Advent #4

Dec. 9th, 2006 11:34 pm
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I'm doubling up to make up for lost time, using old stuff on my hard drive.

Title: Heart of the Ocean
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
Characters: Tia Dalma and that one person you see at the end of the movie. I'm not telling you because that would be spoilery.

Inspired by the song of same name. )
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One easy-as-pie test and one "oh god we sucked" presentation down, two exams and another presentation to go.

I promised Becky I would post this, in return for some semblence of English/French smut (yes, the languages), so here it goes.

No title at the moment, just a random unedited CW piece. )
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Everyone remember Transformers KISS and its scariness? Well, here's something a touch different in that continuity. And by different, I mean slashy.

Emo Boys Are Easy
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Title: Once Upon The Sea
Rating: G
Pairing: Elizabeth/Will/Jack
Summary: What with what Jack and co. get up to, eventually they'll have a few legends about them.
Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean and all associated thingies belong to Disney.

A whimsical bit of Pirate-fic )
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What, you thought I just did tentacle porn? I've kinda had this idea around since the first movie, I'm just now getting to writing it out.

Contains no spoilers or graphic material. )
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I'm going to be gone starting Friday afternoon, returning about Sunday afternoon or so. Which means Demolisher and E-Starscream and a bunch of other infestations residents will also be taking a break. Sorry. (But, Amasa, I've got something neat for Dem and Dee to do when we get back, if you're interested.)

I can leave you with a little one-page thing I wrote for my Creative Writing assignment on scene description. Is a bit out of my head, a bit from experience, and my car makes a guest appearence as well.

OMG, it's not fanfiction? )


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