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I apologize for any mistakes in this, I'm practically dead of brain and I'll fix them in the morning. This is just a little log of random musings about what TFA Scourge and Cyclonus might be like based on their bios. They're...quite a bit different from their usual flavor, but I'm quite enjoying them.

Contains dubious content and a few nasty concepts. TFA Scourge is not so fluffy. )
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This was a conversation with [ profile] vani_nessa spurred by a discussion of the rather disturbing "Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose" in dragonvianknight's IJ.

Conversation is not safe for work or brain. )


Aug. 28th, 2008 11:07 am
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This spawned from yet more of me trying to entertain [ profile] apprentice_lurk by distracting her from her abhorrent job with online Unicronian antics. It's a continuance of this batch of silliness, and is once again all Scourge's fault.

Round two of Cyclonus vs. The Internet )
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In which [ profile] dogbite and I lament the state of bad fanfiction and consider Autobot/Decepticon relations.

If it was capslock I'd take it to capslock_tf. But it is sadly not )
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Um. This is basically an amusing image I punted to [ profile] apprentice_lurk while she was languishing at work. The basic premise here is that Scourge, while also bored at work, likes to go online and post mildly altered screenshots of disturbing natures to Autobot fanforums. This is the result.

More crack than a fridge repairman. )


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