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Stolen from Vanessa!

The Microfic Meme
Try to write different categories of fic (angst, fluff, UST, etc) in one sentence.

The original concept seems to be that I just do whatever in this exercise - but let's have some fun. Give me a character and I'll fill out the categories for you.

Pretty much anyone from any of my fandoms is fair game--for crossovers, I may not be able to do the ones I'm unfamiliar with but I'll do what I can.

Episode Related
First Time
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Title: The Sound of Chocolate
Requester: [ profile] raisedbymoogles—Playing With Kids
Prompt: Playing With Kids--humanfic.
Author’s Note: Less angst this time, just some random little idea I had about Scourge-as-human and his abilities.

Not my best, but I seem to be distracted by Nazis anyway. )
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Title: Prima Donna Stella
Requester: [ profile] yeaomi-- Dancing Scourge
Prompt: Dancing Scourge! ...ON BROADWAY! OMG!
Author’s Note: One of these days I am going to write a fic where the universe doesn't hate Scourge...but those just aren't as funny, somehow.

No, I didn't have a specific play in mind. )
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Title: When Things Stopped Making Sense
Requester: [ profile] vani_nessa-- At the Beach Scourge
Prompt: At the Beach Scourge - Pirate AU (Can I pick a more obvious one?)
Author’s Note: A Piratecronian fic that is not in the format of Scourge telling a story so that Roddy will shut up and stop bothering him, for once.

Alternatively, Scourge actually catches a break. )
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Title: An Obscure and Unusual Talent
Requester: [ profile] raisedbymoogles-- Daring Scourge.
Prompt: Daring Scourge - high school AU. ('Cause you said I could. ;D)
Author’s Note: High School AU AND a songfic. So nyeh!

Special credit goes to WKD Blue vodka. )
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Title: Mare Aeternalis
Requester: [ profile] vani_nessa-- Drinking Scourge.
Prompt: More Pirate AU? General drunken storytelling fun. ^__^
Author’s Note: I really wasn’t expecting this to get so serious business, it just sort of ran away with itself as these things tend to do. Sorry, Vanessa.

Mmm...avasty. )
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I'm stealing the 28 fics meme off [ profile] vani_nessa, because I need something to keep me busy while I pretend that Descartes' Error doesn't exist and I don't need to be starting a book report about it. This one's for Scourge, because mustasched individuals seem to be in my head right now and he's the most popular one on my flist.

Here's the twist: they're AUs. You can suggest any AU you want of any flavor (yes, even the dreaded high school AU) from either ones I've written before or ones you came up with off the top of your head. Just pick a theme and give me something to work with.

The prompts. )
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So my boss's kid was sick today, so I spent most of the morning and half the afternoon drinking coffee at Panera and banging this fic out. It's...a bit darker than my usual fare and I'm not quite sure where it came from. Probably don't want to know either. And yes, it's another 'they're human because I wanted them to be and I'll think up the reason later' sort of setting.

Needs a title, anyone have any ideas? )
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Having used my lunch break to the fullest potential, I now bring you pirateCronian fic.

Title: The Hun Xue's Tale
Characters: Rodimus, Scourge (AU)
Rating: PG (sorry, no slash...yet)

I find it odd that I'm focusing on Scourge more than Galvatron, who in theory is one of the main characters. I'm weird that way. )


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