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Someone posted this interview with Teen Titans writesr Scott Lobdella nd Brett Booth on a message board I often frequent, and the crowd does not appear to be pleased. Self included.

I admit up front that I don't know Lobdell and Booth from Miller and Liefeld. My exposure to modern comics is limited and often filtered through hearsay and fanfiction. If they have a good track record writing minorities and this is some badly worded aberration I'd be happy to alter my opinion. But the more comic-oriented fanpeople on the board did not seem confident, so for now I'll take them at their word. Their very, very problematic word.

Interview and personal ranting below the cut. )
Again, not familiar with their work, I might be taking this all wrong, it stands, it's a little icky.
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The rest of the choice Pride Parade photos. This is certainly not so all my new Sherlock fans will come to my LJ and think I am a good photographer rather than someone who complains all the time (hiiiiii guys you are all so amazing ilu).

Warning for barely-covered breasts and blatant queerness. )

Then I went out to lunch with two other lovely ladies and it was very nice. Then I went back to Kate's place to pick up some used goods. and she swore at the sight of my epic sunburn. In conclusion?

Bring sunscreen.
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So. National Coming Out Day.

I feel like I should do something but there's not very much I can do. I think there was some party or other from the local whatever-it's-called on campus but I missed it because I was at Kate's house playing with Puck. My rainbow 'I can't think straight' button is on my backpack but I think I just put it there so I'd have something to do with it. I suppose it's representative of my experience.

I haven't exactly got a coming out story. My parents knew before I did, I was openly surprised that my auntie thought I might be interested in a male friend and explained it to her and the worst I got was an 'oh'. Outside that I never really made much of a secret of it--but thing was I barely interacted with most people outside a narrow group that had little real interest in me for the most part. There was nobody to tell and I didn't seek anyone didn't seem feasible. There wasn't anyone in high school like me and by the time I moved on to college, which actually had an Alliance I still didn't really find anyone I could relate to. There were women who liked women, there just weren't any women who liked me. So I wasn't any further along than I was when I'd started.

Alana's the first SO I've actually had that wasn't just fitting-in window dressing like the two 'boyfriends' I had in high school, I kind of feel justified in calling her the first person I've ever dated. It's a very odd feeling, going from simply being a lonely little thing with odd interests to actually doing something about it, if you get my drift, and I'm still a little unsteady on my feet about where this is going.

I haven't got a dramatic story, I haven't got a community and I haven't even really pinned down an identity. As a queer I kind of suck and I've always felt sort of guilty about it.

But I have a girlfriend who's making me lavender cookies. So I think I'm all right.
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I'm not sure exactly what it is about happy gay characters and romances (as opposed to dying, completely humorous, AIDS-stricken, oppressed, or disgustingly evil gay characters and romances) in fiction that makes that particular media automatically more appealing to me. Possibly it's the subversion of the usual tropes mentioned above in parentheses that depress me so much, combined with the subversion of the idea that male/female romances are standard and mandatory whether or not they make sense. Possibly it's also a bit of trying desperately to find relationships I can relate to, as the amount of non-tragic non-fanservice lesbian relationships in the kind of media I like is next to nil. I don't think I'll be able to even watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer during or after Tara's death. Fuck you, Whedon!

I slash so much, in part because of the hot and the character dynamics, but in part because I never get that sort of relationship in canon. Either the gay people are presented as nonthreatening clowns and "girlfriends" to the main character women, or the writers absolutely must make some sort of statement about prejudice and the tragic nature of homosexuality every time someone looks at another member of the same gender with wistful lust. I'm leaving out bisexuality for the purposes of this discussion, as that's a whole 'nother barrel of rant.

...the point I'm coming around to is that 'Allo! 'Allo! earns my approval not only for being outright hilarious, but for completely ignoring the mess I described in the above parentheses. It does go for the funny gay with Lieutenant Gruber's obvious homosexuality, but the comedic focus is usually less on his inherent sexuality and more on how disturbed René is by the fact that Gruber makes overtures to him personally. He'd probably have the same reaction if it was an old or unattractive woman. Despite his sexuality, Gruber's still just as well-rounded as most of the secondary characters in the show and his very existence is not played for laughs, unlike most gay characters in comedy shows. When freaking 'Allo 'Allo is beating out most modern shows for tasteful and unoffensive handling of a gay character something has gone horribly wrong. We're supposed to be more accepting of homosexuality these days, and yet I can count the number of gay characters in TV and movies who are portrayed as completely normal people I can think of on one hand.

I haven't done a complete study of British media's general portrayal of gay characters, since my main exposure to it was watching Keeping Up Appearences with my gran as a child, but I respect the show for not being complete morons about the subject.
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Since I seem to put a Let's Play in every link post, here's The Dark Eye. It's essentially interactive Edgar Allan Poe and it's a complete mindfuck, especially at the beginning. If you feel like freaking yourself out, I recommend it.

For something a bit less disturbing and a bit more ranting about various forms of media, there's Atop the Fourth Wall and The Nostalgia Chick, and the analytical Game Overthinker. All good time wasters if you're indulging in your hobby of being an inspiration deprived social shut-in like I've been these past few weeks.

And on the gay side of things, because gay makes everything better, here is the description of the best anime/sentai show idea ever: The Neohomosexuals!
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Am I the only one who gets pissed off at this sort of thing? Putting aside the fact that The Gay is not allowed in the TF:Mosaic project (with, apparently, exceptions made for humor), I find it rather insulting to continually insinuate that the sudden discovery that the object of your lusts is actually a male is horrifying. Double points if they turn around and start hitting on you. It's an incredibly stale joke that has overtones of homophobia that I'm just not comfortable with. Note the comments below the comic as well--this situation is regarded as awkward or just flat-out wrong. There's even a few crossdresser jokes thrown in for good measure.

Does that mean the writer and artist of this comic are homophobic? Certainly not. They're just going with a lowest common denominator joke, much like like the guy who did the Erector penis size joke last week. But stop for a moment and think about exactly why it's funny. You have one or more males participating in a manly heterosexual activity, lusting over or trying to attract a female. Then the "trap" is exposed, revealing that the male(s) have actually been participating in a homosexual activity by catcalling another male. This is found to be hilarious to the audience and humiliating to the male(s) involved. I'm not sure if it even works the same way for a reverse-trap, a female mistaken for a male by another female, but if it is the degree of humiliation is far less.

In short, the Transformers fandom really needs to get its act together.

EDIT: Seems the ones responsible have posted in their thoughts on the comic.

Josh van Reyk, writer: Definitely not the case here. I just thought it would be funny if the Constructicons were hitting on a car, that; A) Was actually a Transformer, and B) Was a male Transformer.

Those good ‘ole boys would surely freak-out if that ever happened.

The Stunticons are just giving them a little grief, there are no hidden under-tones here.

Apologies if anyone took offence to this, it certainly wasn’t intended.

Ninjha, artist: Definitely! After reading all the comments and stuff, we had no idea this would be so controversial. Even while drawing it I thought of it as just a gag. I made sure the guns were powering up and stuff. The Stunticons were just supposed to scare them off, THATS IT. There is no reading into this, no hidden message, it is what you see.

Yes, well, while I see an alternative explanation that the Stunticon's violent approach could have been the trigger as opposed to their revealed gender, Mr. van Reyk seems to indicate otherwise. I honestly can't be arsed to go in and argue with them, but I'd say the intent on the writer's part is pretty obvious. Accidental gay is terrifying.
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The Daily Show takes on the Superhero Registration Act. Descriptions need work, but the commentary is sheer brilliance.

And then there is the music video for Starship Trooper, which looks to be to be the adventures of the Space Bisexuals as they explore the gay bar planet. Certainly has enough sparkles for it.
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Kiss me down by the broken tree house
Swing me upon its hanging tire
Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
We'll take the trail marked on your father's map
--- excerpt from "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer.

Considering this song's sung by a woman, I'm starting to get shades of Sapphos here. Which in my books is actually a good thing as it makes the sweetness just...a touch more personal. Only I don't have a tree house.

It snowed quite prettily today and I went around taking photos of the gardens and of the snowstuffs people built (and yes, there was a snowpenis and if you are surprised you haven't been a teenager). I'll do a writeup once I get them all on photobucket.

Thing is, my computer's ethernet port's copped out. I've got plenty of wireless access in the library and student union, but none up in my room. Ideally I'll find a way to fix it, or at least bring our old desktop up to school to use while mine's in the shop (again).
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In an attempt to further educate myself in the way of the world, I went to the Rose and Crown (a local gay bar) with Boots, Rath, and Mikki.

There weren't really a lot of people around until after ten, so we sat around and drank and Boots and Mikki eventually got into the whole kareoke thing while I made faint attempts at dancing. Some random stoned girl attached herself to Mikki and seemed to be trying to eventually split him off from the group. Unfortunately, she was terminally dull and was disgusted by two men kissing (while Rath and I flailed about missing it) despite claiming to be a regular, so I tried to ignore her for most of the evening.

Did I mention that Boots is an absolutely mindblowing singer, especially with the red stage lights and the crimson velvet bustier and the vaguely seductive dancing? La Isla Bonita is officially my favorite song now and this evening's the first time I've heard it in my life. And yes, I have pictures.

I've had two bottles of WKD Blue vodka and portions of two jugs of WKD cocktails sipped through straws about as bendy as the bar population's sexuality and there may be a distinct possiblity I'm drunk. To be quite honest, I can't tell, except perhaps, for the fact that a Madonna song is making me tear up.


Nov. 30th, 2007 12:37 pm
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Behold! My first Serious Business post in my blog for Serious Business! I figure this'll keep the angst separate from the porn.

In other news, Disney has some questionable taste in jewelry. Because when I think of nooses, my first mental image tends not to be swashbuckling.

(Boots? Your package came in. I'll tear into it when I get home.)
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So I'm on the Feminist Club mailing list for some unidentifiable reason, and I got this in my Inbox today.

XXXXXX spent three months over the
summer in San Francisco learning about queer communities and
collecting queer life stories and is now continuing her research in
Asheville. If you identify as a lesbian, dyke, a queer woman,
genderqueer, transman or transwoman and would be interested in sharing
your gendered narrative in a safe space please contact XXXXX XXXX at
******.edu or ###-###-####.

My first thought was the obvious 'yay, I get to tell people about me!', after the inevitable cringing at the landslide of category language because I wasn't aware there was a difference between lesbian and dyke besides how short you cut your hair. Then I thought about it a bit and sent it along to my Trash folder because I really doubt I have anything in particular I care about. And also I have no idea what a gendered narrative is so I suppose I can't really help in that area anything.

I don't have a "queer life story". I'm not zomg oppressed, nor do I have any interesting tidbits about gay culture barring the one time I went out to Scandals and saw the pretty shirtless men dancing together and that one woman said I was pretty. I could fill this researcher's ear with discourses of yaoi and slash, but those don't count because they're not real and they're not zomg oppressed. To be quite frank, I'm a little offended by the idea of being stuck in a category at all because it tends to dictate how I'm supposed to act. I don't. My sexual preference is "I like what I like, deal with it".

I mean, aside from my commentary on the attractiveness of other women (and I do that with guys too, on occasion, although most of those tend to be people in film), I'm fairly certain no one would even know. I don't go hang out in areas of gayness, and as far as gay pride things go I usually miss them because I don't find out about them until afterwards. I've never had anyone get on my case for it and my parents are pretty cool with the concept as long as I have a bit of common sense in my romantic and sexual endeavors. I've never had rocks thrown at me or been sexually assaulted or called filthy names for it. In sum, I've never done or had done to me any of those things that make queer (I'm starting to loathe that word) literature or film seem to hold a great appeal to everyone who thinks that they're works of art because I don't bloody care. I have more important things to do with my life than fuss over my sexuality, like write about giant alien robots.

So my queer life story is as follows: I like chicks. Dudes are okay too, but especially if I get to watch/read about them getting it on. End.

And really, who's going to care about that?
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Thanksgiving was awesome as always, and completely delicious. There was the aforementioned family, myself and my parents, and three gay guys. No, seriously. That was how CAL described them.

At any rate, dinner was great and the conversations were pretty fun too. At one point, CAL mentioned that only four people at the table were straight, which was rather awkward if you consider that both my parents and her husband were also at the table (meaning that I, as a fifth, was in fact not straight). Hung out with one of the guys a lot and showed off my LJ and the joint photobucket account I have with Boots. He approved of the AP Euro History photocomics. It was a rather odd sort of Thanksgiving anyway and we talked about gay stuff and Jew stuff and I sort of excused myself when CAL got too loud about politics.

On a random note, I'm not surprised that human!Snowcat and human!Demolishor are snugglebuddies. But I can't figure out if human!Mirage is transgendered or just likes walking around dressed like a woman.
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So I'm over in Cary, NC with my family now, for the big Thanksgiving at la casa de Crazy Artist Lady, Large Cooking Techie Man, and Goth Artist Chick. GAC is almost exactly my age, give or take a few months, but talking to her is pretty hard due to the fact that she is depressive and we share few interests. And I don't think she's laughed at my quips once. LCTM is all right, if a bit quiet, but CAL tends to grate on my nerves at times.

Still, we usually have fun. And I'm up to Jabu Jabu on Ocarina of Time, which bolsters the ego.


Nov. 8th, 2006 11:07 am
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The gay marriage ban in Tennessee passed by 81%. Meaning 81% of the state's voting population are against gay couples having the same rights given to straight couples, a rationale that basically boils down to "the Bible said so, now let's force it on everyone else". Now I remember why I left that damn state and came to Hippytown, NC.

Seriously, I love Tennessee. I just hate the sorts of people there. Lovely folks until you ask them to be tolerant.

EDIT: Dude, Rumsfield resigned. WTF. I guess the day isn't so bad after all.

BRIDE OF EDIT: But we got the House! And the Senate! Booyaka!
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Arguing over the the internet is like hitting your head repeatedly on a brick wall and hoping it will make a dent. Seriously. And the next time I see you in real life, you will get two and a half earfuls.

Cut for references to genitals and much flailing. )

EDIT: Numbers three and seven were not said by the same person as the other stuff was. Just clearing up potential misunderstandings.
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I participated in a candlelight vigil for Matthew Shepard two days ago. Was very cold out there, to the point where I couldn't even feel the wax dripping onto my fingers, but it felt worthwhile.

The problem is that I said I'd come to the Alliance's meeting next Tuesday and I'm feeling very nervous about it. Here's the situation:

I don't particularly like putting a label on myself, but if I had to go there I'd say bisexual leaning towards lesbian. I've only dated two people, both male, one of which I didn't find attractive in the least and the other of which turned out sorta-gay (and I have no idea why I liked him in the first place, he wasn't that attractive). As far as women, I find a number of them attractive in a sexual-ish fashion (hello, suitemate-next-door). I even asked a girl out to the prom, although she had to cancel and I wound up with [ profile] cutiebirdgal's brother. But I've never dated one, or kissed one for real, or even asked one out properly.

It's never been an issue with me. The most oppressed I've been is Vertigo's girlfriend attempting to kiss me (put that girl on a leash, for god's sake) and a few odd looks or commments when I engaged in blatent gay-ish 'that chick is hot' behavior. A bit odd considering we're in the South, but I've always hung out with tolerant people.

I've never come out and said it, but I've made it a good bit obvious to people at times. I'm terribly anxious about going because I can't say "I'm straight but I think gay people are cool" or "I'm gay/bi/transgendered and I know what it's like to suffer prejudice". And what with bisexuality being used to explain things like Girls Gone Wild and kids experimenting, I don't even know if they'll accept me like that. Some people don't even think bisexuality exists.

Hell, I don't even know if I am like that. People's brains can fool themselves, maybe I'm straight and just don't know it yet. I like being a little odd and hitting on other girls is sometimes a way to be odd. For all I know I'm just justifying my odd-ish behavior by saying I'm like that. I don't want to be a poser, or for people to think I'm being like this just to seem cool and alternative. I just want to be what I am.

I'm going, of course. I just don't know what to do there.
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So. Yeah. Shiny and pretty webpage aside, get your (legal) asses out there at the correct time and vote against Tennesee looking even more like a hick state than it already is. Savvy?
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So I heard about this new movie that's coming out. It's about a woman who gets into a relationship with a guy who is, despite the hot sex, a bit on the clingy side. When she tries to dump him, the guy makes her life hell with what can only be described as "super powers". He throws a shark into her apartment, destroys her car and other bits of property, and directly threatens her life until she gets back together with him. Quite terrifying, no?"

Oh, wait, I switched the genders by accident.

Seriously, how can anyone think this crap is comedy? It's abuse made trivial.
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Human Roddy and the Unicronians encounter a roadblock. And things go downhill from there.

Warning. Contains dirty language and slurs. )


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