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I've been contemplating developing a vice.

I have a sort of money neurosis that tends to heavily influence my daily functioning. Imight write more on it later, but the tl;dr version is that the spending of any amount of money, no matter how small or if it's even mine to begin with, bothers me. Certainly at this point I've got a very low income with only a few prospects in sight. I've got savings and my parents have assured me I won't starve....but the neurosis doesn't actually care how much money I have access to. I've caught myself trying to avoid eating too much for dinner because food is expensive.

Hence, for my mental health, I need a vice. I think I may go with coffee shops. There's at least two within a five minute walk of my place. One's a slightly artist/hipster place, with gorgeous drawings all over the bathroom walls and big soft armchairs to sit in. The other's a bit more geared towards the older couple crowd, with an actual fountain in the place, and the waiters will refill your coffee cup the moment you set it down on the table. Still debating which one I prefer more, but both tend to have absolutely gorgeous clientele. Good for writing, too, or an excuse to get myself reading. I've been enjoying Lord of a Visible World, an autobiography of H. P. Lovecraft created by putting together transcripts of his letters.

If I can encourage myself to spend the money on a small breakfast or a bottomless cup of coffee, it might help my spirits.
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