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I am awesome. I am more awesome than you.

I don't care what you were doing Tuesday night, I was in Asheville listening to and getting hugged by and sharing a sundae at IHOP with Philip Zimbardo, quite possibly the most renowned psychologist currently living. There is nothing more awesome than this.

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Feb. 26th, 2010 11:22 pm
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Reasons my birthday is awesome

1. My beautiful new (well, new-used) car, the financing of which was my parents' birthday present to me. I fully intend on paying them back once I have enough money in my account to pay more than just the monthly insurance, but it's a solid little Civic and my old one finally stopped being worth all the repair money we were putting into it so I'm very grateful.
2. Ace Attorney Investigations, a little birthday gift to myself. I've just gotten past the first case and they've elegantly merged the mechanics of the old Ace Attorney series with the new elements and mechanics of the investigation system. Plus there's all the wonderful adorableness we've come to expect from Gumshoe and the snark we expect from Edgeworth, and while all the games have at least one ridiculously annoying character I haven't found them yet so I'm quite enjoying myself.
3. Brunch at Mimi's Cafe with mom. The actual food was a bit squishy, I don't think 'sweet blueberry cream' is quite my thing, but they gave me free cake because it was my birthday and the cake itself was quite tasty.
4. The psychology section at Borders is right next to the erotica section. I did not find the book I was looking for (Philip Zimbardo's The Lucifer Effect, a book quite firmly in the former section) but the organization amused me.
5. Speaking of Zimbardo, I get to go see him next week! He's speaking at UNCA (for free, no less!) and I need the book for him to sign so I'll have an excuse to go up and fangirl at him and his epic sinister goatee. The guy's my academic hero.
6. JOB. Census job, specifically, which means my entire family now works for the government. We're such commies.
7. The job is part-time, which means I still have time to do some of my volunteer work at the school my auntie works at. And they have RATTIES. Two little fluffy brown and white wiggly things that eat cheese and boiled eggs and bits of bagel and they're wonderful. I should get some pictures of them next time the kids are out of the room. Rats are love.
8. Indian food occurring tomorrow for an official birthday sort of dinner.
9. Two Purim parties on Sunday! One at the shul and one by the Chabad people on a boat. I will be going as a pirate, of course, because a Purim party is the best place to be evil and wear a three-cornered hat at the same time.
10. Fluffy false-fur wrap from my brother, because "it looks like a wolf pelt and I know you like wolves". D'aw.
11. This cozy scarf from Alana. It has a little Decepticon symbol knitted into one end, but you can't see it from here. Mom likes it (she took the picture) and the kids at the day school found it awesome. I am unsure of the opinions of the rats.
12. Did I mention rats?
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There's a particular radio station I like to listen to while driving called "Jack FM". They play pretty decent music and have a blessed lack of rap, bad pop and perky commenters nattering on in the mornings about stuff nobody cares about. The station's major point of pride is that it doesn't take requests, although I'm not sure why this is a big deal. As normal for radio stations, Jack FM has little zingers and one-liners about the station before and after commercial breaks.

I heard this one today on the way home.

*record scratch noise*

"What does the scanner say about Jack's power level?" "It's over nine thousaaaaand!"

I am so glad I was at a red light when I heard this because I probably would have swerved off the road due to laughing too hard.
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Zombie/monster battle in a fetish club.

I want someone to film or write this just to see how the heck it would work out.

My streams were just made for crossing, I think.
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I have had crowning moment of awesome. And it was awesome.

I have a nice outfit now (Dana Buchman amethyst velvet jacket--serious snazzy, my mom picked it up at a second-hand store) and despite my general dislike of fashion I became rather fond of it when Mom gave it to me at Thanksgiving. I felt like dressing up today and wore it with my pretty-but-discreet corset underneath despite the fact that it's windy and freezing outside and really not much better inside the classrooms.

This was also my last day of Physics of Sound and Music with the epic Dr. Ruiz. Now, for most of class he's been rocking out on his keyboard as Ruizes are want to do and now he's getting into MIDIs and similar computer programs. It's five or ten minutes until class ends and he wants a volunteer. Someone who doesn't know much about music.

Of course my hand is up instantly.

He gestures for me to come on down (not that far, I'm in the second row). I try to take my big coat off before I go down, because it's bulky and ugly and I only wear it because the front of Robinson Auditorium gets really cold. However, velvet is fond of friction and instead of just sliding off my black down parka I accidentally remove my jacket as well. This lands me in an inadvertently dramatic moment of standing up, setting my shoulders, shedding everything down to my corset and striding down the steps to the computer podium.

Ruiz is excited about whatever he wants me to do, but then again he's excited about everything and he's been playing electric keyboard all lesson and is doubly hyped up. He does...something with the computer and announces I'm going to be the conductor for today, demonstrating this by pressing the H key repeatedly. I give it a few pokes and understand that the faster I press it, the faster the music goes, somewhat akin to a conductor waving his hands to keep the tempo going. I press and keep pressing.

And I find I'm conducting Les Toreadors from Carmen with my index finger.

I get into the rhythm after a few moments, Ruiz is waving his arms about and the music's going faster and faster and slower in the slow bits and then up to the big climax all perfectly and on the bloody dot the music ends EXACTLY at 3:00. The final second of the final minute of the final lecture of the final class. Class applause. Ruizflail. He put my name up as today's quiz question/answer quizzes basically being proof of attendance, since the answer's always obvious but you have to have been in class to know what the question was) and basically claimed to be 'blown away', although I'm sure most of it was just his natural glee at music.

I need to wear my corset more often.


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