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Title: It’s Not A Sandwich
Fandom: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Pairing/characters: Dick Gumshoe/Miles Edgeworth, Tyrell Badd, The Chief, OCs
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The Ace Attorney series and all related characters and settings belong to Capcom.
Prompt: 133. Any cop fandom, any character. Being LGBT does not automatically make one an expert on all related topics, but the rest of the team/squad seems to think it should.
Summary: Gumshoe has a hard enough time just doing his job. He doesn’t need people expecting him to know about all this complicated LGBT business just because he’s dating Mr. Edgeworth.
Warnings: Your usual Ace Attorney dose of murder and convoluted plots, nothing you wouldn’t find in the game itself.
Canon Note: Takes place before Ace Attorney Investigations with no spoilers or references to game events, although one minor character is taken from that particular game because he fit the position I was going to devote to an OC. Besides, it’s Badd. He’s awesome. I had to put him in.
Author’s Note: This fic contains a number of inaccuracies related to the real-world legal system and I fully admit to their purposeful existence. This is a canon where one can cross-examine parrots, assault the judge with a whip, and use random stuff you picked off the ground as legitimate evidence, so the AA legal system can pretty much do whatever it wants to in order to get the plot done. Thanks to [ profile] flight_wo_wings and [ profile] alanahikarichan for reading it over for me!

This is the real prompt fill, apologies for the confusion. )
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Title: The Back-up Plan
Author: [ profile] seiberwing
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Pairing/characters: Tyrell Badd/Byrne Faraday, Kay Faraday, Jacques Portsman, Calisto Yew
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Ace Attorney and associated characters and settings belong to Capcom.
Prompt: Written for [ profile] lgbtfest. 371. Any fandom, any same-sex pairing. 'Daytime friends and nighttime lovers/They don't wanna hurt the others/So they love in the nighttime/And shake hands in the light of day' Two coworkers struggle to hide their relationship in the office, where homophobia abounds.
Summary: Detective Badd would have preferred to keep his relationship with Faraday quiet, but there are far more important things at stake now than his reputation.
Warnings: Implied sexual situations, angst, nonsensical legal system.
Author's Notes: Contains spoilers for all cases of Ace Attorney Investigations. I will note that something Kay mentions at the end of Case 4 contradicts the events of this fic--consider it a mild AU, I don't think it highly impacts the plot to have that aspect shifted. (EDIT: Now with sequel!)

This is a LBGTfest fill, but not my official one. It just caught my eye and it fit Badd and Faraday, so I wrote it on a whim. Turned into...a bigger whim than I expected. )
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[ profile] lgbtfest is taking prompts again. It was quite fun last year, although I haven't seen any yet from fandoms I'm used to writing in.

Also, some of you may have already noticed that [ profile] scans_daily has disappeared from LJ. Details can be found here and an Insanejournal backup is here for all the refugees.
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Pepper's made a companion piece to my "The 10th Sex", and I consider it to be quite win. Go read it.

Also, time for a Let's Play link dump!

Grim Fandango (episodic video format) is a bizarre and enthralling story about a travel agent named Manny Calavera, who works in the Land of the Dead in an attempt to pay off his debt and get a ticket to the next world. The setting is weird, sure, but it's a very good story and I was pretty much hooked on it by the end. Also it's recommended by Ben "Yahtzee" Crowshaw, which should tell you something.

Sanitarium (screenshot with cutscene videos format) is a point-and-click psychological thriller initially set in an insane asylum. However, it spans out into even weirder settings until your character, stricken with amnesia and uncertain of his own sanity, is left desperately trying to figure out what the hell is going on and also trying not to die. I found it quite amusing, although it caters to my personal tastes in setting and topic.

American McGee's Alice (video with commentary format) is the story of Lewis Caroll's Alice after her parents die in a house fire. Alice goes near-catatonic with survivor's grief, is put in an asylum, and mentally retreats into Wonderland. Since Wonderland is largely a creation of her own subconscious, it has also become horribly twisted, and Alice must save Wonderland in order to save herself. Admittedly I fast-forwarded through the duller parts of gameplay, but the cutscenes are worth sticking around for and the reviewer has a sexy voice, all right?.

To continue with the insanity trend, we also have Silent Hill One, Two, Three, and Four, done in screenshot style with amusing commentary by the player. This was invaluable when I wrote my Freudian/Jungian analysis of James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2, as I haven't actually played the game. Stayed up until two in the morning looking through just for the fun of it.

Any one of these should take up your morning if you're bored.
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Title: The 10th Sex
Fandom: Transformers (G1, Season Three)
Author: [ profile] seiberwing
Pairings/Characters: Galvatron/Rodimus Prime, Scourge, Spike Witwicky, mentions of others.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: 820. Transformers (anyverse): Any characters. Human characters have difficulty dealing with the fact that the Transformers don't necessarily conform to the gender/sexuality standards they expect. Written for [ profile] lgbtfest.
Summary:: While attempting to escape Torkulon (again), Scourge gives Spike a lesson in Cybertronian ideals of gender and sexuality. Spike doesn’t completely appreciate the education.
Disclaimer: Not mine, unless you count how my toy collection put some Hasbro employee’s kid through college.

Longest thing I've written in a while, which isn't a judge of quality but still rather impressive. And yes, the title is a pun. )
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So I've nabbed my prompt for [ profile] lgbtfest.

820. Transformers (anyverse): Any characters. Human characters have difficulty dealing with the fact that the Transformers don't necessarily conform to the gender/sexuality standards they expect.

Maybe I can finally work on that post-Armada fic idea I've been storing up...


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