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A gay man posts a secret on [ profile] fandomsecrets about how he hates that yaoi fangirls fetishize his sexuality, and understandably the entire thing starts wanking faster than a submarine engineer who's gotten on the internet for the first time in a year and a half. I get into it here and here for the most part, but pretty much everyone's sharing their thoughts on the matter.

(Warning: Image heavy. For the dialup-gifted, the secret in question is here.)

My thoughts, highly distilled, are that traditional yaoi isn't fetishizing a sexuality so much as a specific ideal and dynamic, and anyone who thinks that real gay men act like that has a few more problems than the doujinshi on her hard drive. Any thoughts from the audience?


Oct. 12th, 2008 06:27 pm
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I forgot how much fun staying up late fangeeking with Koi is. In the course of the evening until two in the morning, with time allowed for the watching of the last two episodes of TF: Armada, the following theories came into play:

* Vector Sigma as a demon snack machine, resulting in the Beast Machines Oracle encouraging the Maximals towards bringing back demonic control of Cybertron.

* Thrust as the power behind the throne in Armada, given that Megatron is good at getting followers but rubbish at leading them anywhere.

* Aerialbots as religious figures.

* TF: Animated not just resembling a G1 AU, but actually being one, specifically an AU where the Matrix either never existed or was never found after Alpha Trion took it.

* TF: Armada Optimus Prime with the brakes off is fucking scary (okay, maybe that was just me).

* Energon Scorponok is Armada Starscream, Energon Starscream is Armada Thrust.

The dimension-traveling Thrust ghost was not addressed during the conversation, but it may be brought up at a later time. In summary, I love this house.
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The Transformers: Animated season 2 finale, "A Bridge Too Close", finally came out on Canadian TV, and summarily came out on YouTube later that evening. Like any impatient fan, I watched it.

Cut for spoilers and flail )
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Just when I think the fanboy community can't get any skeezier, they come up with the Open-Source Boob Project Warnings for descriptions of breasts that border on the ludicrous and extremely disturbed interpretations of 'taking control of your sexuality'.

Fandom_wank's less funny cousin has a listing of various comments and rebuttals to the project, most of which consist of tl;dr versions of WHAT THE FUCKING HELL NO.

I tend to agree.
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Whenever I encounter a new universe, either as a fandom or in an RP AU, at least one person in my headcast tries to wriggle its way into it and set up a tiny little nest. I feel like they're being parasites or something but it's hard to help.

...Brother Peter would fit way too snugly in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" canon.


Oct. 23rd, 2007 02:39 pm
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This is irksome. Apparently menstruation lowers the amount of iron in your blood below permittable limits for donating blood and platelets. So I'll have to make an appointment for next week or something when I've stopped bleeding enough to...well, be allowed to bleed.

Oh well. Might as well go with the sex meme I got off Luna and then mangled.

Name a character in my headspace and I'll give you a description of their sexual preferences/orientations/tendencies. You can name as many as you wish, because I'm an attention whore at the moment.
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So I'm about halfway through the Deathly Hallows...and holy hell, is that book depressing. I mean, the last two were fairly dark, but now Rowling's brought in Blackout. Metaphorically speaking.

I do want to know what happens in the end, and cruise the webz free of spoilers, but if it was just a fanfic I'd probably stop reading. I'm not a fan of stories where every step forward for the heroes winds up as a step back half the time, and all the little efforts to make things better wind up backfiring and causing the loss of major characters. It's part of why I hated Dune; too many pointless deaths.

I dunno. I like my happy endings and I like there not to be so much hopelessness that I feel depressed just reading it.

EDIT: I finished the book. I take it all back, the buildup was dreary but the last part was pretty cool.. To Fandom Wank, now free from the cares of spoiler-worry!

EDIT THE SECOND: Also, clusterfuck fight scenes in RP really, really suck. I don't know what the hell's going on or where anyone is and my characters tend to get yelled at if I misunderstand a technical term and do the wrong thing. Feel like I'm walking on thin glass here, and Demolishor's got some pretty heavy feet.
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Transformers fandom:

Why are you writing fanfiction for a movie that isn't out yet?

I realize that some of them could have been written based on the novel or prequel comics, but the dates on some of the movie-fics is before the release of the first prequel comic and the summaries involve characters that aren't even in the toyline let alone the fic itself. What is wrong with this fandom?
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Well, the kerfluffle appears to be over. Mostly.

Journals being restored

As promised below we have reviewed the journals that have been suspended and are now in the midst of unsuspended about half of them.
The class of suspensions that are being reversed are;
1. All Fandom journals
2. All fiction journals
3. All journals who that had problems in their profile only

A large number of journals that are clear violations of our policies will remain suspended.

I will write a post in more detail soon but I wanted to get this up now as promised.
We are truly sorry for the mess, we have more work yet to do.

So yeah, you can all come out of from under your incestuous rocks now. We cool.

On another note, [ profile] fandom_counts is doing a tally of how many of LJ's 13 million journals belong to fans of one sort of another or are RP journals, judging by how many people join them. It's up to...I think over 26,000 31,000 at this point. S'interesting.
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Everyone else is reporting this, might as well add my own voice.

Essentially, LJ Abuse has been deleting journals and communities that feature shota, chan, and underage pornfics or references to fics thereof. More specifically, they're targeting people with words such as 'rape', 'incest', or 'shota' in their Interests lists, and there has been no quarter granted to communities for survivors of child abuse or discussion of the book 'Lolita'.

Details are here and the wank report is here (due to the servers being robust, you might need to refresh or use ctrl-shift-R if you can't get through to something). Lock up your Fred/George noncon and clean up your Interests, people. The Shit Has Gone Down.


May. 20th, 2007 01:46 pm
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I was cruising Wikipedia today and was reading down Captain Hook's entry when I found this:

In the 2007 movie Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World End, Captain Hook is said to be present in the Brethren of the coast even though he isn't a pirate lord.

So yeah, watch for that cameo. And he totally deserves it after Disney screwed his character over in the cartoon movies.

Also, "Deja Vu"? Sucks.
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Right. You. The stupid person.

It is your Furman-right to dislike Transformers slash and I'm totally cool with it. Most of the fandom feels this way. However, that doesn't mean you can be a jerk about it.

Cut for length and being rather bitter. )

Oh, and this?

And in a sense spirit Galvatron is fuming seeing stupid homo jokes of him and Cyclonus. He's raging, screaming and all out furious about it. He's sick and tired of seeing it and wants to destroy all that fanart that depicts it.

This does not help your credibility.

Crossposted to [ profile] fanficrants.

EDIT: And now...apparently she's taking down all her stuff and leaving the fandom forever. Dude. Someone's either overreacting or in desperate need of attention.

DOUBLE EDIT: Nope, false alarm, she was just joking!. What nonsense this fandom has.
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"Voilà! In mark, a humble melodramatic master, cast makeshift as both martyr and miscreant by the manipulations of Fate. This mask, no mere membrane of megalomania, is a memento of the masses, now meaningless, missing. However, this magnanimous misadventure of a by-gone malaise, stands manifested, and has made oaths to mow down these materialistic and malignant masses making for maleficence and maintaining the maddeningly monstrous and merciless mistreatment of man's will. The only measure is mordacity; a making of reprisals, held as a motive, not miscarried, for the merit and moral rectitude of such shall one day motivate the mindful and meticulous. Most certainly, this mixture of meretricious loquacity moves most magniloquent, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honor to meet you and you may call me Megatron.”

I love and its citizens.

Saw TMNT this weekend and it was...well, not wonderful, but not bad either. I think they put in too much comedy and the comedy itself wasn't handled all that well. Still, the action sequences were pretty neat once people stopped angsting and got down to business.

On the other hand, Phoenix Wright 2 is made of awesomesauce and slash and Pearl being the most adorable thing ever. If you own a DS, you must play this game and revel in the lawyerish awesome.
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So...79% on my latest Chemistry test. That's ten points above last time and
merits as a 'by your fingertips' B. It's quite awesome.

A friend of Sunshine Josh is running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for us this
week, and I've been having a lot of fun with it. My character's a Chaotic Neutral elitist prat of a wizard named Tariq, with Charisma out the yin-yang between my personal rping and his dice-given stats. He's already got a barmaid fangirl, although the running joke seems to be that he's gay after the whole 'making chibi eyes at the guards to get a tour of the castle' incident. He keeps snarking at Josh's apathetic Lawful Evil monk, although he's made decent friends with the NPC half-orc who acts as our meat shield (the guy literally cleaved a bandit in half down the middle during our last battle, and the monk caved someone's face in. Tariq's great with people, but not that hot in battle).

The DM is also going to give me some of his old Transformers toys, which will rock if the deal goes through. He's your definite gamer boy stereotype, though, and I'm hoping he isn't going to get weird on me on account of I'm a 'gamer girl' and therefore a hot commodity.

ALSO! And also!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End trailer. This has left me a writhing frothing bit of fangirl on all sides and from all aspects and squuueeee! Is it May yet? Because the Davy Jones swordfight alone...

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The new Transformers trailer is out. I'm currently dead from the sheer mess of awesome and squee and "why the hell isn't it July yet" it contains.

Overly-done Tidal Wave/Thrust, drawn from the depths of my hard drive. It's probably at least two years old. )
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Professional Nobodies--Extremely well done, a definite must-see.

Gilligan's Island of the Caribbean--Will is so Gilligan.

Shiver My Timbers--Another excellent vid with music from Muppet Treasure Island. Do you see a theme here?

Quickstrike Appreciation--Set to the music of Snakes on a Plane. Very amusing.

Death of Thrust--Not a music video, just the painful demise of everyone's favorite tactician in case anyone wanted to see it. No, I don't know why it's labeled "Silly Death of Scourge", or why the animation sucks.

The Last Saskatchewan Pirate--Yay Everquest.
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*sniffle* I also finished Cybertron. Episodes can be found on this website.

Cut for Cybertron spoilers. )


Apr. 3rd, 2006 10:29 pm
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Got to see the rest of V for Vendetta tonight. It rocked majorly hard. Go see it if you haven't yet.

Spoilers away! )

In other news, I have a new date for the prom. (I promise I'll keep Shelley off you, Hillary).
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Went to see "V fo" with my parents tonight. I say "V fo" because the power cut out about an hour in, right around Evey's flashback to her childhood (and if you post so much as her last name as a spoiler, I will kill you). There was a power outage because of storms, and a tornadeo warning was in effect for a bit. So we went home with rainchecks and I figure we'll go late to a showing tomorrow.

Also, none of our West Wing episodes got taped while I was in Italy. Which sucks.
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First off: Amasa, I am very VERY sorry for falling asleep on you last night. Next time I'll know my limits and go to bed before I get a faceful of keyboard.

Questions from [ profile] raisedbymoogles

1) What's your icon from? 'Cause it looks cute.

It’s the cropped head from this, which is a human female version of Cybertron Ransack.

2) What was your favorite toy as a kid?

I had a lot of stuffed animals that I loved dearly, but one of my favorites was Judge Rabbit. He was a bunny in a judge outfit with a wig and a little gavel that later came unglued and got lost. He was given to me at some thing with a Santa Claus when I was really little, and it might have had something to do with the fact that I snuck out of the room while the other kids were playing and I saw “Santa” getting his costume together. Fortunately I’m Jewish so I already knew the secret.

3) Quick! Make up a battle cry!

Feel your mind sizzle, for your logical thought shall be mine!

4) Pick one appliance in your house that you wish could talk.

Does the computer count? Besides that I wish the toaster could talk so I’d be able to know why it won’t put the bread down half the time.

5) What annoys you about the fandom? And by "the fandom" I mean any fandom that you happen to be in-mindset right now.

Transformers fanboys

I’m pretty pissed at some of the purists who think that whatever the networks put out isn’t good enough, so they’re going rewrite the entire series-universe to their own specifications. I’ve seen more then one rewrite of Energon where they just take what they want and make up the rest. Or the ones that just out and out hate non-G1 and bash Armada worst of all. I’m an Armada fan and I’m damn proud of it.

This guy is also a little on the confusing side. He seems to think that cartoon and comic Shockwave are aspects of the same person, and Shockblast must be similar to them in personality.

And then there’s the art. I’m no artist so perhaps I should be complaining, but I’m tired of seeing everyone just posing with no background, usually with a hand reaching out. Where’s the action, where’s the creativity?

Don’t even get me started on the depiction of females, and this goes for both genders. Stop depicting them as frail little flowers or preppy romance-obsessed shoppers. The canon femmes are warriors, and any Autobot/Decepticon fancharacters are going to at least have a tough-girl streak. I refer you to Steadfast or Steelcast for Decepticon examples. Capable, elegant, deadly in Steadfast’s case, but no hint of “OMG My boyfriend hates me I’m going to go cry in a corner”. Blech. Neutrals are a different story, but there are no canon neutrals.


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