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If you're tired of my medical angst, just wait a few hours and I'll have happy pictures from the Pride Parade up. Pride was fucking awesome and despite my lobsterface I am so glad I manned up and went. But right now I just need to vent.

For the purposes of confidentiality, all medical professionals will be named after Transformers. )
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So apparently we can't run the new air conditioner, a box fan, and the electric kettle at the same time because it causes the breaker to trip. The building's wiring sucks that much.

I really need to get out of this apartment. K2 is considering eating a month's rent (about $500) and moving in with her boyfriend at the beginning of August instead of waiting until graduation. I may do the same. When you're out of school and you aren't tied to your thesis, there's really nothing to do down here. It's a half hour to forty-five minute bus ride up to downtown depending on the time of day, even longer if you're going further north, which isn't so bad if you're trying to raise a family but not so hot if you're a twenty-something single woman trying to score a good research job and enjoy the city for more than its coffee shops.

Also I should probably try to be more outgoing with Meetups and OKCupid and whatever, but right now I can't really be arsed. I'm just so tired now and the pain in my face/jaw has turned chronic to the point where there's some evenings I can't even work. So let's wait until that's fixed and then I can try to score a social life.

I'm going to my advisor's Zumba class on Monday. It's supposed to be fun. At least it'll get me out of the house.
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I cannot deal with this.

I finally got the TMJ doctor's results and treatment thoughts. And it's...I can't deal with this.

Probably freaking out more than I should, at least it's curable, but I freak out over everything )

We'll see what the second opinion is. The doctor thinks that he's the only one who can deliver correct treatment and has a very low opinion of the other options but that doesn't mean he's right. In the end it may come down to what it's possible for me to do. I'd rather have a sore jaw than be tied down.
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Well, it's out. The right one, anyway, the assistant was running late and he just didn't have time to handle both teeth today. However, it was the right tooth that had the infected tissue and he cleaned most of that out when he removed the tooth, so between that and the penicillin there's no real rush to have the left one out until my mouth's healed up. The procedure itself was no big deal, it took almost as little time as my upper wisdom teeth, but what was interesting was what came out.

See, my wisdom tooth has tentacles. I have four roots instead of the usual two, and they're all curved around each other instead of straight down like normal tooth roots. This isn't unheard of (the dentist said the most roots he'd ever seen was five), but it's pretty unusual. Happily, all it meant was that he had to twist in the right direction to get it to slide out, and the one root tip that fractured off was easily retrieved.

The Cthulhu Tooth can be seen here, here, and here. I personally find it really neat, but some sensitive viewers may not wish to be exposed to curvy tooth roots.
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For the last two weeks or so I've had my right-top wisdom tooth jabbing me in the gum of my lower jaw whenever I shut my mouth, as if a fanged canine started growing out of the back of my mouth instead of a molar. I assumed this to be a passing phase of my wisdom teeth growing in, but after a while it got so annoying that I finally went to the dentist to have it looked at.

Ayep, the things need to come out, or at least the top pair do. The bright side of this is that my upper wisdom teeth are very small, about a third the size of the rest of my teeth. This means that they should be relatively easy to remove, so I won't even have to go to an oral surgeon or get anything more than some numbing before the dentist plucks them out. I'll even be able to go to work the next morning, albeit a little on the sore side. I have to wait until next month, but at least a plan is set up.

Also my computer is ballistics insane. The screen futzed up a bit somewhere between the DC airport and my granma's apartment, showing dark blacks as reds. The last time this happened was when we replaced the keyboard, so I had Dad try and fix it by making sure the keyboard plug thingie was properly in the slot thingie (shut up, I'm a psychologist, not a technician). No luck, so we figured I'd take it in and have it looked at. A few minutes ago the colors returned to normal...but now some of the number keys aren't working. I'm using Mom's keyboard at the moment, or else I wouldn't be able to use !!!, a punctuation mark I'm trying not to need right now. It's a testimony to how well the new meds are working that I'm not having a total freakout meltdown at this--that and my data's safe and sound and Mozy's been backing it up anyway. So it's all good. I think.
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Riddle me this.

What causes immensely itchy, swollen welts to come and go on one's arms and hands (and only there, nothing on the torso, legs, or face) regardless of whether one has been wearing sleeves?

Whatever they are, they're driving me bats and it's spreading. I've stuck on every cream I can get my hands on and now I'm taking some Prednisone--the only reason it took me so long to start taking it is that there's a chance it could interact badly with my Lamictal to cause mania and irritability.

My manias are not the fun bouncy manias so much as the "I hate fucking everyone for being useless fools and will rage at the slightest provocation" manias. Certainly I can keep it under my hat if necessary, but I really hope it just clears up my itching without incident because I hate bottling these things up. Mom's keeping an eye on my behavior, just in case, it happened to her the last time she took Prednisone.

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In order to do the substitute preschool teacher job I just got, I need a) a fingerprinting and background check and b) a medical release from my doctor. The former I got done in ten minutes, bar the time I need for the FBI to make sure that my evil clone hasn't done anything illegal without my knowledge. The pulling teeth.

Thursday: I fax them the form. All the doctor needs to do is confirm that I'm fit and fax it back.
Friday: I call back asking where the form is. They said it was on his desk and they'd call me back when he got to it.
Monday: I call back again asking where my damn form is (not in so many words, of course) and they finally send it to me. I get to marking in all the places where the faxing hasn't picked up the ink and I notice something funny.

"Does Seiber have any medical conditions preventing her from working with sprogs?" NONE
"Is Seiber physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of working with sprogs." NO

Now, I am totally capable of working with sprogs. I know that, he knows that, my employer knows that. Even if it wasn't true his answer would still make no sense. What is abundantly clear was that the doctor had skimmed down the form, noted that the correct answer to the first question was negative, and made the second answer negative without reading the actual question.

I pointed this out to Mom, Mom flipped out, I called back the doctor (or rather, his secretary) and put Mom on the phone to yell at them in all sorts of official ways. The world 'unconscionable' was thrown around a lot. The doctor amended the form to put a YES in the appropriate place and refaxed it as soon as he got his lazy bum out of seeing patients for twelve seconds each. I already disliked him, but after this he's lost me, my mom, and my brother as patients. If it had been a more important form that he'd skimmed I could be in a whole lot of trouble.

The incident is ironic in retrospect because this morning I pulled a muscle in my neck while I was in the shower. I'd planned to go do some volunteering and then drop by another temp agency, but it wouldn't have been very smart to go driving if I couldn't turn to the left without hurting myself. So for today, I'm actually not physically fit to go running around after small children.
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I've done my civic duty for public health and gotten my swine flu vaccination. If I start acting funny in the next few days, don't become concerned. It's probably just the mind control microchips kicking in.

I can't believe most of my class is so paranoid about it as to not get it when it's freaking free. They're just not sure it's safe. YES BECAUSE SWINE FLU IS SO VERY MUCH MORE SAFE YOU FUCKING TWITS.

Meds woe!

Aug. 27th, 2009 02:12 pm
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One of many bad ways to start the day:

Get up, shower, eat breakfast, feel a bit dizzy and conclude you haven't taken your medication, take medication, still feel a little off, realize that you may have possibly sort of taken your medication twice, look up "synthroid overdose" and find out that taking a double dose is very bad news. Shake, worry, bite fingers, generally go into a panic in Humanities, conclude that going to the health center might be a good idea just in case. Go to health center. Have pulse and blood pressure taken, find that they are "very good! :D", be stuffed into back room when a real medical emergency involving a cut open toe and bleeding all over the waiting room arrives right behind you, wait around until they check your vitals again to be sure. Leave feeling much better, despite Physics having already started, decide to take mental health day and go get lunch.

I swear, I'm getting one of those weekly boxes next chance I get.


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