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Well, my night didn't go well.

I woke up around six in the morning with nausea sharp pains in my abdomen, worse and higher up than your usual womanly issues. Spent a while writhing about in bed before I managed to work myself up to going to the bathroom to get a little drink of water, and found myself intensely overheated as I suddenly lost the ability to stand up.

I wound up swooning onto the bathroom floor and breaking my drying rack by falling on top of it, pants opened, shirt off, and sweating copiously as my body temperature seemed to return itself to normal. Eventually I managed to get myself up and stumble back to bed, which is probably a good thing because I really don't want my suitemates coming in to find me lying faceup and half-dressed next to a twisted pile of balsa wood and pieces of air-dried clothing.

The pain's gotten a lot better now, down to more of a dull ache, but I'm still a little unsteady on my feet. Dad said to poke around my right side and see if it got more sore there, which might be a sign of an inflamed appendix. Well, it's certainly sore now but I can't tell if it's from an actual illness or the probing, sleep deprivation and stress related to pretty much everything. And when my stress is this bad it tends to give me a stomachache anyway.

...god, I hope this isn't appendicitis, the timing is positively horrific if it is. *whimpers* Wanna see m'Triad.

EDIT: Yeah, I'm going with the indigestion + stress option on this one. I'm feeling fine now, if extremely weary from having slept very little in the past couple of days. Gonna have lunch with Dad and then drive back home.
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So I'm on the Feminist Club mailing list for some unidentifiable reason, and I got this in my Inbox today.

XXXXXX spent three months over the
summer in San Francisco learning about queer communities and
collecting queer life stories and is now continuing her research in
Asheville. If you identify as a lesbian, dyke, a queer woman,
genderqueer, transman or transwoman and would be interested in sharing
your gendered narrative in a safe space please contact XXXXX XXXX at
******.edu or ###-###-####.

My first thought was the obvious 'yay, I get to tell people about me!', after the inevitable cringing at the landslide of category language because I wasn't aware there was a difference between lesbian and dyke besides how short you cut your hair. Then I thought about it a bit and sent it along to my Trash folder because I really doubt I have anything in particular I care about. And also I have no idea what a gendered narrative is so I suppose I can't really help in that area anything.

I don't have a "queer life story". I'm not zomg oppressed, nor do I have any interesting tidbits about gay culture barring the one time I went out to Scandals and saw the pretty shirtless men dancing together and that one woman said I was pretty. I could fill this researcher's ear with discourses of yaoi and slash, but those don't count because they're not real and they're not zomg oppressed. To be quite frank, I'm a little offended by the idea of being stuck in a category at all because it tends to dictate how I'm supposed to act. I don't. My sexual preference is "I like what I like, deal with it".

I mean, aside from my commentary on the attractiveness of other women (and I do that with guys too, on occasion, although most of those tend to be people in film), I'm fairly certain no one would even know. I don't go hang out in areas of gayness, and as far as gay pride things go I usually miss them because I don't find out about them until afterwards. I've never had anyone get on my case for it and my parents are pretty cool with the concept as long as I have a bit of common sense in my romantic and sexual endeavors. I've never had rocks thrown at me or been sexually assaulted or called filthy names for it. In sum, I've never done or had done to me any of those things that make queer (I'm starting to loathe that word) literature or film seem to hold a great appeal to everyone who thinks that they're works of art because I don't bloody care. I have more important things to do with my life than fuss over my sexuality, like write about giant alien robots.

So my queer life story is as follows: I like chicks. Dudes are okay too, but especially if I get to watch/read about them getting it on. End.

And really, who's going to care about that?
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My day was...interesting.

Me: It's a beautiful warm day and I've just gone tubing!

The Universe: O RLY? How about a thunderstorm?

Me: I love thunderstorms! I shall sit here and write poetry by the light of the window.

The Universe: All right, how about the power going out?

Me: Still plenty of daylight, and at least the storm's over. The power company will fix it soon.

The Universe: What about a tree falling on the lines leading to your house? And across half your driveway? And you have 18 Shabbat guests coming over at seven?

Me: ...god, I hate you.

Actually, it wasn't so bad. We had candles and the windows open so it wouldn't be too hot inside, and then I went over to my auntie's for the night (hello wireless and a water heater). And it was funny to sing the Birchot while everyone was fanning themselves with the cards that the words were printed on, because it was so hot.
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Today was apparently my day for idiots. First off, the loud combo lady. I'll give her that it was early in the morning and I was still a touch groggy, but that's no reason to be a jerk.

Lady: *comes up, orders Starburst for Kid A and Kid B and one medium drink* *discusses getting popcorn with kids*

Me: If you get the medium popcorn to make it a number three (medium popcorn and medium drink) combo, the candy is discounted. *pushes the combos like a good little salesperson*

Lady: All right, I'll do that.

Me: *fetches a medium popcorn, the rings her up*

Lady: *pays and goes to condiment table* *comes back thirty seconds later* Where's [Kid B's] popcorn?

Me: What?

Lady: I told you three times! We wanted two combos with the candies. *thrusts reciept in my face*

Me: *lost* I'm sorry, I didn't understand.

Lady: You said the candy was included in the cost of the combo! You didn't explain it well enough!

Concession manager: *comes over to see what's going on*

Lady: I told her three times that I wanted the combos. *nearly shrieking at this point*

Me: *scurries to get the medium popcorn* And what did you want for the soda?

Lady: Sprite. I told you three times! And how much am I paying for the other combo? *annoyed tone* I'll guess I'll just get that. *thrusts credit card at me*

Me: *rings up, resisting the urge to scream* Enjoy your movie.

Lady: You need to explain yourself better.

Me: I'm sorry about the misunderstanding. *barest tiny hint of anger, making claw hands beneath the counter*

Lady: *stomps off*

Me: Aargh!

And then I am turned on by a fellow employee later on. Wait, that came out wrong. I mean they turned on know what I mean!

Employee woman: *comes over to concessions* I need someone strong to help move the ladder (a cherry-picker like structure. Large, but on wheels so it is easy to move).

Me: Mememe! *holds up hand*

Woman: No, I need a boy.

Me: ...oh, hell no. *runs out from behind concessions to help*

Woman: *stands in my way* No, we don't need a female.

Me: *mild cursing* *ignores and goes past, grabbing on to the ladder. Because I am secretly a big burly man who takes hormones.*

Woman: *groans and leaves*

And all this in the scant four hours I worked today.
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I had an amusing yet annoying encounter at work with this very large customer while I was hauling the ice to put into the ice boxes. He was large in the sense that he was conical, smaller at the shoulders and gradually bulging out at his middle.

Seiber: *drags in the ice cart, starts heaving a bucket of ice into the ice box*

Large Customer: You should get a big burly man to do that for you.

Seiber: *WTF?* I am a big burly man.

Large Customer: ???

Seiber: I just take hormones.

Large Customer: Oh, I was just saying it's better to get someone to do things for you. That wasn't sexist or anything.

Seiber: *I'll just be taking my ice over here now* *moves on*
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So I've been out of high school since Friday. It's a really odd sensation and I spent Friday afternoon vaguely wandering about. Here's the results, I suppose.

Random stuffs. )
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I cannot wait for next week, after reports are done and AP exams are almost over. I also can't wait for my keys to turn up so I can stop using my spare car key and actually have a way of getting into the house again.

But, to nullify the angst, I shall tell you a story of my aged (not really) mother in her tender years when she first entered the wilds of Tennessee.

Phone: *rings*

Mom's female and only roommate: Can you get that?

Mom: *picks up phone* Hello?

Man on the other side: *incoherant Southern accent words*

Mom: What?

Man: *repeats it*

Mom: No, there's no one named Dick here.

Man: *slightly more irate Southern accent words*

Mom: I'm sorry, I can't understand what you're saying.

Man: *hangs up*

Mom: *considers the event for a moment* ...I think I just got an obscene phone call.
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Here's another reason for me to keep kosher: apparently I'm allergic to shrimp.

Not ER allergic, just a little puffiness of the eyes and my throat felt funky. But it was weird.

Anyway, I have the Beast Wars Waspinator and Cybertron Mudflap toys now. Waspy is subpar, and there's this little thing where you can switch his robot mode head between "mutant wasp" and "robot" heads. Why, I don't know. The "robot" one looks almost like what Waspinator's head might have been like before he got the wasp altmode. Mudflap, on the other hand, is very pretty and reasonable easy to tranform.

And some poetry, on account of I feel like it:

Can you tell I wrote this in class? )
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I had Alex over today. When asked for a statement he said, "Dunno". And then he talked about things that didn't make sense. But then again, he does that a lot. And he cleared the previous message before I put it in my journal.

Also am trying 10mg of Adirol for now, and so far I'm not seeing a major change but it seems a little better. We'll see how it goes.

A friend of a friend created [ profile] 20_inkspots, which is one of those themed communitees only with a slight twist. A writer and artist team up to cover each theme.

__this community was inspired by chal who wondered, off-handedly, in her journal why there were no challenge communites for both writers AND artists. I was passionately inspired and thus, voila! May I present 20_inkspots!

This is a challenge community much in the fashion of 30_kisses, 52_flavours and 1sentence. The catch here is that a writer and artist team work together to created 20 themes in whichever way they choose. This may be something as simple as writing a complimentry drabble and oekaki doddle for each theme to something complicated such as a doujinshi based on each theme.

So how does this work? Well, in an ideal world every writer would have a best friend who happened to be a fantastic fanartist! In this perfect world, the two would sign up together and immediately claim their choice character/pairing. However, even if you don't have a good friend with a corresponding talent, we will do our best to accomodate you.

If anyone's interested in doing this with me as a partner, it might be pretty fun.

EDIT: Dreadboots and I have decided to team up to write Armada Thrust, with Boots as artist and myself as writer.
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Conversation with my mom:

Seiber: Guess what, I got a prom date! Asked 'em to go with me just today.

Seiber's mum: That's great!

Seiber: Her name's Monica.

Seiber's mum: ...oh. That's really nice.

So now I get to take Monica to the prom, on account of she's Masquers-folk and cute like a bouncy puppy. And because she wanted a date and all the availible guys at the school are no fun. Problem being, I lost Monica's phone number at Starbucks so now I can't call her or anything.
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I went to tne funeral yesterday. It was a short little thing, the rabbi said some words and then my mom and another women got up and said some more words, and then we went to the cemetary. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to Susan's family then, they kept to themselves.

My family and I went over to their house a bit later and things were much easier then. I played Monopoly with Alex and his friend (and I was so going to beat them before I had to leave). I think he's taking it pretty well, he says he wants to come over sometimes soon.

And, a meme for more happiness:

The Bird of Prey
EAGLE or HAWK - your daemon may be some kind of
bird of prey. Yours is a strong spirit, and a
fierce sense of liberty. You cannot be
confined. You may be shrewdly observant, and
like to be aware of everything that goes on
around you. You will fight fiercely for the
things that are most important to you, and you
are definitely a force to be reckoned with.
Still, you are not vicious by nature and would
prefer to be left in peace. You probably value
your solitude very highly - not that you don't
enjoy company, but sometimes you just need to
be alone - otherwise you begin to feel caged in
and confined. You might want to take a drive on
your own, just to feel the road beneath you, or
to sit alone on your balcony, watching the
world go by.

What Is Your Daemon?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm a birdie!
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You guys remember Susan from my last post, the one with cancer?

She went into the hospital today, got put on hospice care. Mom says it'll be two or three days at the most now. She spoke to Susan on the phone and Susan said, "I'm going."

I really am not sure what to think about. It's one thing when the grampa you barely knew has a heart attack a state away, and this is quite another thing. It's...weird is the best word I think of. Kinda scary too. It's pretty rare that I cry over something sad outside of certain movies, but this just went "Wham!" right in my chest and I teared up a little. Am I even making any sense now?

Anyway, so that's that. And I find it a bit strange that I did that poem just a day before she went into the hospital. Creepy.
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I wrote this while bored and thoughtful in my creative writing class. The backstory to it is that I've been going over a couple times a week to play with the ten-year-old kid of my mom's friend Susan, who happens to be dying of cancer. Now, don't get me pegged as a huge Samaritan here. Alex has a bunch of transformers too, and I haul my toy selections of the day over in a laundry basket and we talk Autobots and Decepticons at each other for a few hours (and I seem to have gotten him interested in G1 by showing him episodes of MTMTE Parts 1-3).

I still don't have a title for it yet. Ideas? )
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For about the hundredth time I'm going to attempt to reformat myself. Unfortunatly this does not mean a larger missile launcher and a new paint job, but includes such things as less time spent on the internet and sitting around in general (I'm thinking maybe an hour, 1.5 hours on weeknights) and not buying any but the most essential toys until I get a decent job to pay for them.

Seiber angsts and pledges. Nothing to see here folks, move along. )

Okay, you can all come out, angsting is over. In other news, tonight's the last night of Hannukah, meaning my last day to get more presents celebrate the joyous festival of lights and get my Hannukah-ficlet done. Happy Hannukah, y'all.
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Hannukah's not been too bad to me thus far. I've got crossword puzzle books from my brother, a Cybertron Starscream (I can't get over how big he is) from my parents, and Serenity from [ profile] viragostonewall"s girlfriend.

I've got a mildly amusing story as well. There's a new poster store at the mall and when I took my brother there two days ago I had to stop and ask if they had any Transformer ones. I was in luck; they had the Transformers movie poster. I squeed, I paid, I took it home.

Came back the next day with brother still in tow to get the Megatron one for Virago. They laughed at seeingme and called me a "prime customer" (I don't think a pun was intended). They joked that I could have a discount if a I knew the theme song, so, to the distress of everyone in earshot, I sang it. True to their word they gave me a dollar off the price. It was pretty cool.
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Welll, apparently my previous post was right on target. We were stuck in New York until two because Granma insisted that we not only drive her into the city but that Mom go to the doctor with her (a process that took over an hour).

So we finally got on the road and drove back to Tennessee in one day/night. A trip that took fifteen hours not counting pit stops and we got back at four in the morning instead of our planned eleven because of her damned plot to get us to stay another night by stalling.


But I'm good. I'm good. See? Meme.

Which annoying fan are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

*wibbles* Well, at least I'm cute.
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Well, having more or less survived the annual NY Visit from the Pit, we should be be going home. Thereoretically, we should have left two hours ago.

But Gran now seems to have developed some sort of infection in her foot (which leaves me to wonder if somehow she is faking it to get us to stay longer, although I rather doubt it) and considering that we have about a fifteen-hour drive ahead of us...

I'd rather just stay another day rather than get home at four in the morning, but the problem is we don't have enough meds to go around and I simply cannot function for even a day without Lamictal. Not sure what do to here.
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Well, the light display was beautiful as usual, and there was some guy doing ice sculptures too. With a chainsaw no less. (No, Snowcat, you can't turn Boots into an ice sculpture again)

But then we drove two hours through traffic to miss the first fifteen minutes of a play that neither my mom nor myself wanted to watch and I don't think Granma did either. Not that "Mama Mia" was bad, you understand, it had nice dancing and pretty costumes, but it wasn't worth the money plus effort. But Granma seemed to think I wanted theater tickets and while it's the thought that counts, a Hannukah present like that doesn't put toys on my shelf.

But there was a rather amusing exchange as we slowly crawled home through traffic.

Guy in front of us, to a large group of people standing on the sidewalk: "Hey, are you demonstrating?"

Chorus from the crowd: "No, we're waiting on a bus!"

It was funny at the time, anyway.
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The church across the street from my Granma's apartment has a wireless network, and my borrowed laptop can tap into it. Gotta love technology.

Anyway, so we got here with a large amount of hassle (my father needs to chill the hell out. Every fifth sentence was him yelling) and I forgot my medications. Currently I'm living on the extra Lamictal from my brother and my mother, so in theory I should be all right. Thank goodness my mom always brings spares of everyone's meds when we travel.

And if my brother won't stop asking me if I'm done on the laptop yet, I will wring his neck and throw him out the window. And we're four stories up.


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