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I've been a bit derelict in getting these posted, business and mental instutions and crime and so on, but better late than never. Unless you're Temple Fugit, I suppose. Here is the set from Halloween weekend, one of the few non-convention times I can go out in full regalia and not be accidentally arrested.

It's nice to get a little appreciation once in a while. )
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So Convergence was basically the most amazing thing ever. 24 hour geek-out party, hordes of fangirls and fanboys who share my interests, beautiful costumes, interesting panels, and an abundance of oddly-named alcoholic beverages. I'm not going to post all the pictures I took because there were approximately 500 of them and I'm not filling my LJ with 500 pictures, but I'll post a few of the more relevant ones.

More specifically, my cosplays, my photos with famous atheists and men with magic guns, and the amazing Sherlock/slash meetup people. )

And then we all descended to the lobby and were up until about 3am fanperson-flailing. It was amazing.
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I am selling off more of my Transformers toys, through eBay and other means. However, putting all of them up at once is a pain in the ass and making a post every time I list something is also a pain in the ass. is a picture of everything!

If you're interested in a specific toy just comment/PM me and we can negotiate terms. I'm willing to sell most of them, bar a few I want for fangirl or nostalgic purposes.

Toy pics beneath cut. )

So...anyone feel like putting into my rent and food money?

EDIT: Now with more toys!


Jul. 18th, 2010 11:59 pm
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Finally, the pictures from my househunting trip. No, you do not get to see the house, not yet. You will see it when it is ours.

Contains large amounts of Bayification of downtown Chicago. )

So now I have something to think on during those long deli hours.
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Yeah, East Tennessee has cons. Who knew? I didn't, or at least not until my parents saw an article on it in the paper yesterday. My dad (who has always wanted to see a proper con, although to be honest I think he just wanted to hang out with me) and I went up to Pigeon Forge in the afternoon. Traffic was mad, but it was oh so deliciously worth it.

Of course I had mountains of pictures. )

And then we left because Dad was getting tired and didn't want to wait around for me to try giving blood in return for a free t-shirt. A very good time had by all!
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For some reason I seem to have a strange adeptness at taking pictures of snow-covered scenery. Perhaps my talent will someday save the world and I have only yet to discover its power because I live in a state that sees severe snow maybe five times a decade.

Although I think we got two or three inches, it was pretty nifty. )
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Finally, my geekiness pays off. Specifically at the Superhero-flavored UP All Night event at the student union.

A surprising amount of win. )
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I love costumes. I freaking adore getting to dress up and see other people dress up and take pictures and mess around. My favorite holidays include Halloween, Purim, and fan conventions specifically because of awesome costumes.

Pirates. )

Bugs. )

Halloween. )
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Pictures from my jaunt five minutes up the road to Cherokee Cave on one of the few days a year it's actually open.

Down, down, down... )
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And here is the fun part of the fair, the metal-clad people beating each other about the head and torso with long hard objects.

In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, the group's apparently known as Swords of Chivalry and they do a lot of reenactment type things.

Cut for a serious load of pics. )

I got toasty as all get out afterwards, but the sunburn was worth it. I wish we had stuff this cool back home.
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The things I see in this city. An hour ago I woke up to find a window washing brush tapping on my window like it wanted money.

Sorry I'm late again, but here are the pictures from the fair last weekend. I'm putting up the non-combat pictures from last week's fair first, because there's a lot of pictures and this is simpler.

Cut for the obvious. )

Next time: Swords, shiny things, and people who won't stop falling over.


May. 25th, 2009 07:34 pm
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London Expo, whoo!

So very, very glad I went with [ profile] oxbridgefemme, it was the most awesome thing in the history of fanstuff ever and we need to have it more. With shiny costumes and everything.

Pictures, pictures, everywhere. May need some IDs, I don't know some of these characters. )
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On the advice unheeded warning of [ profile] apprentice_lurk, I went down to the Grand Arcade to look at the strange Christmas decorations.

And they were quite strange indeed. )

People really need better internal decorators.


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