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So I'm in Chicago with my roomie-to-be and she's gotten us a sweet hotel to stay in downtown while we scout apartments. And outside they are filming a movie and occasionally having explosions and filling the streets with fake rubble. What movie is this?

Mother-effing TRANSFORMERS 3. They started filming the morning of the day I arrived, one of the explosives startled my roomie-to-be out of her eggs benedict, and there's been funny looking cars and piled rubble and blocked off streets leading to smoking ruins all day. Roomie-to-be and I wandered around looking at all the blocked off bits and taking pictures and then. Oh, then we saw Him, all blue and red and flame-painted.

And then they brought him out past the barricades and parked him out in the street, to be photographed and posed with and molested and yes, my friends, I have gone through a fangirl's right of passage because I HAVE PERSONALLY TOUCHED OPTIMUS PRIME. Leaned on him, even. Also Ratchet, but only for a moment before I was mocked by security and had to run.

I don't even like Prime or the live-action movies, but something about seeing him right there touches one's fangirl spark in a twisty giggly sort of way. So yeah. Best hotel ever.


Feb. 1st, 2009 04:07 pm
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So the teaser trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is out for Superbowl Sunday. Obviously, I have to have an opinion on it.

...personally, I'm not feeling it. The clashing, constantly moving metal always throws off my perspective, especially against Bay's trademark explosions and urban backgrounds, so I'm not even sure what's going on. It also looks to be following the pattern of the first movie, which was mainly human interaction against the backdrop of fighting robots--not what you want in a Transformers movie, which is human/robot and robot/robot interaction against the backdrop of fighting robots.

I'm going to go see it anyway due to the fact that fighting robots are fun and against all odds I actually liked Shia's Sam Witwicky, but my hopes aren't up for anything better than the last one.
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meaning to put this up, never got around to it.

A proper Seiberreview of The Tale of Despereaux )
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Rath's been introducing me to horror movies and last night's fare was Dark Floors, the Lordi movie. The dynamic's a little different when you're actively eager for the monsters to show up because you're a fan of them on a personal level, but they managed to keep the creepy fully intact. The ending was utterly fucking disturbing (albeit not making a lot of sense, but it is a horror movie) and I had to do a bit of mental curling up and shuddering. The effects were absolutely amazing, partially because of skill and partially because the monsters brought their own costumes and the country of Finland contributed about 300,000 euros to the making of the film because Lordi seems to be one of their major exports now. It was pretty cool.

On the topic of things that are both frightening and make no sense, I'd also like to lodge a formal complaint with whoever designed England's sociological structure because there is apparently a taboo here against people saying what they actually think. I'm getting very tired of trying to figure out what's going on when I have enough trouble picking up on social cues in my own country. Just someone give me the British-to-human translation guide and I'll be a much more relaxed Seiber.
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So we all went to see 'Snakes on a Plane' tonight. Well, last night; it's morning here.

The movie is campy. Cheesy beyond belief. The action equivelant of yaoi. I don't think a single person in that theater really cared. Not something I recommend for the squeamish or those afraid of bare breasts, but it's a fun thing to see if it's late at night and all your friends are with you.

I suppose you could say it's cut for minor spoilers, nothing huge. )
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So went out with [ profile] wingdance to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this evening.

It rocked, seriously. Depp!Wonka was perfect; a sort of fey, almost sociopathic at times child who was given an actual background(that scene at the end was just plain cute). Charlie was of course adorable, and the other children perfectly bratty. The Oompa Loompas were awesome on general principle, and I liked how everyone else in the movie thought the musical numbers were a bit contrived as well.

Although I'm not sure what was going on there with Violet and Veruca at the beginning of the factory tour.

Violet: Let's be friends!

Veruca: Best friends!

(They link arms, grinning at each other in an almost Decepticonly fashion.)



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