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I've been a bit derelict in getting these posted, business and mental instutions and crime and so on, but better late than never. Unless you're Temple Fugit, I suppose. Here is the set from Halloween weekend, one of the few non-convention times I can go out in full regalia and not be accidentally arrested.

It's nice to get a little appreciation once in a while. )
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Riddle me this, Batman:

What's got two thumbs and found an entire cosplay's worth of clothing material at the thrift store yesterday?

This classy Princess of Puzzles. )

I am odd.

May. 7th, 2010 11:23 pm
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So, um...I think I may have achieved cosplay. Specifically the housewife G-man from Psychonauts, specifically-specifically the one I've been playing off [ profile] alanahikarichan who's developed a thing for Boyd's psychotherapist. The idea came from Mom putting me into a 1940s-style dress for a garden party we're going to this Sunday and my horrified realization that I actually looked pretty good in it, if ridiculously OOC.

And then my less horrified realization that I had a fedora and Mom had a particularly nice trenchcoat that flattered my figure.

And then this happened. )

Not that I'm not a pretense to a housewife even without talking disjointedly about pies. I think I might actually be starting to like cooking. It's very weird.
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Finally, my geekiness pays off. Specifically at the Superhero-flavored UP All Night event at the student union.

A surprising amount of win. )


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