Dec. 13th, 2011

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Much wtfery at Staldog 13 yesterday. During the beginning of the break period (basically lunch/naptime for the dogs and cleaning/checking texts time for us) someone did a ditch and run with a pair of beautiful pitbulls. As I understand it he walked in, asked Dog Sub-Commander if we "had room for two more" (she interprets it to mean that he thought we were a shelter) and when she'd turned her back he'd disappeared and left the dogs behind. So we had two pit bulls, no contact information, no tags. Not even their names, and certainly no vaccination records or idea if they'd been sterilized or not. And no idea what we're supposed to do because we don't know if the guy's coming back.

I have never heard Dogboss swear so much. Not even when Napoleon had to go to the hospital and we all stayed out in the yard extra long so we wouldn't have to go be in his presence. I can hardly blame him, it's the equivalent of dropping babies on our doorstep. We could wait to see if the owner came back, but we couldn't keep them. Dogboss fed and watered them and then crated them in the basement. They seemed friendly enough but since we had no idea about their past we couldn't trust them around the other dogs. They were dubbed Blue and Chola because Dogboss decided they needed gangster names.

About at my quitting time (while I'm down in the basement sweeping because we're all trying desperately to find some little chore to do so we're not sitting idle around the boiling caldera that's our current employer), the owner showed up again. I came topside and he was holding them by their leashes, giving the life story on the dogs and his other dogs to the rest of the employees. Everyone was awkwardly nodding and smiling because the guy was acting like he was so desperate to talk that he'd go off even at us. He looked like he'd just gotten done crying. When he'd shown up he was still in tears.

I stuck around until he left so I could ask everyone wtf happened. As far as we could make out, he'd gotten under a lot of stress (I missed the specifics but infidelity had been in there somewhere) and just dropped Bones and Ahleah off at what resembled an animal shelter. He really had planned to leave them there permanently. But he'd gone off, had a breakdown out of regret, and came back about 45 minutes later to reclaim them.

The dogs were friendly and in apparent good health, and he seemed to really care about them, and he gets points for coming back when a lot of people wouldn't. The guy had problems and he knew it. I just hope it works out for the three of them cause...what the hell, man.


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