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And here is the fun part of the fair, the metal-clad people beating each other about the head and torso with long hard objects.

In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, the group's apparently known as Swords of Chivalry and they do a lot of reenactment type things.

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I got toasty as all get out afterwards, but the sunburn was worth it. I wish we had stuff this cool back home.
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The things I see in this city. An hour ago I woke up to find a window washing brush tapping on my window like it wanted money.

Sorry I'm late again, but here are the pictures from the fair last weekend. I'm putting up the non-combat pictures from last week's fair first, because there's a lot of pictures and this is simpler.

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Next time: Swords, shiny things, and people who won't stop falling over.
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Is there some sort of specific British and/or European convention regarding the holding open of doors? Back home I hold doors open for people of all genders and ages if it's convenient for me and them (but especially if they look like they need the help), but here people seem to be less fond of it. I've had a number of people actually open the other door and go through it rather than go through the door I was holding open for them. It's mostly been young women, but one or two guys have done it too.

So what am I doing wrong here?


Feb. 13th, 2009 12:45 am
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You know what's fun? Walkiing around the neighborhood in the falling snow and enjoying the way the sparkling flakes dance around the streetlights.

You know what's not fun? Slipping down the hill next to the indoor pool and doing something weird to your leg so you spend the rest of the evening with a limp. Totally worth it, though!

Yeah, so my camera's bad with night scenes. )

Everything looks prettier in the snow. It's like putting sugar on stuff--always makes them tastier.
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This is technically from yesterday evening, but things seem to look shinier at night anyway. I might get a few more snapshots if I go out tomorrow.

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More pics!

Dec. 7th, 2008 02:34 pm
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Well, last night rocked.

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Living next to a pub does have its interesting moments. There was a crowd of younger men under my window earlier this evening, all yelling and pointing and accusing some guy of...doing something to some guy named Joe, I couldn't quite understand them. They all went around the back of the pub and a few policemen wandered over a few minutes later, so I suppose that resolved itself without major injury, but it was rather intriguing to watch.

I watched "The Burden Hardest to Bear" for the first time after that mess was over, as I was interested in why Scourge had broken out in warts. It was...odd. I suppose we've found out what the Transformer equivalent of meth is and why it's generally only given to people who are unlikely to misuse it (or stick it in their cannon and turn it into a projector). Still, I admit Roddy's statement about belonging to the Matrix as much as it belonged to him was a bit weird, especially in relation to the earlier statement about not really needing the Matrix to begin with. Lends a good bit of support to the idea of it being a religious artifact.

...also the Japanese title is "The Mission Way Too Heavy", which amuses me.
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Rath's been introducing me to horror movies and last night's fare was Dark Floors, the Lordi movie. The dynamic's a little different when you're actively eager for the monsters to show up because you're a fan of them on a personal level, but they managed to keep the creepy fully intact. The ending was utterly fucking disturbing (albeit not making a lot of sense, but it is a horror movie) and I had to do a bit of mental curling up and shuddering. The effects were absolutely amazing, partially because of skill and partially because the monsters brought their own costumes and the country of Finland contributed about 300,000 euros to the making of the film because Lordi seems to be one of their major exports now. It was pretty cool.

On the topic of things that are both frightening and make no sense, I'd also like to lodge a formal complaint with whoever designed England's sociological structure because there is apparently a taboo here against people saying what they actually think. I'm getting very tired of trying to figure out what's going on when I have enough trouble picking up on social cues in my own country. Just someone give me the British-to-human translation guide and I'll be a much more relaxed Seiber.


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