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It has not been a good week at Staldog 13.

Before I showed up yesterday, one of the newer dogs had been shut up in a crate in the basement. Standard practice if it's lunchtime and we're out of crates upstairs. Unbeknownst to us, the dog was also a neurotic mess and clawed at the crate tray until she'd worn her nails down--and then kept going. When my coworker got down there, it apparently looked like someone had killed a small animal inside that crate.

So everyone was already a little strung out when I showed up for my shift. About ten minutes after my arrival, we start taking the mass of dogs out back to do their dog business. Pretty standard practice. Take out some dogs, come in for more dogs, go outside with more dogs, and WTF a puggle's just slashed half his ear open. Blood all over the yard and someone had to rush him down to the dog hospital so he could get stitches. The worst part is that we couldn't even figure out what happened, since it's a clean cut (and if it was a fight we'd hear it), and there's blood everywhere but not in a pattern that would indicate what he cut it on. They brought him back in the evening with a cone, a bandage around his head, and a very mournful expression.

After the ear incident we spent double time out in the backyard (in the cold). Part of it may have been that Dogboss was inside, being stressed, and nobody wanted to be in the same building as him. He didn't yell at anyone as far as I know, bur you could see how stressed he was. We're fortunate the dog's dad was understanding.

So I come in today and due to some schedulefuckery we wind up again doing double time in the backyard, which was not only unpleasant but played merry hell with my worsening cold. When we came back inside a bunch of notes got passed out to each of us--edicts and reprimands from the Dogboss. These included the following paraphrased statements:

1) If you are caught reading a book or newspaper on duty, you will be fired.
2) If you show up more than five minutes late, ever, you will be sent home and fired.

I'm not sure if that's technically legal and I have a feeling the former's only going to apply when Dogboss is in the building, but it still shook me up a lot. I get why he did it, but it's rather harsh.

So I am so, so grateful that I have the next few days off to recuperate.
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I have gainful employment! Somewhat.

About a month ago I dropped off my resume at Staldog 13*, a pet daycare a little bit south of here. I'd previously come in to ask about volunteer work, but they'd suggested I give them my resume just in case. Last Wednesday Dogboss** called me and said that they were looking for a part-time worker, and that mine was the best resume they had. Not sure what that says about the other resumes, given that I have no pet car experience, but perhaps they were impressed that I hadn't come in directly looking for paid work. He offered me the chance to start on Friday, which I summarily did.

The pay's not great and with 18 hours a week it's hardly enough to live on, but it's money coming in and as jobs go it's not so bad. Hours are very flexible and I can have Wednesdays open so I can keep doing my volunteering at the food pantry. Everyone there seems pretty nice, I think my major complaint about the working environment is that I have bad cell phone/texting reception in the building for no clear reason.

As to the work itself, it's some combination of preschool teaching and bartending. You keep an eye on the customers, you break up fights, you feed and water them, you try to make sure they go to the bathroom in the right place and clean up when they don't. It's not particularly exciting (one of the other workers described it as hectic, which confused me because I'm awfully bored some of the time) but everyone is nice and the dogs are very fun when they're not tearing into each other. Apparently dogs also get The Mondays and are particularly crabby at the beginning of the week. Aside the troublemakers they're also fairly friendly, and I got to spend the last half hour of my shift chilling in the front room during break/doggy nap time while one of them fell asleep with his head in my lap.

Obviously it's not going to be my career choice, even if I could make a living wage at it. I need something fast-paced and exciting, and watching dogs be dogs doesn't hold a candle to the excitement of volunteering at the food pantry. But it's better than matters as they were.

*not actual name of business
**not actual name of boss


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