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Finally, my geekiness pays off. Specifically at the Superhero-flavored UP All Night event at the student union.

A surprising amount of win. )
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Dear internet and everyone else going flail over Disney buying Marvel:

These are the same people who owned Dimension Films at the time it produced the Sin City movie. Yes, the one with the hookers and the guns and the swearing and the decapitations and Frank Miller's sticky fingerprints all over it. I very much doubt they're going to try castrating the Punisher to make him more kid friendly.

Chill out and go play some Kingdom Hearts or something.


Someone who should be doing her homework.

P.S.: You can keep going with the crossover fanart, though.
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[ profile] lgbtfest is taking prompts again. It was quite fun last year, although I haven't seen any yet from fandoms I'm used to writing in.

Also, some of you may have already noticed that [ profile] scans_daily has disappeared from LJ. Details can be found here and an Insanejournal backup is here for all the refugees.
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Snagged this link off a comment on [ profile] shortpacked and I have to admit, it's bothering me a little bit. Here's the disclaimer.

Imagine if you will. Girls that get just as upset as you do when that boss battle just isn't going well and you you've been hacking away at the bastard for hours! A Girl that can counter your obscure science fiction movie reference with one of her own. A Girl who can hand you your ass at Mario Kart. A Girl that, when you suggest watching a movie, will choose that kung fu flick or something rife with gun violence and explosions hands down every time. A Girl who thinks your obsession with giant robots is perfectly normal. A Girl who thinks sword fights are sexy. A Girl with opinions about console games. A Girl who spends more time in the graphic novel section of Barnes and Nobel than you do. A Girl who owns her own RPG dice...and thinks they're pretty.

They're out there. Fangirls.

Thats right lads, hands off your joysticks...We bring the best (and sometimes the worst) of our favorite fandoms to you with a refreshing (sometimes terrifying) female perspective.

I'm all for girls transcending traditional gender roles through fandom, but they make it out like this somehow makes them unique. On LJ alone there's dozens of comms for all of the above and I'm betting more than half of them are female dominated. I'm not even getting into the whole capital letter on Girl thing because I have no idea what that's about, but it bugs me anyway. A small disclaimer on your personal nature and identity is the norm for most bloggers, but

I prefer action movies to romantic comedies, think sword fights are intensely sexy and usually full of lovely sexual tension, get pissed off at that one boss that I can't seem to beat (I hate you Metroid: Fusion spider boss, I hate you so fucking much), and I'm pretty certain the girls writing the blog don't even know the depths of giant robot obsession that I have descended to. None of this makes me special. In the ranks of girl geeks, I'm actually pretty mediocre. If you're going to make your gender a selling point, I want to see you bring something new to the table instead of going "hey, boys! We like what you do and think you're cool, do you like us now?".

I took a quick skim of the content on the first page (after getting past the formatting and font, which is nigh unreadable), and bar a few offhanded references to their gender and a bit of gushing over Twilight, the entire thing could just have easily been written by a guy. There is no "female perspective", or at least not one that's noticeably female, there's just yet another fan perspective on which video games are good and how Frank Miller has lost his whore-loving mind., this is not. I'm not even sure it's [ profile] girl_gamers or [ profile] scans_daily. Definitely not [ profile] mecha_erotica, although I don't think that's the kind of fangirling they're looking for. It's just gender-neutral commenting, and I'm not sure why they think that's a bad thing.

Ladies? I'm sorry, but you're not the geekiest girls I know. Not by a long shot.
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Since I seem to put a Let's Play in every link post, here's The Dark Eye. It's essentially interactive Edgar Allan Poe and it's a complete mindfuck, especially at the beginning. If you feel like freaking yourself out, I recommend it.

For something a bit less disturbing and a bit more ranting about various forms of media, there's Atop the Fourth Wall and The Nostalgia Chick, and the analytical Game Overthinker. All good time wasters if you're indulging in your hobby of being an inspiration deprived social shut-in like I've been these past few weeks.

And on the gay side of things, because gay makes everything better, here is the description of the best anime/sentai show idea ever: The Neohomosexuals!
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Movies this time:

From "The Spoony Experiment" comes the Let's Play of Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh. The game itself is nonsensical and banal (no joke: you spend the first hour getting ready to go out and then ambling around your workspace talking to your coworkers and trying to finish your files), although I will give it kudos for a vaguely mature treatment of bisexuality. Spoony, however, overlays the game with his own amusing dialogue and makes it actually entertaining! Warnings for graphic sexual content, gore, and child abuse--not something you want to watch with your mum. Unless your mum is cool like that.

For comics-related hijinks, there is I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC, which starts out as a parody of the old Mac/PC commercials and eventually descends into something with plot, drama, and action-related humor. It's something that should be fail but is instead win, and I'm not sure how they do it.
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This was a conversation with [ profile] vani_nessa spurred by a discussion of the rather disturbing "Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose" in dragonvianknight's IJ.

Conversation is not safe for work or brain. )
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I look at this, and I squee, and I realize that I am a pathetic enough individual to ship two toys in a fancomic based on a cartoon about giant robots. Not that I care, particularly, but it's just a thought.


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