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One of these days I'm going to find a way to sneak up to New York without my grandmother finding out. Because this place is actually kind of awesome when you're not dragging around a personality-disordered madwoman with reducing mobility and increasing memory and hearing loss.

Take the Highline, for instance. It's a garden in the middle of Manhattan that someone decided to build on a railroad bridge. I'll upload the pictures when I get home but it's the weirdest thing to be on. You're walking past flowers and grasses and you're fifteen feet up in the air surrounded by apartments and office buildings, it's like something out of a sci-fi.

Then there's Chelsea Market, a small underground marketplace that someone decided to build inside the remains of an Oreo Factory. It's a gorgeous little place and I wish I'd had more time to nose about in it, it honestly feels like the place exists in some odd subway-dwelling civilization with pipes coming out of the walls and giant ceiling fans circulating air.

Very cool beans indeed.
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Apparently I'm going to New York (City) this weekend. Cool. Admittedly I'll be packed into Granma's apartment with the rest of my family so control of the bathroom will be fiercely contested and it will be my Granma I'll be visiting (although she's much easier now than she used to be), but I can see myself having a decent time anyway. Granma will be happy, she's been petitioning for me to come ever since the last time she saw me.

Anyone want to meet up? I could use the escape.
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Being at my Grandma's house in New York might technically be some level of hell, but this is the first time I've actually seen flames. O_o Yesterday I came into the city only to find that there were a bunch of fire engines sitting about and a moderately sized crowd gathered outside staring up at the building across the street. Like any plucky girl detective who'd later be coughing up some aching and smoky lungs for the next couple of hours, I grabbed my camera and scurried down.

Yep, building across the way was on fire. No idea how, or why someone on the second floor seemed rather content to keep cooking his dinner while the firefighters broke the windows on the sixth floor, but there it was. While apparently Granma saw the incident on the news, I can't find it anywhere on the internet. It's a bit funny, considering how many engines they called out. Granma says six firefighters went to the hospital for it, too; perhaps it was another fire? It's a weird city.

But at least I have photographic evidence. )

As Granma visits go, this one hasn't been bad at all. ^_^


May. 14th, 2007 11:30 pm
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We had an interesting incident on the bus today.

I really don't like New York. )

On the other hand, I've lost a bit more sympathy for my granma again. She said the man downstairs was having a 'fagale' party. For those who haven't seen 'Robin Hood: Men in Tights' and don't speak Yiddish, the approximate cultural translation is 'fairy' or 'fag'. Mel Brooks is allowed to call people fagales, she is not. *is totally going to have a surprise coming out next time she does it, see if I don't*
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We've got intarwebs in my granma's apartment. Admittedly, they're not *my* intarwebs, but I take what I can get. It does lead to interesting conversations, though.

Seiber: *pokes about on the internet* I'm wiped. I should go take a nap or something. *had 6:10 am flight and didn't really get any sleep*

Seibergran: You can take the bed.

Seiber: Nah, the couch is fine.

Seibergran: Whatever turns you on. *grin*

Seiber: *is currently reading porn* Er...yes. Of course.

At any rate, here I am for the next three days. Wish me luck.


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