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I lost my wallet today. Left it in the cart at Krogers, then came back for it when I realized what I'd done and it was gone. My guess is it got stolen.

Canceled all the cards, of course, although I can kiss the about $100 of cash in there goodbye (frag me for an idiot for not emptying it after I changed the leftover money from Italy). And I'm without a license until at least tomorrow, which will make going to school awkward.

*curses* I go to all that care in Italy to not get pickpocketed and I lose it my third day back in the country. Why me?

EDIT: And Steven Colbert proves once more that he is highly bisexual. Not exactly work safe, contains psuedoporn and suggestive eatings of pizza.
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Have two new roomies now, both very nice and quite mature girls.

We are by Sarento (sp?) now and it is beautiful. The hotel is overlooking the ocean and Pompeii and Capri, and there is a little balcony right outside the window that we can walk out on. Pisa was also quite nice, and you dont see how much the lean is until you get there.
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Still in Florence, but going to leave soon.

My roommates are respectively a girl from a Christian school in the South and either McKenzie (an idiot and ditz who got put in another room after Venice) and Shannon (who is half drunk most of the time, or at least acts like it. I want to string her up from the light fixture). We can drink wine with dinner here but I keep in moderation.

Had a teensy adventure where I went to the bathroom and came back to find out I'd been lfet behind. Got directions to the Duomo and caught up to the group--and they had never known I was gone.
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Silly Italian hotel peoples, charging 3 euro for 30 minute of of internet. Still worth it, though.

I am indeed in Italy now, after a highly annoying and boring series of plane rides. I am currently in Florence, but I spent yesterday iver in Venice. Waterbuses are the coolest thing since gondolas and the boatload of pigeons in St. Mark s Square is the coolest thing eer. They will sit on yourhand or head if you give them corn.

Will tell more as story develops.

CiĆ o!

PS- Gelato rocks and Italian keyboards suck.
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Had a scare on the way back from taking parents to the airport. I took a wrong turn and wound up in downtown Hicksville (cue the banjos). Was very scary, but I called up my auntie and she helped me find the highway again.

Anyway, this'll be my last post for about ten days unless they have computers in the hotel lobby that speak English. I'm going off to Italy (with Dr. Luther, of all people) on a class trip. Don't know any of the people going from my school, although one is Scott's little sister, but I figure between them, the group from Iowa, and the group from the Alabama Christian school, I'll find someone to talk to.


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