And that seemed to be what the Campus Crusade dude was saying. To exercise the free will that God gave us in the first place and to choose to follow another path besides his version of Christianity is a heresy--a thought-crime that would condemn the criminal to eternal suffering.

I don't like his religion.
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Mark your calenders, April 23 is International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day.

On this day, everyone who wants to should give away professional quality work online. It doesn't matter if it's a novel, a story or a poem, it doesn't matter if it's already been published or if it hasn't, the point is it should be disseminated online to celebrate our technopeasanthood.

Whatever you're posting should go on your own site. I'll make a post here on the day and people can post links in comments to whatever they're putting up on. If you are a member of SFWA, or SFWA qualified but not a member (like me) you get extra pixel-spattered points for doing this. If other people want to collect the links too, that would be really cool. Please disseminate this information widely.

Context is over here.

EDIT: Just got this in my email.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

To the Campus Community:

We want to inform the campus community about a very recent incident involving a non-student. First and foremost, we want to assure everyone there is no immediate threat to the campus community.

UNC Asheville and Asheville Police Department were made aware of a potential threat against the campus. The individual involved, who is not a student but is a resident of The Grove apartments, is now at Mission Hospitals where he is undergoing a mental health evaluation.

We are working closely with Asheville Police Department and Mission Hospitals to monitor the situation and we will take further steps as necessary.

Again, we wish to assure everyone there is no immediate threat to the campus community.

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I really, really need to get out of the house.

I'm feeling strong urges to do great and terrible things to my parents if they don't get off my case about every little tiny thing, my mom especially. It's gotten to the point where I was going to ask her to come see a movie with me, but now I don't even want to talk to her. I can tell it's making her upset as well, but I'm at the point where I don't want to do anything about it right now.

As far as the whole Mobile Meals thing went, it was a good idea at the time but not that good in reality. They really seem don't need any more volunteers and I loathe the idea of doing a job that no one really needs to have done just so they have a place to put me. It's pointless and helps no one when they've already got an older volunteer who knows the route and how best to take it and is completely free to do it without my help.

I'm meeting up with [ profile] wingdance tomorrow, ideally, so that should help some. Maybe I can steal [ profile] viragostonewall or something and do something. I dunno. Just get me the hell out of here.

EDIT: And the internet is not serious business, damnit. I should not be getting upset because I posted the wrong thing in a forum and got yelled at for it.


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