May. 30th, 2013

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It had been some years since Louis had come to Gotham. He hadn't been 'Lilac' then, just a scrubby little kid trying to leave behind a life that had rejected him. He'd gotten a job at a flower shop, with the aid of his 'mentor', and worked his way up to proper mobster. Now he had respect, power, wealth, all the things a good boss should have.

Now nobody could come in and shove him around.

Louis waited in his office, finishing the last stub of his cigar. He took his meetings in the smallest of his three flower shops, the one that got the least business. Not that business ever mattered, they were mostly his hobby/money laundering rackets, but it was stupidly charming to see people browsing his arrangements. At least some people in this city had a little class. The scent of flowers mingled with the reek of tobacco, emanating from the many brightly colored potted chrysanthemums placed throughout the room. His clients never picked up on the meaning of his rotating roster of blossoms, they rarely had enough culture to even distinguish between a dandelion and a posy. Louis set them up mainly for his own enjoyment.

The chrysanthemum was one of the "Four Gentlemen" featured in Chinese artwork. It was favored by Tao Qian, an influential Chinese poet, and was symbolic of nobility in that culture--this guy he was about to meet seemed to consider himself a real hoity-toity type, so it seemed fitting to roll out the floral red carpet without letting him know he was being mocked.


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